Title: Unbreakable

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Now enjoy the story! ; Chapter 16


Diana was busy getting used to her new life and handling all the things that were happening. Gabriel was still trying to get her back and to be honest it was getting a little annoying for her. She was sitting in the garden, drinking some tea and enjoying the sun, when he sat down beside her. She turned to look at him and smiled, he smiled back.

"How are you?" Gabriel asked.

"I'm fine just trying to survive. Why?" Diana replied.

"Well, because I think is time for you to realize that you have someone willing to love you and make you happy. You don't own Dean anything, so why don't you just move on?" Gabriel explained. Diana took a deep breath and replied.

"No matter what, Dean will always have a place in my life. Also, I don't feel the way you do and it wouldn't be fair. Just leave me alone, please. I can't deal with you right now," Diana told him. She got up and entered the house. Gabriel rolled his eyes and stayed outside.

"Even when I think you are gone Dean, something happens and you become important again. Why can't you just die and let us be happy? If I had the power to get rid of you forever I would. I'll leave for now, but this isn't over, you won't have her, I'll make sure of that" Gabriel whispered to himself as he got up and left.

Months went by and Dean was getting desperate. He wanted the pain to go away and the emptiness to end. He had never felt more alone than he did now. The demon was still messing things up and becoming impossible to track down. Sam's visions were affecting him more and more each passing day and that had him scared. His dad was trying to find a way to help both of his sons. He knew that Dean was a wreck and that Sam was so confused. All he wanted was the best for his boys; he needed to get rid of this demon. It had been a year already and no news on Diana. What the hell had happened to her and where had she gone to? He could see the sadness in Dean's face and how hurt he was. He knew Diana still loved him and seeing him with another woman had shattered her, but they had to fix thing up and don't let evil win. There was a reason the demon wanted them apart and he was going to do the impossible to get them back together.

Dean was sitting on a bench outside the motel when Sam showed up.

"Hey, I guess you couldn't sleep either, huh?" Sam asked Dean. He sat down and looked at his brother.

"You want to talk about it?" Sam asked.

"We had so many plans. What kind of wedding we wanted, how many kids we were going to have, what kind of house we wanted; and just like that she's gone. I have never loved someone so much in my entire life other than you, mom and dad. She is my life Sam. I don't know what to do," Dean explained placing his head on his hands. Sam placed a hand on his shoulder in a way to show his support.

"I know how you feel. There's emptiness inside of you that nothing can fill. A sadness that kills you and loneliness that makes you numb. I felt that when I lost Jess. I know you're hurting, but you will get a chance to fix things up. You just got to have faith that you will get her back," Sam explained. Dean felt better and nodded.

"Thanks, man," Dean told Sam.

"Don't mention it," Sam replied. They went into the room to try and get some sleep.

Dean couldn't shake a bad feeling he was having. He had been having it since they faced the demon and he had insinuated that they had lost their only weapon a year and two months ago. It consisted with the time Diana had been gone. He knew that the reason he had split them apart was because Diana had a way to destroy him. Even though he had not received another call or heard from her, he hadn't given up. He still loved her and hoped to get a chance to be back with her soon. Many women had crossed his path, but he wasn't interested in a meaningless one night stand. He wouldn't do that to her; try to replace her with some girl who only wanted sex. His heart belonged to one woman and his bed was still waiting for her.

Diana was fighting to get by and trying to stay alive. It was hard. There were some nights when she really missed him and wanted to be in his arms. To feel protected and loved. She didn't understand it. He had hurt her, but then why couldn't she forget him. She knew one reason why, but was her love for him strong enough to forgive his betrayal? She had no idea, but for now she had a lot of things to take care of. Maybe one day she would find out the reasons. She wished him the best, even though she wasn't with them. She knew everything they were doing. She knew they had faced the demon a couple of times and that Sam's visions were not something good. She had kept an eye on them, but had chosen to stay away. She was more careful now and wouldn't go into a battle without thinking. Mark had brought his family to the safe house to see her. Alex had asked her about Dean and she had told her that he wasn't with her anymore. Alex was confused. She told Diana that Dean had whispered in her ear that she was just like Diana and that some day she would find someone to love her as much as he loved Diana. This made Diana cry and smile at the same time.

John, Dean, and Sam were walking down the street, doing research, when Sam's vision went blurry and the beginnings of a headache started. This meant one thing, a vision and a very big one. He started to hold his head and back away. Dean and John went to him and tried to help him. He started to mumble things and then a painful scream came out and then darkness. His vision wasn't clear, but he could see a woman walking in a hallway and entering a room. Then the demon standing in front of her and pushing her to the wall, lifting her and pinning her to the ceiling. He couldn't see the face, only hear the screams of pain from the woman. He tried to get to the woman, but blood started dripping and he could see her stomach had been ripped. He also heard the cries of a baby. He was moving towards the crib when flames erupted and he got so shocked that he woke up covered in sweat and shaking. Dean heard him and ran to him, "Sam, what's wrong? What did you see?" Dean asked. Sam was pale and John was scared. Dean was starting to panic. Sam's visions always led to something bad and this time wasn't going to be any different. Sam wiped his face and replied.

"The demon is going to attack another family."

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