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Chapter Twenty: The Strongest of Love

Jessica couldn't believe it. After all this time, Sideways had really been Unicron all along. Though so little was known about Unicron, and Jessica wasn't really sure if she wanted to know who he really was other than the greatest evil. Instead she struggled inside the tendrils, to no avail though and remembered any attempts to free herself were futile. Silently she gave up…and then asked, "Why were you with the autobots before the decepticons?"

"I needed the Star-Saber and that incompetent idiot Hotshot had it."

"Megatron only ended up with it though."

"Which was fine."


He turned to her with an extremely annoyed look on his face and explained, "I feed off evil. Evil is the only reason for my existence. Megatron wielding the Star-Saber and creating an infinite amount of evil was fine."

"So that's why you stayed with the decepticons. There was plenty of evil there for you to feed off of."

"You're a smart girl."

"What about Thrust though?"

"It won't be long now until he is…disposed of. I have absolutely no more use for him now," he said before looking her over, "But…as for you…"

The tendrils began loosening around her, but not on her arms and ankles. Her arms were held securely behind her back, and a couple tendrils held her ankles tightly. Without warning, Jessica suddenly felt herself lifted and she was brought forward and set back down directly in front of Sideways. He grinned evilly behind his facemask while saying, "It's time for you to merge with me."

"Never," she growled.

He crossed his arms and said, "You will be forced to agree then."

Jessica screamed as the tendrils that still held her fast didn't sting her this time, but electrocuted her.

Optimus and Megatron materialized inside of Unicron and were disgusted, yet awed by what they saw. Nearly everything was organic and yet they were inside a transformer…at least they believed Unicron was a transformer. And in front of them was a large tunnel, large enough to walk through, but that tunnel split into two other tunnels, and there was no telling which one would lead them to Jessica. Glancing at the autobot leader Megatron asked, "So…does your intuition lead us in any sort of direction, other than forward?"

Optimus examined the route in front of them and wasn't sure what to say, until both leaders heard a faint scream emit from one of the tunnels. "We go that way," Optimus exclaimed as he hurried forward towards the tunnel where the scream came from.

Megatron grunted before he ran to catch up with the autobot leader.

Sideways chuckled sinisterly as he had the tendrils cease inflicting pain on Jessica. She narrowed her optics and glared at him before she said, "Alright…I'll merge with you, just get these tendrils off me."

The decepticon looked her over, not noticing as she eyed the Requiem Blaster just a few feet to her right. Slowly Jessica felt the tendrils loosen their grip on her wrists and ankles. Little did Sideways know she had no intention of merging with him…but she had every intention of killing him, and she would not leave until he was dead at her feet. She only had to wait until the tendrils were loose enough so that she could make her move. "Just a little more," she thought, "Come on now…a little more…that's it!" Jessica twisted free from the grasp of the tendrils and bolted for the Requiem Blaster when something suddenly caught her by the waist and halted her advance.

"I figured you would try something like that," Sideways growled in her audio receptor.

Jessica twisted herself around in his arms so that she was facing him. His grip was deadly tight, and she knew she wasn't going to be able to get out of his arms by struggling…he was Unicron after all. "Sorry," she breathed, "I'll…I'll merge with you now."

Sideways looked at her suspiciously before asking, "You changed your mind that quickly?"

"I can't doubt the authority, the power of Unicron," she lied, "I don't…I don't want to die."

He smirked behind his mask saying, "I knew you'd see the light one of these days." And he loosened his grip on her.

Jessica was out of his arms the second she felt his grip loosen and closed the distance between her and the Requiem Blaster. She shot at the tendrils that held it, and they withdrew from the gun. As the blaster fell, Jessica grabbed it in her hands and pointed it at Sideways before chuckling, "Wow…I guess I could be an actress."

He snarled, "Put the gun down!"

"Why should I? You killed Optimus with this gun…it seems it'd only be fair if I killed you with this gun as well," she explained.

Sideways took a step back just as Optimus and Megatron burst into the room. Assessing the situation, the decepticon leader crossed his arms and remarked, "Just what were you so worried about? She was fine on her own!"

Sideways glanced at the autobot and decepticon leaders, not thrilled by their presence. He then looked back to Jessica who hadn't taken her optics off him. Glancing to his left he noticed the spark was only a couple feet away, but Jessica had the gun aimed at him…he could only hope his reflexes were faster than hers. Without a second thought, he lunged towards Unicron's spark and disappeared inside it. Optimus came over to her side and she looked up to him smiling before she asked, "Can I kill him?"

"As you wish," he replied.

Megatron looked at them with an optic ridge raised and was just about to say something, but tendrils came out of the walls and completely wrapped around the three of them. Optimus watched as Megatron and Jessica were covered completely in tendrils…until they both lost consciousness. Optimus looked towards Unicron's spark enraged as Sideways partially emerged from it. He chuckled in an evil…more sadistic voice, a voice that was not his own. "Optimus," he breathed, "I'll spare you this time…your power is greater than Megatron's…merge with me."

"I shall do nothing for the likes of you."

"Jessica is to merge with me as well…you could be with her forever Optimus, with no one to ever come between you."

Optimus thought about this. He and Jessica, together forever with no one to come between them? How could he refuse? But, if he agreed he'd betray all his friends and what he ever stood for…if he agreed, he'd be helping in the destruction of the universe. But…he had decided a while ago that all he lived for was Jessica…so if he agreed, he wouldn't be doing anything wrong. Would the guilt hang over his head though if he agreed? Sideways—Unicron, whoever he was hadn't said a thing about happiness. Could he be trusted? Optimus knew he had a choice to make. "What about Megatron and Jessica? What did you do to them?" he asked.

"They are prisoners to their minds at the moment. You can only save them if you merge with me."

Optimus looked down unsure of what to do.

Jessica looked around, baffled as to why she and Megatron were standing on a stage in front of a crowd of thousands. The decepticon leader looked to her with a quizzical look on his face before he said, "I don't want to know where we are…I just want to know why we're here and where Optimus is."

"I've seen this place before…" Jessica mused and then remembered this was a dream she had one time, "I wonder…" And to test her theory she let her optics go offline and thought back to another dream she had and when she let her optics come back online, she saw she was in a bed with Optimus…and Megatron looking at her with the utmost look of shock and surprise on his face. She blushed and quickly jumped out of the bed, Optimus disappeared as she did so.

"I really didn't need to see that," Megatron remarked.

"I really didn't think you would," Jessica replied embarrassed out of her mind, "But I did figure out that we're trapped inside our dreams."

"That's nonsense—

"Do you dream?"

"What kind of question is that? Of course I dream!"

"Then think back to one of your dreams, and we'll go there, just so I can prove it to you that we're stuck inside our consciousness."

Megatron looked at her like she was an imbecile and proceeded to let his optics go offline as he thought back to a dream he had. When he let his optics come back online, he found himself sitting in a throne surrounded by his men, and he was ruler of the universe. "Well, I'll be," he said.

Jessica stood before him with her arms crossed and said, "Well, I shouldn't be surprised that you thought of this dream. How do you suppose we get out of here and back to Unicron?"

"I don't know…perhaps we just have to will ourselves to wake up."

Jessica nodded, "That should work…but I really don't think you're going to be able to wake up if we stay here." And she tried to think of a dream that she had that would convince her and Megatron to wake up. She remembered her nightmare about Unicron…he had been destroying Cybertron…and he was going to kill her. But Megatron hadn't been in that dream…until now. She concentrated on that dream, and then suddenly she and Megatron were there. Jessica could feel the chills erupting through her chassis as she watched the dream begin to unfold again. Megatron watched for the first time as Unicron descended from the heavens in robot mode and began ripping up the planet. He then got a feeling that if Jessica and he didn't wake up, they were dead.

He began silently pleading with himself to wake up…Jessica watched him for a moment before she did the same.

Optimus looked over when he heard Megatron groan and watched as his red optics flared online. He then looked to Jessica and saw as her blue optics flickered online. Relief swept over him as he looked back to Sideways and saw the surprise in his optics. "No!" bellowed the evil, "You are supposed to be trapped in your minds!"

"As nice as the nap was, I think it's time you died," Megatron said back.

He growled, "No matter, I'll just send you back."

While Sideways was distracted, Optimus activated his wrist cannons and blasted himself free. He then promptly freed Jessica and Megatron as well. Jessica saw the Requiem Blaster at her feet and picked it up. She aimed it at Sideways wondering, "I wonder if my aim has gotten any better."

Sideways emerged from the spark and lunged at Jessica, just as she pulled the trigger. The three of them watched as Sideways's small frame was completely torn through in seconds, and he fell to the ground dead. Jessica never felt more relief in her life than the moment she saw her greatest burden dead at her feet. There was no feeling like it…other than her love for Optimus…but her relief quickly faded when she realized something, "Wait a minute, Sideways said he was Unicron, but Unicron's spark is still pulsing."

"Simple," Optimus said, "Sideways was just an illusion…a false body created by Unicron and so that's dead…but not Unicron."

"Let's take out his spark then," Megatron piped up aiming his swing cannon at the spark.

Jessica shook her head and confessed, "I fear eliminating his spark would not be enough to kill him."

"Why not?" the decepticon leader asked annoyed.

"Sideways told me that Unicron fed off evil and that was the only reason for his existence. If we destroy his spark, then he will be back again because he'll have evil to feed off of," Jessica explained, "In order for Unicron to completely perish we have to destroy the source of evil from which he feeds off. Megatron, you have to die."

Megatron looked to the two autobots infuriated, "Die? Do you think I'm willing to sacrifice myself for the good of our race?"

"No," Jessica answered, "So…we'll just have to kill you." And she aimed the Requiem Blaster at him.

Megatron took a step back looking to Optimus for some sort of explanation to her irrationality. Optimus looked him sadly in the optics and said, "I'm sorry Megatron." And he willed his optics offline as Jessica fired the blaster again, hitting the decepticon leader directly in the spark casing to make sure his death was quick and painless. She felt terribly guilty watching as he died since he had never really done anything bad to her, but this was war, and war caused tragedies like these.

Jessica then turned to Optimus, the blaster at her side, and tears in her optics as she whispered, "I can't believe I just killed him like that."

Optimus took her in his arms and held her close to him as he tried comforting her by saying, "It had to be done, Megatron will be honored."

Jessica swallowed hard and said, "I guess that mean's Unicron's the last one that needs to die now."

Optimus nodded and remarked, "I'll do it—

"No!" she shouted looking up at him, "He's cause me so much pain, I'm going to do it. He made me look weak in front of you and for that I can never forgive him."

Optimus cupped her face in his hands after removing his facemask and said softly, "Jessica, you never looked weak to me."

"You had to rescue me so many times—

He placed his forehead against hers, "Don't think you haven't rescued me. If it hadn't been for you, I wouldn't be alive right now."

Jessica smiled, she guessed that was true. Optimus smiled at seeing her smile and kissed her passionately before saying, "Kill Unicron and let's end this war."

She nodded…but a sad expression overcame her face. Optimus listened as the dreadful words left her lips, "Take Megatron's body and go. I fear Unicron will explode when I shoot his spark…and that…and that I won't make it."

Optimus felt his whole world collapse around him, "No! Jessica—

She put a finger to his lips, "I've made up my mind, get out with Megatron's body, now."

He squeezed his optics shut in an effort to keep back the tears, "Jessica, I can't lose you."

And she kissed him with an energy she did not know she possessed. And the kiss seemed to last forever…neither one of them wanting to break it. Optimus held her as close as physically possible, he was afraid to let her go…because he feared he'd never be able to hold her again. And after an eternity of bliss had gone by, they pulled away from each other and Jessica stepped out of his grasp. Blindly, Optimus gathered up Megatron's body and looked to his love one last time before he said, "I love you…so much."

She let a tear fall from her optic as she smiled back, "I love you just as much…if not, more."

He clicked his facemask back on and looked at her long and hard before warping away. Without letting enough time for emotion to set in, Jessica turned to Unicron's spark and fired the blaster.

Optimus watched from Cybertron's surface as the evil god obliterated…nothing remained of him…just dust. And he couldn't see his Jessica anywhere. He let his optics go offline as he whimpered and tears fell from his optics…and his memory faded back to the time when he had taken Jessica on a date to the beach.

"Haven't you ever heard about making a wish on a shooting star?"

"No, does your wish come true?"

"If you truly believe and put your faith into it, it might," Jessica explained, "The only thing is you can't say it out loud or your wish won't come true."

And Optimus looked up, just as a shooting star streaked its wondrous path across the sky. Silently he bowed his head and made a wish.

A few moments later he lifted his head, and something caught his optic. He zoomed in on it and nearly had a spark attack. He gently set Megatron's body down and warped to the skies to get a closer look at what he had seen.

Jessica's blue optics flickered online and she saw that she was floating through space. Diagnostics ran through her CPU making her aware of the injuries she…didn't…have. She thought for sure the blast by Unicron would kill her, but possibly, the greatest of evil couldn't scathe the strongest of love. As she read the few diagnostics, she realized she only had scratches and bruises…why…she couldn't figure out. Clearing her throat she slowly sat up…just as she was crushed in a hug by Optimus. His facemask was gone in seconds, Jessica didn't know where it had disappeared to so quickly, and kisses were showering down upon her like there was no tomorrow.

"Optimus," she exclaimed giggling, "Calm down."

He looked at her and she saw the tears on his cheeks. "I thought I lost you," he said softly.

Jessica felt her own tears on her cheeks after he said that, and proceeded to wipe away his tears as she replied, "I guess I'm stronger than I thought I was."

"I never doubted you," he remarked and pulled her into another kiss like the one they had shared inside of Unicron.

Minutes later they pulled away, still floating through space. They held each other close never wanting to let the other go. Finally, after their silence had carried on long enough, Optimus spoke up saying, "Let's get back to Cybertron and enjoy the peace."

Enjoy the peace. Jessica never thought she would hear those words ever…but Optimus just spoke them. It was then she realized that if she had never run away, if she had never become a transformer…the war would still be raging now…Optimus would still be buried in his old depressed life…but she had come and managed to save him, while he saved her…and their love had ended the war so that they could truly spend an eternity of love and bliss together. She had no reason to feel guilty for running away anymore.

And it wasn't a possibility anymore…the greatest evil was powerless to the strongest of love. The love of Optimus and Jessica.

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