Behind Bars

Syaoran was a convict doing his time in prison. Sakura was the doctor in the prison with only two rules given: 1) she attends to the prisoners' medical assistance and 2) she never falls in love with an inmate. He asked her to wait; she said she couldn't. Then, they meet again.
Chapter 1: Finally, a purpose

"… The jury has reached its verdict."

Li Syaoran caught his breath as he waited for the verdict to be announced.


And now, what would his sentence be? Five years? Ten years? Twelve years? All his life? Death penalty?

No, his wrong deed could not be that bad that it would cost him his life. Right?

It wasn't even his wrong deed. He was framed. He was being convicted and condemned for a crime he did not commit. But the evidence had been planted – the blame was to be put on him. His defense counsel had done their part but the prosecutor remained tough and persuasive.

"… To spend his next seven years in prison."

Seven years! Li turned to his defense attorney helplessly. Would an appeal shorten his duration in prison? His attorney shook his head sadly and turned towards him.

"We'll continue working on it," the man said to the younger man, as the supposed criminal was being handcuffed by two guards.

"Please… and thank you," was all Li could mutter back as he followed the guards back to his cell.

He was forcing himself not to cry. He was man enough to face this, right? The people who were doing this to him would end up in hell, that's for sure. If it would not happen before his seven years were over, it would happen as soon as he gets released.

Huh, he would be 36 by then.

The other prisoners were looking at him intently as he and the guards passed by the other cells. Li looked up for a second and returned their gazes. He almost felt sick - he knew he wasn't like the rest of them.

He was sure of it.

From her window, she could see the yard where the inmates from The General Population were hanging out. She could also see the big black gate of the Wolf State Penitentiary. Her eyes landed again on the inmates moving around the vast yard randomly. It made her wonder if committing a crime was worth being bored in this place.

"Sakura-chan, we're expecting a new inmate today," her colleague with the name of Shoya Nagasaki called out to her.

She turned around to face him and nodded. "Okay, only one?" she asked.

"Yeah," Shoya replied. "I can do his physical examination, if you want."

She smiled at him. "Thank you," she said sweetly which earned a slight blush from Shoya.

"No problem," he shrugged. "I know you're tired already, anyway."

Sakura smiled at him again before he turned around and left her alone.

She sighed audibly before deciding to sit on her chair, far away from the view of the yard. She had always wanted to become a doctor but she never imagined herself actually wanting to help out a bunch of men in prison and attend to their medical assistance.

Almost every day, a convict would be in the infirmary with a broken nose, a swollen eye or a wounded lip. The fights between the men seemed endless. She was now starting to wonder how she lasted six months in the place already.

She also needed to get a life. When a convict goes into counseling with her, suggestive smirks and playful pick-up lines were always thrown her way.

She wanted a prince charming since she was a child and she knew she would never find him in this place.

She was, after all, told to not fall in love with any inmate. So the flirtatious remarks and teasing comments were dropped and ignored.

Li Syaoran glanced at the watch of the guard who was sitting across him in the van. It was almost four o' clock in the afternoon. They had been traveling for almost two hours now and all he got was one glass of water thorough the entire ride. Well, at least he was given something.

Somehow, the guards with him felt comfortable with him. It was not as if they were escorting a prisoner to a bigger jail. It was not like that at all. They were acting as if they were escorting a very important person to his business meeting.

Syaoran had such a strong aura around him that draws people's attention and increases their interest about him. The intriguing question running around their minds was what he had done to be thrown into prison like this.

The tall walls of Wolf State Penitentiary finally came into view. The van halted in front of the gate. The driver talked to the guard for a few moments before they heard the giant gates open for them. The guard sitting with Syaoran looked at him sympathetically when the van stopped again and the driver went outside to open the door for them.

Syaoran slowly got off the van, feeling the life of his legs come back to life after hours of sitting down. He was welcomed by the afternoon sun, blazing above him strongly. 'Ah,' he thought. 'Spring around the corner already.'

The same guard gave him a little push when he didn't make a move to walk afterwards. "Let's get going now," he told him.

Syaoran followed his order. He was joined by two more guards as he made his way inside the building.

They stopped in front of two metal doors. The guard in front of him spoke to his radio to open up. After a blasting sound and click, the door opened. But Syaoran was not focusing on the hi-tech door – he was staring at the plaque with the name of the place he was staying in for the next seven years of his life.

Wolf State Penitentiary
Since 1991

"Sakura," Shoya called, coming inside of Sakura's office. "I've done the physical on the new prisoner. I think you would want to look at his medical records."

Sakura took the folder he was holding out and placed it on her table.

"I'll look at it later," she said tiredly. She had just recently bandaged up two prisoners who almost fractured each other from a small riot. "Is there anything special about this new guy?"

"Well, he's diabetic," Shoya replied with a sheepish smile on his face.

"Why the look?" Sakura inquired, amused at Shoya's expression.

Shoya had been her only friend in the entire facility. He was three years older but didn't look like it and didn't act like it. He had been there earlier than her but he seemed to get a hang on things quite easily anyway so he didn't have any problems when he first moved there. Sakura was another issue: it took her three months to get used to everything.

"He doesn't seem to be the type of person who would have diabetes," Shoya replied.

Sakura just laughed.

"I'm serious," he insisted. "He doesn't even look like an inmate to me."

"I think that's the first time I've heard you say that," Sakura commented, knowing full well that Shoya had strong judgments on the inmates.

"He does look like a decent guy," he pressed on. "I have a feeling he'll be the first one to not throw anything funny on you."

Sakura just smiled again, not knowing what to say.

"Well, let's hope that's true," she said finally.

"You be the judge – he has a 6:00 appointment with you for his shot," Shoya informed her.

Less than two hours away – 'wow, I can hardly wait', she thought sarcastically.

Still had handcuffs on, Syaoran followed the captain and another guard to his cell. He was being sent to the General Population – you know, instead of the Psych Ward and he felt quite relieved that he had not gone insane from what he'd been through so far.

"Open up!" the captain shouted. The barred gate in front of them opened for them and once Syaoran stepped inside, he could smell the distinct smell of men. He could hear the loud yet low voices of all of them, catching a thing or two in their conversations. He continued walking and the same sick feeling exploded inside his body.

As he took in the sight of all of them, he discovered that they were all animals and he was nothing like them. He didn't deserve to be in this place.

The guards walked up the first flight of stairs and he silently followed them, ignoring the random questions thrown his way by the prisoners he was passing by behind bars.

"Open Cell 38!" the captain bellowed.

Syaoran heard the cell open but he could not quite see what the place looked like. The two guards went out of the way so he could go inside. The guard placed his box on the bottom bed.

"Welcome to WSP, mate," the guard said with a big smile. He was not sure if it meant to cheer him up or to mock him.

He just gave a quick nod and went inside the cell. "Close Cell 38!" the captain yelled out. The cell closed in front of him. "Your hands out, please," the captain told him.

He put his handcuffed hands in between the bars and let the captain release him from them. "You have a 6:00 with the doctor," the captain reminded him and left.

Sighing, he sat on what he assumed to be his bed, rubbing his wrists where the handcuffs left a mark on. He had it for so long and it was too tight. It seemed to be getting smaller as it stayed on him.

Something then moved on the top bunk and the person that was on it jumped down and held something in front of his face. It was a paper with a 'Welcome, new cellie' written on it in a very artistic style of graffiti. On the side was a drawing of their mini cell with a big 38 on top. The cell was not closed though and the key was inside the keyhole but there were two distinct figures inside who were not making a move to get out.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Syaoran asked as it sparked his interest.

"Well, I don't really know," said the man in front of him, taking the paper away from his face and looking at it for himself to examine it further. "I just know that it's impossible to get out of here and the key thing – will never happen. The guards don't come in here with keys dancing around their side."

Syaoran narrowed his eyes, waiting for more explanation.

"Just warning you," the guy continued. "You know, if you're planning to escape," the man shrugged and finally felt the uncomfortable atmosphere between them until it clicked to him. "I'm Takashi Yamazaki," he held out his hand. "By the way."

Syaoran broke into a small grin and shook Yamazaki's hand. "Li Syaoran," he introduced himself.

"Well, Li, how long are you staying in here for?" Yamazaki asked.

"Seven years," Syaoran replied in dismay. "How much time you got left?"

"Less than six," Yamazaki said in the same tone he did. "I've only been here for eight months and I'm already bored. I don't know what else I can do. I'm going to rot in here," he declared hopelessly, brushing his dark blue hair backwards in frustration.

"Aren't we all?"

Yamazaki smirked at his smart reply. "Huh, I think I'm going to like you," he simply said, earning a smirk from Syaoran as well. After that, he went back to the top bunk and Syaoran assumed that he was sketching up there, figuring out that he was with an artist because of his welcome gift for him.

Syaoran lazily lied down on his bed and smiled a little, grateful that the pillow was soft and the mattress was not so bad. And that was when he realized that what people said about him was true. He was, indeed, a spoiled brat and a meticulous man.

So now, he did not know how he was going to pull a life of a prisoner.

For seven years.

Sakura wore her white coat as she knew that the diabetic prisoner would come in any moment now. All the supplies were ready and he would be her last patient of the day and then she could go back home.

Home – her lonely quiet house.

She had her back to the door and she was so deep in thought about going back home that she did not notice the prisoner come in until he coughed to get her attention. She quickly turned to the source of the sound.

"Sorry," she quickly said as she saw the prisoner looking confused. "Come sit here," she pointed the chair in front of her and the prisoner followed her order.

"What's your name again?" she asked him as she prepared a cotton ball to wipe his arm with before the injection.

He took a moment to reply. "Li Syaoran," he replied. "And you're Doctor…?" He didn't even know why he wanted to know her name.

"Kinomoto Sakura," she answered as she plunged the needle into his skin. He did not even flinch when she did so and she just assumed that he was used to it. According to his records, anyway, he had been diagnosed with diabetes for three years now.

The name rang a bell in his head, making him wonder what in the world would a girl like her be doing in a place like that.

She gave him a moment to relax his arm and gave him a cotton ball to put where she had just injected him. She went to her table to get his file and jot down something there then something else caught her eye that she did not notice when she first looked at it.

"You're fresh out of your master's degree in Engineering and Business," she stated, astonished.

Syaoran rubbed the back of his head, uncertain what to tell her. "Uuh, yeah," was all he could say.

Sakura chucked and yet again, she noticed the confused expression on his face because of her actions. "My assistant said that you looked like a decent guy," she said, closing his file and looking at him closely. "I didn't know he was actually being serious." She paused. "What are you doing here then?"

Syaoran was caught off guard with the question. He did not want to think about it.

"What are you doing here?" he asked her back.

"Excuse me?"

"Never mind, you don't have to answer," he said dismissively then stood up, realizing that they were done. Sakura did not make a move to stop him from exiting the room so he continued walking.

But before opening the door, he stopped and looked at her again. "Not for now, anyway," he said playfully, a smile tugging at his lips. "Let's save it for the next time we meet."

It was then her turn to be confused. She looked at him blankly and blinked her eyes a few times after he had gone, not believing what just happened. Because at that moment, she also asked herself what she was exactly doing there and she found it awkward that for the first time ever, she was looking forward to seeing an inmate.

Just seeing him – not exactly answering his question.

Syaoran was a little lightheaded as he walked back to his cell after dinner in the Dining Hall. Sakura still remained in his thoughts. And, he found something interesting to do while he was in there.

Sakura just gave him a purpose.

Author's Notes: Yes, this was inspired by Prison Break (Scofield rocks!). This would hopefully be a short story. Please review! The ideas I have for this story are fresh so expect me to update quickly but your reviews will definitely help me.

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