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By Cassandra's Destiny


A wrong thing is wrong. There is nothing more wrong than that.


"It has been a long time."

She entered the warehouse unannounced. Her visits always were.

"So it would seem."

Her features were sharp and cold, skilled fingers brushed against the wooden crates piled carelessly on the floor. This was not her home, yet she belonged here. It cannot be certain though if it was the contrast between her striking features and the dullness of the brown and black behind her that made her fit in, or the salient semblance she keeps that allows her to conceal herself in the dark veneer of the room.

As she moves closer to her assignment, her eyes project a stunning disinterest. But he was sure it was a fa├žade.

"I've come for business." Her cold tone matched her cold temperament.

He leaned against the doorframe leading to the back room. He knows she hates his guts, but if there was something he was very sure of, it was that she despises his arrogance.

"Do you have the money?"

"I haven't even stated the nature of my business," came her sharp tone.

"My, don't you think we have had that established already?"

The mockery in his voice almost made her frown. She was not playing games with him. She was on a mission. "Don't pull that stunt on me, Hisoka. I have an assignment and I have every intention of fulfilling it."

"And if I refuse to cooperate?"

She clenched her jaw; oh, how she wanted to turn down this mission. She knew there was going to be trouble. But here she was, standing opposite the most impossible person in the world.

"Can't I speak with Illumi instead?"

Crossing his arms as a crude gesture to his guest, his answer came out like venom. "I know you didn't come for him, Machi. Your assignment was to get the stash from me."

She rubbed her temples, trying her hardest to ease the infuriation building up inside her. Setting her eyes back on the man before her, Machi was determined not to let him win. "Well do you have it?"