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Chapter 13

John looked over at the boys who were watching television and then back down at the notes he was placing in his journal.

1. There was a fire,

2. Mary was on the ceiling bleeding before she burst into flames.

3. The fire took place in Sammy's room

John stopped writing his eyes once again looking at the boys. He exhaled a sigh of relief when he saw that both were still safe, lying on the hotel floor eyes glued to whatever cartoon they were watching. Exhaling deeply John closed his journal and removed the card from his pocket.

"Missouri Mosley" he whispered to himself.

He looked at the boys once more to make sure that they were still okay before picking up the phone and dialing the number.

John pulled up in front of the house. After speaking with Missouri they had agreed to meet at her housed in order to discuss what he had seen that night. John hopped out of the car and unstrapped both boys before heading towards the house.

Before he could even get to the door, the door swung open and a smiling Missouri greeted him and his two boys on the front steps.

"Hey" she said smiling sweetly at Dean. The young boy flinched and moved to stand hidden behind his father's leg. John grabbed the boys arm softly and pulled him back from his safety spot and out into the open.

"Welcome" Missouri said to John as she extended her hand. John grabbed her hand to shake it and suddenly she squirmed back seemingly overcome with pain.

"Oh my God" She whispered leaning onto the side of her front door "This is worse than I thought, there is a…a evil that surround you and your boys"

John frowned as Missouri went on "I can go back into your house and try to find more information but from what I can tell it would be better if you left Kansas and never returned"

John closed his eyes and looked back down at his sons

"What do you mean I don't understand" He asked. Missouri put her hand on his shoulder and lead the three males into her house. John placed Sammy down on the sofa before taking a seat besides the boy. Dean seated himself besides Sammy.

"Your wife knew" Missouri told John as she seated herself across from him in the large floral print chair.

"What do you mean…What did she know?" John asked

"She knew the evil that came into your house in fact she invited in" Missouri responded and John stood up quickly.

"That's crazy" John yelled "you did not know her she was…She loved the boys more than anything there is no way she would have invited such evil into our home especially with the children there"

Missouri shook her head "She invited him before the children had even been thought of John….Your wife Mary made a deal with evil…… and those types of deals never come without a price. In her case she paid with her life and the boys especially Sammy are still in danger because of the deal she made"

John just could not believe what this woman was saying but he knew that what he had seen that night was more than just a regular electrical fire. He had seen that with his own two eyes.

Something had come into his home and place Mary on the ceiling and that same something was now endangering the lives of the boys.

His family did not believe him, Mary's family did not believe him and the only person that did seem to believe him was saying that his Mary… His beautiful sweet Mary had caused all of this.

"So what should I do" John asked. He had tears in his eyes. This lady was saying that his sons were in danger and he could not lose them too especially after he had already lost Mary. He would rather die first.

"I don't know" Missouri admitted "but I have a friend Jim…Pastor Jim and he deals in these types of things…He will know what to do"

John nodded "I will do anything …whatever it takes"

"Even if it takes not ever seeing your family or Mary's family again?" Missouri asked.

John was lost for words he closed his eyes and thought over his options.

"Yes" he whispered as he reached over to pick up Sammy and while pulling Dean closer to him.i