A/N: As you all know by now I usually don't do this but the story has come to an end and I'd like to give a little thank you to all readers and especially reviewers. You have encouraged me when the writing was hard and ideas were few. With this I give you the last chapter (prompts) of My Promise.

Title: Michi's Luck.

Fandom: Prince of Tennis

Characters: Tezuka/Eiji, Michiru and Kyouhei. Friends.

Prompt: 48. Diamond.

Word count: 262

Rating: T?

Summary: Proposal for Michi.

Standard disclaimer applies.


It was on her 18th birthday that Michiru was going to be proposed to, by no one other than Oishi Hikaru. They were all celebrating the birthdays of Eiji and Michiru and there he was in the room, so nervous that he thought that he would die. It was like having an oral presentation where everything was about to go wrong. Sighing to himself he dragged himself to a chair and sat down sighing.
"Why so gloomy?" Tezuka Kunimitsu asked.
"I'm scared." Hikaru admitted.
"Why?" Tezuka asked.
"You know I love Michi and that we have been going out for the last two years. Here goes nothing..." Hikaru began and looked at Tezuka Kunimitsu, looking straight in to his eyes he asked:
"Do I have your permission to ask Michiru to become my wife."
Kunimitsu just smiled, then said:
"Well said boy, that made your day... You have my permission." Mitsu snickered and added:
"But don't tell Eiji."
"Why shouldn't I ask Eiji-san?"

"He so sentimental, he'll probably cry and hug you. Ruining the surprise." Tezuka Kunimitsu sighed and Hikaru got the point.

The evening went on and Kunimitsu saw Hikaru stealing glances at his daughter, realizing that Hikaru was running out of time he said:

"Michi, Eiji, will you join me on the porch for a while, fresh air…"

"Of course Otousan." Michi smiled and went to her Chichue and dragged him outside.

Mitsu had gotten eye contact with Hikaru and nodded.

The plan was set, the diamond ring would be on her left ring finger before the day was over.

Title: Lonely.

Fandom: Prince of Tennis

Characters: Tezuka/Eiji, Michiru and Kyouhei. Friends.

Prompt: 100 Writer's Choice : Lonely

Word count: 357

Rating: T?

Summary: The end…

Standard disclaimer applies.


Tezuka Kunimitsu and his husband Eiji were now living alone again, for the first time in twenty years they were alone. Kyo had decided that he wanted to live with them until he finished school, which he now had done 24 years old and now had decided to move out and spread his wings. Kyo had studied to be a doctor, as his Chichue, he wanted to be able to help other people. Michiru on the other hand had taken a liking to tennis and was now the sensei of Seigaku's female tennis team, driving the children insane, much like her father used to, with the help of Inui and his juice. She wasn't doing much else right now than keeping her team in check, because they were playing the Kanto semi-finals in a few weeks. The Tezukas were often watching the youngsters play and once a while they were playing too. Their love for tennis was still there and the will, but the bodies had been worn out a little. Eiji was not as flexible as he used to be and Tezuka not as accurate as he used to.
"So..." Kunimitsu sighed and sat down on the sofa and casually slung his arm around his husband.
"Yes?" Eiji smiled.
"What shall we do now with no kids around us anymore?" Kunimitsu whined, he missed his children terribly but wanted nothing else for them than be successful in their lives, carry on their legacy kind of thing.
"I don't know, maybe play tennis a little more? Visit our children? Be with friends?" Eiji suggested. Kunimitsu had been more and more protective over Michi's wellbeing and Kyo's studies than Eiji would ever have thought. Smiling he leaned against the broad and familiar chest of his husband's, saying:
"There are so much more things we can do with out the children around…And no one will steal our toothpaste…"
"Aren't we to old for that?" Kunimitsu huffed.
"Never..." Eiji said and wresteled Kunimitsu down on the couch both of them laughing.

"Is that a promise?" Kunimitsu asked.

"Yes, love, it is." Eiji nodded and kissed the love of his life.