A maze goes round and round.

Twisting this way and that

Not ever knowing where your at.

You've lost the way..

And there are no signs

To lead you to the end.

My friend almost got lost

Forever.. in it once,

But she found her way back

Using the stars' light

To shine her way through.

She reached her place

But it was too late.

Time had gone by too fast

No one was there to meet her.

Everyone left, thinking she was dead.

Alas, what kind of a maze this could be?

Surely you'd think "why any maze, really."

But this was no ordinary maze...

It was her maze.

Oh yeah, we each have our own personal

Labyrinths, each more different and troublesome

Than the next. Yet what kind of maze is this

That binds us so? Why, the mind, of course.

The mind is a trickster, it is.

It can make you believe in

Anything you want. It can

Make you play games you've

Never played before, to the point

Where their so addictive you just

Want more. But be careful.. if you

Lose your way, you may never come back.

Look inside your soul,

Wherein truth lies.

You may never lose your way

If you just look inside.