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Notes : Hmmm, Amy's family life...I am making up. As well as ninety percent of Randy's.

Elaine Cassandra Orton, a wealthy woman in her early fifties. She had once been a nurse, although after giving birth to her second child, she decided being a housewife may be more suited to her. Although, considering how spoiled and "mothered" her children had turned out, she was pretty sure being a nurse would have been better for them all. She lived in the suburbs of St Louis with her husband Robert and her three children, Randall, Rebecca and Nathan. Well, until Randall decided he wanted to be a wrestler. And off he went to Kentucky, to become the little whore master that he was now. Now it wasn't that Elaine didn't love her son, she did. She just highly doubted that he was ever going to settle down…ever. She sat down on a plush sofa, clutching a warm mug of tea to her chest. She didn't know how her family reunion was going to go ahead. Her husband was finally being recognized for his work in the wrestling business and was, on April 2nd 2005, being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. Proud of his achievements, he had decided to have an "Orton Family Gathering" much to Elaine's dismay.

Her daughter, Rebecca was nineteen years old, a beautiful young girl with long dark hair and blue eyes. She had just been accepted into a major university and was happy in her work. Elaine was genuinely proud of her. Nathan, fourteen and working hard at school. He tried his hardest when it came to football, but knew when to be serious. Another child to be proud of. And Randy…he was…in an occupational sense, a great credit to the family. His personal life however…wasn't exactly something to be proud of. He was a lovely boy really, quite intelligent and well behaved, most of the time. But his choice when it came to girls had always worried her. Growing up, his taste in women were quite the usual. The prettiest girls. The best known ones. But it seemed his occupation had changed all that. He seemed to have developed a "thing" for blonde airheads. Girls with no talent. Girls with gravity defying breasts and legs up to their armpits. Except that one girl…That red head he was always talking about. Alison ? Anna ? It was something beginning with A anyways. But by the sounds of her, she was far out of Randy's league. Elaine sighed, she knew her sons love life was a failure, she didn't need everyone else in the family to know it as well.

Placing the mug on the glass coffee table in front of her, she took a deep breath. Maybe they could tell the family Randy was working ? It wasn't as though he would want to be at the reunion. She was sure he'd be quite happy to be left out. But of course, Bob wouldn't have it that way. And what Bob says goes…

Elsewhere, a short red headed woman sat at a round table twirling an empty plastic cup around her finger. While other divas were getting excited about the Hall of Fame ceremony, Amy was anything but pleased. It was less than a month away. And it was all very formal. She would have to wear a dress, and look demure and pretty. She scoffed slightly. She hadn't looked "pretty" in a long time. A fan had once told her she was pretty, and she had laughed her ass off at him, not understanding how genuine he was being. While Trish and Lisa fussed about whether to wear Dior or Armani, the new girls, Maria and Candice decided which shoes looked better with which bag, Amy sat alone in catering, not wanting to be a part of the "fashion parade".

Catering was pretty much desolate. No one was anywhere near. Most of the guys where busy training for their matches or having conversations about the big game the night before. And the girls where busy playing dress up. She had no interest in football nor designers and so she had found herself here. Alone. Well, besides Randy Orton. He was sitting at the other end of the catering deck, nursing a coffee, which, considering the amount of time he had been sitting there, must have been cold. Amy sighed and walked over to him, talking to a depressed wrestler was better than actually being a depressed wrestler. "Cheer up. It might never happen," she said, smiling.

"I wish it wouldn't." he replied glumly, not even raising his head to look at her. Amy frowned and sat down in the uncomfortable plastic chair beside him. "You know my dad's gunna be in the Hall of Fame next month?" He continued. Amy nodded, glad of finally finding someone else who wasn't looking forward to it. "Well, my family are organizing this whole 'gathering'. I mean, every Orton will be on the estate. They think I don't know about it, but grandma let slip. Anyways, mom's kinda…ashamed of the fact that I ain't settled down. And dad wont let me out of it. So I have to find a date for a week long 'gathering'. Or, I get absolutely no inheritance and I'm seen as an outcast. That's my dad's way of making sure I go."

Amy frowned and bit her lip, her family wasn't exactly normal. What with a freelance artist as a mother, an asshole as a brother, an alcoholic as a father and a step father she saw more than anyone else, her family wasn't too conventional. But they would never openly admit they were ashamed of her. "That bites. But all you've got to do is find a girlfriend before then." she said, thinking she was being helpful.

"No." said Randy. "They think I have one. My sister made it up just to shut mom up. And now, I'm screwed. I'm supposed to be with this respectable girl, who's real intelligent for about three months now. I cant expect some girl to lie like that."

Amy giggled, "Ask one of the new divas to do it. To pretend. They'll be so overwhelmed that you want them to, that they'll say yes in a heartbeat."

Randy raised an eyebrow, "I said respectable and intelligent Amy. And believe me, there are VERY few divas who fit that bill. No offense."

Amy laughed, "None taken. But remember, Lillian, Lisa, Stacy and Gail…none of them will lie for you. You know what they're like. Stephanie will tell daddy you hit on her. And I can honestly say, I'll kick your ass if you ask me. Randall," she said, standing up and placing a hand on his shoulder. "you're screwed boy. REAL screwed."

She smiled and made her way along to the divas locker room. It was always great talking to someone who felt worse than yourself. Made her feel much better. Pushing the locker room door open, she felt a hand grip her arm. "Amy, there you are," said a rather ecstatic Stephanie. A tall blonde woman with piercing blue eyes. "We were wondering if you wanted to come shopping with us. Just now. Before the show." She said, nodding her head with every word she spoke. Amy raised an eyebrow. But before she could speak, her best friend took her hand. "No excuses. You're single. You're beautiful. And you have better 'assets' than I do. We're going to find you a dress that'll be more of a showstopper than Shawn ever was."

Amy laughed slightly, it was tough being Stephanie's friend. She was a McMahon, and even though she was an adult, she was still very much, daddy's little girl, meaning she got everything and she wasn't the type of girl who took no for an answer, and with Amy being as stubborn as she was, it caused many arguments. Amy thought of Randy sitting in catering. At least my life ain't that bad, she thought, picking up her bag from the side bench and linking arms with Stephanie before leaving the locker room with her, Trish and Lisa.

A few hours later, Amy found herself collapsing in the female locker room, pretending to faint. "I'm too tired," she said, slumped against the wall. Her three friends laughed as more divas filled the room. "They abused me and forced me to shop."

Stacy Keibler and Gail Kim raised eyebrows at her last statement, "You have to be the only girl who doesn't like shopping." said Gail laughing, "And you didn't even buy anything."

"She bought an Armani dress. But she needed it altered." said Stephanie, proud that Amy had actually agreed to the shopping spree.

"Her boobs don't fit in her size of dress," said Lisa, throwing a water bottle at the redhead, currently pretending to die.

"You think daddy would mind 'boosting my assets' before the Hall of Fame?" asked Stephanie, a hand on each of her breasts.

The room went silent as a male groan was heard outside the door at the words "Hall of Fame". Amy laughed, knowing exactly who the man was and exactly why he was here. After a polite knock at the door, Randy Orton appeared, looking rather sheepish. He took one look at the Billion Dollar Heiress, who waved at him, before putting her hand back to where it was. "I mean, it would only cost…three…four…"

"Six thousand dollars. At least. That's if you go cheap. Cheap hurts. Don't bother," said Amy, finishing the woman's sentence as though Orton wasn't there. "I felt like I had Big Show sitting on my chest. And for what? ONE cup size."

Randy coughed. For the first time in his career, he felt embarrassed around the divas. "I, uh…Trish can I have a word with you?" Amy raised an eyebrow at his words and shook her head. Mouthing the words 'It'll never happen' in his direction. Randy shrugged and flipped her off, re-opening the door. "In private."

Trish nodded and followed him, quite unaware of what was going on. "Look Trish, I don't mean to put you on the spot here, but I ain't good with words. Basically, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind lying to my family and pretending to be my girlfriend of three months for a week."

Trish coughed, "Excuse me?" she said, flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder.

"I, look, I need someone to pretend they're my girlfriend for a family gathering." he said, shrugging slightly.

"And why did you choose me?" asked Trish, although she had already decided she wasn't going to do it.

"Because Amy told me she'd kick my ass, Lil, Lisa, Gail and Stacy wouldn't lie and Steph would tell Vince." A loud whack was heard through out the hallways as Trish's palm connected with Randy's cheek. As Trish stormed back into the locker room , Randy reached up towards his cheek which was now sporting a rather red handprint. "Better luck next time," he whispered to himself.

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