Title: I'm here.

Fandom: Prince of Tennis

Characters: Eiji/Tezuka

Prompt: 40, Sight.

Word count: 298.

Rating: T?

Summary: Eiji is devastated.

40. Sight.

Kikumaru Eiji, last year of high school, was sitting on the bench in the changing room his racket resting by his side. He hand bent his head and his hands gently holding it, tears streaming down his face, sobbing silently choking as much sound as he could. A few years ago he had fallen in love, when he was in the tennis club at Seigaku, he had fallen for someone that he shouldn't have, Oishi, his friend and doubles partner. And now Oishi had asked him to go on a double date with his possible girlfriend to be. What was Eiji supposed to do now? He couldn't refuse anything Oishi asked at all. A sound was made and the door opened. Eiji quickly tried do dry his tears but it was too late, the one opening the door had already seen him cry.

Tezuka Kunimitsu was walking from the coach's office. They were working on the regular selections coming up next week. He sighed, being a captain sure was hard work. Nothing, anything and everything he was supposed to handle. As he reached the door he heard a choked sob and as fast as he could he turned the doorknob and opened the door.

The sight he saw was horrible, the bouncy and lively tennis acrobat Eiji crying, sobbing. It was truly heart breaking, this guy filled with life always happy should not be in this state of mind. Tezuka closed the door and sat down next to Eiji,

Without any words Eiji turned to him, tears streaming down his face as he buried it in Tezuka's chest. He cried and Tezuka did the most un-Tezuka anyone had ever seen, he embraced the young red haired man and he whispered over and over again:

"It's okay, I'm here."

Title: Disastrous Double Date.

Fandom: Prince of Tennis

Characters: Eiji/Tezuka

Prompt: 7, Days

Word count: 508

Rating: T?

Summary: Oishi and Eiji on a double date.

7. Days.

A few days later Eiji and Oishi were at the movies waiting for their dates. Eiji had agreed, God knows why, oh yeah, Oishi had practically begged him to come with them. They had arrived early hence Oishi wanted to make a good impression on the girl. But his own mind was screaming, telling him this was not right at all.

The girls, Yume and Ame arrived and they decided on watching a comedy, that was the least Oishi could do for Eiji after dragging him along (Eiji was terrified for weeks after he had seen a horror movie), and the girls it their turn wanted to watch anything. It worked out okay, Oishi and his date, Ame, was in a deep conversation about some school related issues. Eiji looked at his date, seemingly as uncomfortable as him, and he went closer to her as they went in line to be let in and whispered to her:

"Are you as out of place as I am?"

She was dumbfounded, and then nodded. It turned out that she had been dumped a few days ago and that she felt like the third wheel to. Eiji sighed in relive, they now had an unspoken agreement that they wasn't out on this date to get anything but please their friends. This was the wonderful start of a new friendship, Yume and Eiji sat laughing and smiling as the movie began, and whispered jokes to each other. Then he did something he shouldn't have he turned to see Oishi kissing the girl slow, deep and seductive kisses. Eiji choked up and tears brimmed in his eyes. He took a sip of his drink to calm down, looking at his feet taking deep breaths. Yume turned to him and whispered:

"What's up?"

Eiji nodded in the direction of their friends and she nodded when she saw the same sight he had, and she whispered again:

"You like her don't you?"

Now Eiji felt like he was going to burst with laughter, and shook his head no inching closer at her ear and answered quietly:

"No. That I can guarantee."

"Then why so sad?"

"I… can't tell you right now. Coffee later and I will?"

"Sure, as friends I presume."

"Wouldn't dream about anything else."

And the two continued watching the movie and Eiji tried not to care about Oishi kissing that girl, it wasn't that successful but he really tried.

The movie was good, made them all laugh, well at least Eiji and Yume did. Then Eiji heard something:

"Kunimitsu! Wasn't that a great movie?" It was a girl squealing

"Yes." He heard the stotic captain's voice.

"Ne, Tezuka, be a little more enthusiastic."

"More flexible in you face."

Eiji's eyes widened in realization Tezuka, Fuji and Inui were at the movies to, with their dates.

"Sadaharu, it's time we left."

That was Kaidoh's voice, this night kept getting more and more weird.

For now Eiji and Yume said good bye to Oishi and Ame and went to a coffee shop close by.


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