A/N - So a quick poem I thought of that I wrote up in about fifteen minutes. It actually came out better than I had hoped. Not really specific about which turtle this is. In fact, I like it better leaving it ambiguous. Tell me what you think.

Falling Stones

Small and harmless, the granite fell
Onto my leg that late morning daze.
I looked at it with a wave of emotion
That told me how I came to this place.

Lost before, from falling stones,
My brothers and father were saved.
But our memories shattered and cracked
And crumbled beneath the wave.

The first time was sad and forever,
We lost almost all we had ever known.
The falling stones hid and stole
Our once loving home.

Now that place is calm and still,
Buried for eons beneath that earth.
Stones have stopped falling now in
That place where we buried our hearts.

But the second time, shocked and awed,
As villainous cracks surfaced on stone.
Not accident these were, and so,
They hurt more deeply than burns.

The stones still fall in that forgotten place,
Where our year of life came exciting.
More memories there than thought was true,
I see them all as hopes so inviting.

Now I look above me from where I sit,
To where this stone, now safe in my lap,
Came crashing down with thunderous noises
Of epic volume beneath that of a gentle tap.

My heart races as I see it happen before me,
The stones are coming to crumble again.
They shatter and quake and bury and die
Within my home, what a treacherous sin.

This fallen stone, I now hold in hand,
So monstrous as a mountain, yet so small.
So much said from such a little tiny thing.
To sand, I shatter it in my palm.

To lose another home to these falling stone,
It's too much for any of us to bear so soon.
My brothers and I, and father as well, like the stone,
We live and breathe in this granite too.

I look and see them all, my family surrounds
Me throughout the large volume of this place.
I see them smile and wave, caring and happy,
No worries I see on a single face.

And then I smile a quiet whistling smile
That, in words, feels like a new day dawns.
Because my family is happy and I realize something.
These stones we live in are not my stones.

My stones are those four, my brothers and
My father, so wise and young and joyful.
These stones I see before me will never fall
And make a dream and memories forgetful.

These sturdy stones, the ones I love,
These are the solid true home I live in.
They will be with me, as more stones fall
And try to break the unbreakable ones.

The falling stones have taken,
The falling stones destroyed,
But the sturdy stones, the unshakeable stones,
My family, we survived.