I've been meaning to do this story for a long time as a gift to a dear friend of mine, The Phantom's Loving Angel. Her favorite character is Optimus Prime and I desperately wanted to do a story about him. So obviously I decided on a romance, but for the longest time I couldn't think of any ideas for it. Usually all my great ideas come to me in the shower, but when I finally got the idea for this one, it came during a hard time for my family.

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Chapter One: To Some Extent of Reason

Perhaps impulse is more powerful than reason. Often times one acts more on how they feel rather than what they're thinking. Of course if someone is after you, your first impulse is to run. You do it without thinking. Most of the time when we act on impulse we have things to regret afterwards. Maybe acting on impulse ties in with instinct. Acting on impulse, acting on instinct…the same thing. Acting without thinking, maybe that's better than thinking without acting. Impulse casts aside apathy, reason casts aside acting. Maybe giving yourself time to think about something could prove disastrous. It allows second thoughts to settle in. No one has time for second thoughts.

Jessica sat at the window looking outside at the weary world. Streaks of rain stained the window emitting a blurry image of the world. Her life felt blurry, and everything seemed cold, wet, and dark. Jessica was seventeen and a junior in high school. Pressure and stress were the only two words that defined her life right now. Pressure from her parents, classmates, peers, and teachers to complete assignments on time. The arduous stress of actually completing them. Not to mention other pressures like her job playing the piano at the Spindletop Mansion in Lexington, Kentucky.

Her parents weren't really helping her though. They noticed the girl was far off and distant, lost in her dreams. But they yelled at her all the time telling her to focus on her studies. Jessica focuses every drop of blood, sweat, and every breath on her studies. She desperately wanted some time to herself. She wanted time to dream and think and just be alone. Time to be herself and only herself where she wouldn't have to worry about anyone or anything else. The weary world would accept her.

Jessica wished it wasn't the outside world being blurred, but the inside. She felt as if neither of her parents understood her at all. The girl had dreams of being an actress performing on Broadway. It was her life's goal, and she had the voice and the spirit, she just lacked the energy to get there. And her parents stood in her way. They wanted more from her than just singing and acting. Jessica couldn't seem to convince them at all how great her dream could be.

The thought of running away dawned on her. If she ran away, she could get a job singing or playing the piano somewhere. But there were a lot more things to consider. Where would she go? She had family members in Phoenix, Arizona. How would she get there? Jessica had her license, and a car. What about money, food, and a place to sleep? She had a credit card for emergencies, which could pay for food. And if she got tired, she could pull over somewhere and rest.

The thrill of actually breaking away from her parental bonds that held her back from everything she hoped to accomplish was impossible to ignore. In all but two seconds Jessica decided that she would runaway. Grinning from ear to ear she went to her room and loaded a suitcase full of clothes. She took it out to her car then returned to the house to grab her purse and keys. She slipped on a pair of blue jeans and tennis shoes. Then after putting on a plain black sweatshirt, she tied her hair back and went back out to her car where she got in and drove away.

The girl could just see the newspaper headlines now: JESSICA PRINCETON LAST SEEN DRIVING WEST. She viewed it as an honor. How many other girls would love to last be seen driving west? Jessica was driving west in search of her future, her life. She would turn her life of nothing into something. Her fate lay down the road she was traveling, or so she believed. She couldn't have been more right.

It took Jessica a couple days to finally reach Arizona. It took her a long time to drive out of the rain, but she was finally able to do so once she reached the "God enriches" state. The entire time she thought about what she would say to her relatives once she knocked on the door and they opened it. She'd worry about that when the time came.

Jessica noticed the scenery changed as she drove further into the state. It was nothing but desert, she had a gut feeling she should have been in Phoenix long before now. Unnerved, she kept driving. Evening was fast approaching though, and there was no town, let alone any sort of civilization in sight. Between the last rays of sunlight, Jessica could see storm clouds on the horizon. The rain was back to torment her again. She didn't want to be caught alone in the desert during a storm so she pressed the gas pedal closer to the floor. No cops were around to catch her anyway.

As she sped down the road, something suddenly caught her eye. Intrigued, Jessica slowed and pulled over to the side of the road. Opening the glove box she pulled out a flashlight. Before she shut it though, she thought about taking the gun that was in there with her. Her mother had bought her the gun for self-defense. It was a small handgun, not much, but like every other gun, it could kill. Warily she grabbed it in her hand and got out of the car. The flashlight shown brightly as she walked over to the side of the road. Suddenly a flash of green was illuminated. Surprised, Jessica ran over to it.

When she reached it, she crouched down next to it realizing it was some sort of green panel with an "M" on it. Jessica had never seen anything like it before. Perhaps it had fallen from a car when it was passing by; that was the only logical thing she could think of as to where the panel came from. It dawned on her that the panel may not even be from earth at all.

A huge gust of sandy wind hit her suddenly causing her to fall backwards and land on her side. She dropped the flashlight causing it to break. Lightning flashed in the distance. She couldn't find her gun. Blinded by the darkness, she felt around for it. Jessica was too busy to notice a masked motorcyclist pull up along side her car. He revved his engine capturing the girl's attention. She stood with the panel in her arms.

"Something wrong?"

Jessica squinted to get a better look at him, "I came out here to look at something. I dropped my flashlight causing it to break and I can't find my gun."

"Maybe I can help you," he remarked. His voice was low, but not extremely low, and it was sort of raspy.

"Um, sure,"

The man came over having her permission. Jessica went back to looking for the gun turning her back to him. After only searching for a couple seconds, he was able to find it. He picked it up without telling her, and pocketed it. "So what is that you came out here to look for?" he asked monotonously.

Jessica looked at him seeing he was just standing there. Slowly she stood and faced him, "Just this panel that's all."

He glanced up at her causing light to flicker down his helmet, "Where'd you find that?"

"Right over here," she said pointing, "Are you going to help me find my gun?"

"That panel is more important than your gun," he responded than paused, "What's your name?"

Reluctantly she answered, "Jessica."

He chuckled lightly. Jessica got a bad vibe from him suddenly and took a step back towards her car. "Don't move," he ordered in his evil monotonous voice, "Or I'll shoot." He pulled out her gun and aimed it directly at her.

"What do you want?" Jessica asked frightened.

"I'm interested in the panel, but what I mostly want is you,"

"Why? I've done nothing wrong!" she protested.

"Of course you haven't, you were only stupid enough to fall into my trap. Now move away from the car,"

Slowly Jessica stepped away from her car. She failed to notice a patch of stars become blocked out. She watched him as he tossed the gun aside and ushered the word, "Transform!"

He jumped into the air and his motorcycle flew into the air with him. Jessica watched shell-shocked as the motorcycle and the man combined to form a giant metal robot. In disbelief she asked, "Who are you? What are you?"

"I'm known as Sideways, and I am a transformer from the planet Cybertron. What you have in your hands is a minicon,"

Fear and astonishment swept through her and Jessica suddenly made a run for her car. Sideways stepped over her and easily scooped up her car in his hand like it was nothing. Panic swept through Jessica as he effortlessly crushed the car and threw it over his shoulder. She was unable to make her legs work as Sideways clasped his hand around her and lifted her high above the safety of the ground.

"We're leaving human, you're the one we've been looking for,"

"We've?" she asked numbly and confused.

Another transformer came down from the skies and transformed into his robotic form remarking, "We've."

"Thrust," Sideways replied, "Nice of you to join us finally."

"Better late then never. Now let's go so we can carry on our business with this pathetic human,"

Whimpering she asked, "Just what do you mean by that?"

"It doesn't matter," Sideways responded squeezing her suddenly.

Jessica felt her ribs cracking and her shoulders popping out of place. She passed out from the pain. The fake minicon panel fell from her arms and onto the ground. Sideways and Thrust warped away with her.

Jessica awoke sometime later lying on a cold metal table unable to sit up or move her arms or legs. She opened her eyes only to have them burned by a blinding white light.

"Finally awake?" came a voice.

Jessica recognized it and hissed, "Sideways."

He chuckled, "Very good dear, but I'm not the only one here with you."


"Correct," came Thrust's voice, "Now that she's awake shall we commence?"

"Of course,"

Jessica panicked, "Commence? Commence with what?"

"A small experiment," Sideways explained, "Don't worry, it shouldn't hurt you that much."

"What sort of experiment?"

"We developed this formula," Thrust told, "And we're curious to know what it does to humans like you. So it'll just be a simple process of injecting it into you and then observing you from there."

"Why me?"

"You were the human that fell into our trap," Thrust remarked, "Now hold still."

Fearing to move even the slightest bit, Jessica just laid there freezing. She felt a small prick in her arm and fluid rush in as Sideways injected the formula into her. Feeling nauseous, Jessica closed her eyes and prayed for sleep to relieve her. It didn't come and she felt the needle leave her arm.

Opening her eyes was the biggest mistake she could have made. The room appeared to be spinning, the lights seemed like they were flickering. An alarm deafened her suddenly and then darkness overcame her.

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