Behind Bars

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Chapter 8: here, I need you

Sakura walked self-consciously in the club, the bright lights and blaring music suddenly irritating her. She was quite aware that Tomoyo had booked the club for their own party so why was there another party here?

She walked where her friends were, fixing the scarf around her neck.

It probably looked weird that she was wearing a scarf. In a club. Actually, erase probably – it did look weird that she was wearing a scarf in a club. She confirmed that when strange looks were sent her way. She glared back at them, making a statement that she was quite comfortable with what she was wearing…


Well, can you blame her?

She had at least two visible hickeys.

From one person.

And that one person managed to do that to her in less than ten minutes.

Gosh, it felt wonderful.

Just recalling it was sending tingles up her spine and causing the butterflies in her stomach flutter.

She stopped short at the thought. Butterflies?

She scoffed at the ridiculous… metaphor but loved the feeling nonetheless.

Finally, she reached where her friends were enjoying their drinks. They were happily conversing about something and were perhaps slightly drunk already as they greeted her with utmost enthusiasm and unusual energy.

"Sakura!" Tomoyo exclaimed giddily. "You're finally here!"

They hugged.

"What is with that scarf?!" her fashion-inclined friend demanded, an eyebrow raised.

Sakura avoided her friend's eyes. "I feel… cold," Sakura said, trying to be as convincing as possible.

"Then let's heat up!" Tomoyo said eagerly and without a moment too soon, pulled off Sakura's scarf from her neck and dragged her to the dance floor.

Sakura didn't have to worry whether Tomoyo could see the love marks on her neck because she was positive that her dear best friend was indeed drunk. Was she that late? She just got held up in the infirmary and the traffic… She had that much to drink already?

Nevertheless, Sakura danced the night away. Feeling free and confident all of a sudden. It was as if she had no problems to think about but the reality was she had a big dilemma at the moment.

Screw it, she decided. I'll think about that later.

When the upbeat song ended and was replaced by a slow one, the girls decided to go back to their table and order drinks to freshen up. Sakura chose to order a light drink only, knowing that she would need to go to work tomorrow morning.

A hang over would not be the best thing for her right now.

She sipped her drink and caught up with her friends.

"Hey, Sakura," Chiharu turned to her. "How's my boy?"

"Well, he remains to be in a good condition," Sakura replied. "Since he hasn't been to the infirmary at all."

"That's good to hear," Chiharu said, relieved.

"Speaking of boys, where's mine?" Tomoyo wondered aloud, looking for Eriol.

"He just went to the bathroom, sweetie," Rika said, who was maybe the most sober of them all after Sakura.

"Maybe I should go, too," Tomoyo said, an evil smile playing on her lips. Before she could walk over to the bathroom, the rest of them stopped her and dropped her derriere back on her seat. She pouted and narrowed her eyes at all of them. "What, can't I go make out with my boyfriend?" she asked childishly.

"Tomoyo… that's not the point. You're drunk and we don't think it's the best time to attack your boyfriend in the bathroom."

"It's the best time," Tomoyo insisted. "I mean…" her eyes fell on Sakura and she totally forgot what she as going to say a moment ago. "Where did you get those love marks on your neck, Sakura?"

Now, everyone's attention was on Sakura and she desperately looked for her scarf which was draped over on Tomoyo's chair.


"They're not love marks," Sakura pointed out. She covered the marks with her hands even though they had been already exposed. "They're mosquito bites!"

Chiharu grabbed the hand that was covering her neck and upon close examination of the mark, Chiharu gasped. "They're not mosquito bites!" Chiharu revealed. "Mosquitoes don't suck on your skin that much."

"…They look fresh, Sakura," Tomoyo said. "Who have you been with?"

Sakura chose not to reply but everyone was waiting for her response. They had known Sakura since forever and if she had her eye on someone, they were already prepared to listen to her non-stop rambling about that particular person. But when Sakura did not open her mouth after one minute, they knew that Sakura had decided to hide it from them.

When they were about to persuade her to spill the details, Eriol came and hugged Tomoyo from behind.

"I was going to follow you in the bathroom but these people stopped me," she looked at her friends accusingly and Eriol only let out a laugh.

"You didn't have to follow me," Eriol told her softly. "And you know the other VIP party with us today?"

"Mhmm," Tomoyo waited for him to continue.

"Well, one of the hosts is a cousin of mine," Eriol said. "I ran into her and she said she'd love to meet you."

Hearing about meeting a new acquaintance perked up Tomoyo's spirit. She stood up and held Eriol's hand. "I want to meet her, too!" she declared.

Eriol led Tomoyo towards a crowd of people but stopped short when a young woman appeared in front of him.

"Well, here she is," Eriol said, slightly surprised to see his cousin already there. He thought she would be waiting by her side of the club. "Tomoyo, this is my cousin, Li Meilin. And Mei, this is my girlfriend, Daidouji Tomoyo."

The two girls shook hands. Seeing that Eriol's cousin looked so proper and sober, Tomoyo tried to appear as if she was also.

"It's nice to meet you," Meilin said solemnly to Tomoyo, smiling at her. "I've been to few of your shows. I love your clothes."

Tomoyo was flattered.

"Aw, thank you," Tomoyo said politely.

"I'd like to apologize on crashing your party tonight," Meilin said softly. "The manager totally did not inform me that there would be another private party here tonight."

"Oh, it's totally fine," Tomoyo said, shrugging it off. "This place is fine for all of us."

"Daidouji-san, may I please borrow my cousin for a while?" Meilin asked nicely.

"Sure," Tomoyo nodded then turned to Eriol. "I'll just be there, okay?" Then she turned to Meilin. "It's nice meeting you."

Tomoyo went back to her friends and ordered another drink. No one pried on Eriol's cousin as they watched that there was no tension anyway, so they left it at that and talked about random things.

Some of them would go up to the dance floor but Sakura remained settled on her seat while pondering why Eriol's cousin looked so familiar. When only Tomoyo and Sakura were the only ones left on the table, Sakura came closer to Tomoyo.

"What, are you ready to tell me where you got those love marks, huh?" Tomoyo asked her, taking a gulp out of her absinthe drink.

Sakura had forgotten how much alcohol Tomoyo could drink.

"Forget about it already," Sakura said, dropping the matter. "What's the name of Eriol's cousin?"

"Li Meilin," Tomoyo answered coolly. "She's nice… and pretty, too."

Sakura mouthed an 'Oh' and figured out where exactly she had seen the girl before. She was Syaoran's visitor… He told her that she was his cousin. But if she was Eriol's cousin, then that would make Eriol his cousin too!

She closed her eyes in confusion… How could such a cousin turn his back on his own cousin? How can Eriol not believe Syaoran? How can Eriol condemn Syaoran?

Or was she just acting like this because they were intimate hours ago?

Suddenly, Tomoyo jumped in realization. "She's related to that Li guy!" she hissed to Sakura. For a moment, she did not look drunk at all.

"Yeah, she is," Sakura said. "I saw her visit him in WS."

"What?" a voice behind him spoke up.

They turned and saw Eriol standing behind them.

Busted. Again.

"You saw her visit Syaoran in WS?" Eriol's eyes were fixed on Sakura. All the softness and warmness in his aura were gone. "That bastard made her go there? What an inconsiderate…"

Tomoyo held his arm to calm him down. He muttered a quick apology but was still waiting for Sakura to answer.

"Well, I haven't been open about my job," Sakura started slowly. She breathed in slowly… Well, might as well tell him, right? "I'm the doctor in the Wolf State Penitentiary. And yes, I have met Li Syaoran… and yes, I saw your cousin visit him once but I believe Li mentioned that he did not want her there."

Sakura sounded sincere so Eriol accepted the last statement.

"That explains why she suddenly cornered me here," Eriol said under his breath.

"Hey, are you okay?" Tomoyo asked, concerned. "Do you want to take off now?"

Eriol shook his head. "No, no, I'm fine," he assured her. "This is your night. I thought we're here to have fun." Tomoyo smiled at that. "And besides, my lady, I believe you still owe me a dance." He helped her stand up from the high stool, excused themselves from Sakura and walked over to the dance floor.

Sakura, being alone on the table, felt awkward and decided to go to the bathroom. But once there, she saw none other than Li Meilin. She was currently talking to someone and could not be bothered that she was not the only one in the bathroom now.

Sakura placed her purse beside the sink after checking if it was dry. She twisted the faucet and washed her hands, walked over the where the tissue paper was and dried her hands. Then, she looked at herself in front of the mirror.

Digging through her purse, she took out her lip gloss and applied it on her lips. It was strawberry-flavored and she just absolutely loved its scent. Her movements slowed down though once her ears managed to catch Meilin's conversation over the phone.

"…What do you mean we can't see him tomorrow?" Meilin sounded agitated, she had started pacing. "I thought what we've got is good news. Won't it be better to tell that to Syaoran as soon as possible?"


"He was beaten up?!" she exclaimed then she remembered Sakura's presence in the bathroom. She looked at the other girl apologetically and lowered her voice a little. "Again? Is he alright now?" Pause. "He's not in Solitary? Are you sure?" Pause. "Well, WS has a good doctor, then."

Sakura felt impressed with herself.

"…When can we see him?" Pause. "Can't we talk to the doctor? He seems nice," Meilin doubled over. "Oh, it's a she. Well, can't we talk to her?" Pause. "Of course, she's not there anymore! She probably has a life, too. I meant, ask her tomorrow!" Pause. "It's already late. Why did you just tell me about Syaoran now?"

Sakura finished applying lip gloss and looked at her watch. It was almost 11 in the evening.

"Fine, alright," Meilin was saying.

Sakura looked at herself in the mirror again and noticed that the love marks on her neck were still visible and looking very obvious. Why did she only have to have a lip gloss in her house as a female accessory? Why couldn't she get a concealer like the rest of the female population?

Looking annoyed at the exposure of her neck, she crunched up her face and just let her hair fall on the sides of her and rest on the sides of her neck. Well, at least it was not that obvious now. Maybe she should start growing out her hair as well.

She heard Meilin flip her phone shut. Meilin then walked towards the sink beside her and washed her hands, too.

"You forgot your concealer?" Meilin suddenly asked her. "You want to borrow mine?"

Sakura could only stare at her. Whoa, she was nice. "No, it's okay," she said kindly. "I'll be off soon, anyway."

"You're one of Daidouji-san's friends?"

Sakura nodded, smiling.

"This might be so random and I'm probably stepping out of line here," Meilin started, facing Sakura. "I mean… we don't even know each other, but say, what do you think of Daidouji-san's boyfriend?"

Sakura grinned. "I know you're Eriol's cousin," she revealed.

Meilin pouted and was disappointed. "And I thought I could fish something about my cousin from others."

"He's a nice guy," Sakura stated. "He knows how to suck up to Tomoyo's friends – that's how he won our approval."

"Good to know that he behaves himself," Meilin said with humor.

It was wonderful how two strangers were talking so freely. They were living in a small world – if only Meilin would find out that she was already in front of the doctor that could approve visitation to Syaoran…

They both jumped as Sakura's ring tone echoed around the walls of the confined bathroom. Sakura muttered an 'excuse me' to Meilin and walked steps away from her to answer the call.

"Hello?" she greeted.

"Kinomoto-san!" the caller was panting and breathless. "It's Officer Matsumoto."

"Officer Matsumoto?" she repeated, definitely confused why the officer would be calling her on her private line.

"Kinomoto-san, Officer Narita transferred Li Syaoran to Solitary!" the man told her and she had heard him quite clearly despite his hushed tone. "Just ten minutes ago!"

"What?! But didn't I tell him that I decide when my patients get discharged out of my clinic?"

"Yes, he is very much aware of that and I reminded him about it but he still insisted on transferring Syaoran to Solitary tonight."

"Was Li awake when he was transferred?"

Hearing the name, Meilin walked closer to Sakura, an inquiring look on her face. Sakura mouthed 'I'll explain later' to Meilin.

"Yes. I was standing guard outside his room then I noticed he woke up and he was in pain. So I gave the pills that you told me to give to him then he calmed down a bit. Then Officer Narita showed up out of nowhere and took him to Solitary."

"Chest pains again? What kind of a man is he? The painkillers are already strong enough but it doesn't even last in his system for more than five hours!" she sounded so frustrated. "Thank you for calling me, Officer. I'm on my way. Will you open the gates for me?"

"I have to ask the Warden first," Officer Matsumoto told her.

"Okay, you do that then call me back," Sakura said. "Thank you again, Officer."

"No problem, Kinomoto-san," he hung up.

Sakura hung up as well and let out an exasperated sigh.

"You're the doctor…" Meilin whispered. "Oh my god, is Syaoran okay?"

"Now, I can't be sure," Sakura replied truthfully. "The Solitary Chamber does things to prisoners and in Syaoran's weak physical condition right now… I don't know. I just hope he remains strong and focused."

"Why was he beaten up again?" Meilin asked curiously.

"I'm not really sure…" she answered and wondered to herself why she hadn't had the chance to ask Syaoran what exactly was the fight about. "He fought back though and threw quite good punches."

Meilin had to smile at that. "He's actually a fighter," she told Sakura. "He's been doing martial arts since he was seven but he stopped training when he entered the business world."

The two girls stood there in the middle of the bathroom silently.

Meilin mused that it was indeed such a small world.

Then, at last, Sakura's phone rang.


"Kinomoto-san, the warden agreed," was Officer Matsumoto's great news. "He's on his way here as well."

"Thank you very much, Officer," she hung up quickly, then grabbed her purse. "I'm going to WS now to settle the matters. I'll tell him I met you."

"Thank you," Meilin squeezed her hands and her eyes were sparkling with gratitude.

Sakura went back to their table. All of her friends were there and they looked like they were playing a game. Drinking games would never get so old.

"Sakura!" Tomoyo called her when she saw her approaching.

"Tomoyo-chan, I have to go," she said in a hurry. "I'm sorry I have to take off so soon. I have this urgent thing in WS."

Tomoyo understood and hugged her friend. Sakura went to the rest of her friends for a hug then waved at them and walked towards the exit. Before she could reach the door, though, Tomoyo called her back so loudly that she thought the entire club heard.

"Kinomoto Sakura, you stay right there!" Tomoyo ordered her. Sakura froze on her spot and waited for Tomoyo to be in front of her. "Those love marks," Tomoyo said through gritted teeth and with narrowed eyes. "… are from…"

Sakura did not let her friend finish the statement.

"I know, I know," Sakura said, knowing full well that even in Tomoyo's drunken state, she still figured out that the love marks were the work of Syaoran. "I know it was a stupid thing to do and I broke the rules. But Tomoyo… I didn't really… I couldn't…" she suddenly did not know what she wanted to say.

"It's not fair!" she finally blurted out to her friend.

If they had met at a totally different place, at a totally different time… everything would have fine and perfect. But that was not the case.


"You're still hurt," she whispered, indicating his bandaged torso.

"No, I'm okay," he replied, cupping her right cheek with his good hand. "You're with me so I'm okay."

Seeing the sincerity in his eyes, Sakura's heart melted and against her will, her face was coming closer to him again. It was as if Syaoran was pulling her heartstrings… and she had to admit, she did not quite mind it at all.

Their lips met in another kiss. This time more intense, no matter how awkward their positions were. She could feel that Syaoran's lips were smiling and she knew that she was smiling too.

Syaoran had managed to rest all of his weight on his good arm so that he was leaning over Sakura. Sakura had totally given in and had comfortably laid her upper body on his bed. They were so close and without a moment's notice, she felt Syaoran's tongue delve inside her mouth, rubbing against her own tongue and doing incredible things with it.

She was suddenly thankful that those bastards did not damage his lips because damn, he's an awesome kisser.

He then left her mouth and trailed butterfly kisses down her exposed neck. Finding a particularly sensitive spot, he began to suckle there until the pleasure was too much, a moan escaped from her lips.

What is he doing to me, she asked herself but was feeling too good, she didn't bother for an answer.

Their lips met again in a bruising kiss.

Then she remembered that he was really still hurt. So she immediately stopped kissing him. Syaoran only looked at her, confused.

"Syaoran, I –"

He cut her off. "I know it's wrong but I can't help it," he said, almost sounding desperate that he needed to be with her. He needed her.

She made a move to sit up so Syaoran was back on his lying position. She was now the one looming over him, her lips quite swollen because of the recent attack it had encountered.

"Why are you –" Honestly, she really didn't know how to ask the question.

"…I need you," he let out breathlessly, his eyes holding so much emotion Sakura had never seen before.

They seemed to be magic words to Sakura as she leaned towards him and attacked his lips this time.

She needed him as well.

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