Title: Unbreakable

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Author's Note: Here is the Sequel to A stranger, will their love survive or break. I wouldn't have being able to do this story with out the help of my beta Heavenstar3, Thank You so Much for your help and opinion.

Now enjoy the story! ; Chapter 1.

Secrets Hidden in Tapes

1Kyle was fixing Diana's place, bringing some people to clean and rebuild it, when Mark, a friend of his, came to him and showed him a package that someone had left at the door. Kyle grabbed the package and opened it, inside was a video with a note that read, "Not everything is what it seems". Kyle waited until most of the guys were done and gone, leaving him and Mark. They went into the living room and inserted the video into the player.

It showed a warehouse and suddenly the camera started moving towards a man wearing a black coat. Kyle could see that the man's eyes were glowing yellow; he knew this video was meant for Diana, but she had been through enough. The demon was talking to someone.

"Well I guess I was wrong about her, I didn't think she would kill you, huh. Well my mistake, right Gabriel?" The demon said. There was a cage in the middle of the room and on the floor, handcuffed to the bars was a young man. He looked dirty, thin with a thick beard, but you could still see his piercing blue eyes.

"It just goes to show how little you know about Diana," the man replied. Kyle pushed pause and looked at the screen. He couldn't believe it, it was Gabriel. Then who the hell was that man they had killed. Mark grabbed the remote and pushed play.

"You look like hell, how about some food? "The demon asked.

"I don't want anything," the man replied.

"Oh Gabriel. This can all end; surrender to me and you'll be free," the demon said.

"I'm not Michael, you son of a bitch. He sold his soul to you, agreed to look like me, just so he could have Diana. I love that woman more than anything in this world. No matter what you do to me, I'll never hurt her. I'd rather die first," Gabriel replied.

"It was Michael not Gabriel. I can't believe this. Gabe is innocent. We got to get him out," Kyle declared out loud. Mark didn't reply, he kept watching.

"We'll see about that. Oh by the way, she has someone new in her life now. What do you think about that?" the demon asked, laughing.

"Good, I hope he treats her well and keeps her safe from you. As long as she is happy, I don't care what happens to me," Gabriel replied. The demon walked away, closing the door behind him. They saw how Gabriel cried and muttered the name "Diana", then grabbed the plate in front of him and ate. That was the end of the tape. Everything was quiet for a moment until Kyle got up and grabbed his phone.

"What are you doing?" Mark asked, getting up and walking to him.

"Calling, Diana. Why?" Kyle asked, but before he could dial the number the phone was ripped out of his hand.

"Are you out of your mind? Diana went through a hell, not to mention she almost died. Do you honestly think she will believe you? We get Gabriel, clear this up, and then we call her," Mark explained. Kyle turned around and walked away.

"Gabriel may be your friend, but Diana is my friend and even if what I saw is true, I'm not risking her life again. Until I know for sure that he is innocent, I won't let him near her. If it turns out that he isn't, then I'll kill him myself," Mark whispered to himself. He got up to find Kyle getting some weapons and putting on a jacket.

"Do you have any idea where this warehouse is?" Mark asked.

"Yeah, I do. That video gave the exact clues for the location. It's like they want us to find him," Kyle told Mark.

"And that is not dangerous at all? Listen to me very well, Kyle. Before I knew you or Gabriel, I knew Diana. She has saved my ass in so many occasions. So, if Gabriel turns out to be not so innocent, he is dead. Got it," Mark declared, getting into the car and waiting for Kyle. They had been driving for awhile, until Kyle recognized the street and the parked the car.

They got out and approached the warehouse. There were two demons watching the place. Mark distracted them, but sadly he ended up being thrown against a wall. Kyle made sure to splash them with holy water, taking them by surprise. Giving Mark time to recover and form a barrier with salt, but not before the demon made Kyle fly across the room. Once they were both a bit recovered, they headed to the room that was illuminated. Kyle saw the cage and ran to it. He was about to break the lock, when Mark stopped him.

"Oh no, first we make sure he is human," Mark explained. Kyle nodded and Mark splashed holy water on Gabriel. He didn't even flinch. The mentioned the name of God and nothing. Mark said a few words in Latin that were used to expose people possessed, but there was no reaction.

"Oh my God" Mark exclaimed, looking shocked. Gabriel was human, which meant he was innocent. Kyle didn't wait and broke the lock, opening the door. He got near the man on the ground, lifted him, and noticed how dirty and weak Gabriel was. He looked like he hadn't been bathed or fed properly, but no matter how much he had changed, he knew it was him.

"Gabe, wake up, it's me Kyle. Come on man, open your eyes," Kyle repeated, shaking him. Gabriel finally opened his eyes and looked at him.

"Kyle, am I dead?" Gabriel asked with difficulty.

"Not yet man. We got to get you out of here," Kyle replied, helping him up. Mark was still paralyzed and hadn't moved.

"Where is Diana?" Gabriel asked.

"Not here," Kyle replied and pulled him up.

"But she is fine right? She is safe and alive?" Gabriel asked, turning to look at Kyle. Mark came to help them.

"Yeah Gabe, she is fine and soon you'll be able to see her," Mark replied, carrying the man outside. Kyle smiled. He was glad Mark had realized Gabe wasn't the bad guy here. He was also impressed; Gabriel was almost dead, but still worried about Diana. They got him in the car and drove off. Kyle headed to Diana's safe house; he knew Gabriel would get treatment from the doctor living there and also safety.

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