Chapter 1 – A Demon's Rage

She took in a heavy breath of air, her arms pulling the weight of her body, and her bag, up and over the wooden side of the ancient well. She let out the held breath as she leaned over the wooden wall on her stomach, and then pulled herself completely from the well.

"That never gets any easier, no matter how many times I do it," she huffed, dropping the yellow fabric to the ground and seating herself on the small wall of the well. "Just a moment to rest, then I'll head to Kaede's village. I hope Inuyasha's there, and he's not too angry."

A week. It had been a week since she's traveled home through the bone eater's well. School, she had a lot of things she needed to catch up on, more so when it came to her math. Thanks to her friends, and her brother, she had been able to almost catch up in the full week she had been home. But, that had meant leaving Inuyasha on his own for a week.

Her chocolate colored gaze shifted to the sky as it slowly darkened. What a time to come back. It was turning to night before her very eyes. She had to get going before it got too dark and too dangerous to wander to the village on her own. The quicker she got there, the sooner she got to see Inuyasha.

Inuyasha. Her breath hitched in her throat at the thought of seeing him after such a long period of time. It had felt like eternity since she had laid her eyes upon the hanyou, since she'd heard his voice, been protected by his arms, and so close to take in his scent. Her eyes drifted shut upon the thought of him. Her mind had never been left alone by his image since she had gone home, and even now that she was back, he was still in ever corner of her thoughts.

Snapping her gaze open upon hearing the snapping of a twig, her reflexes instantly forced her to grab her bow and pull an arrow from her quiver. Placing the arrow in the respective area of her bow, she pulled back on the string, aiming towards where the noise had come from. "Show yourself!" she shouted out, narrowing her eyes.

Jewel shards - two of them? "I know you're there so just show yourself! I'll shoot at you if you don't!"

A figure stepped clearly from the formation of the tree line surrounding her. Her balance stumbled lightly, the bow and arrow dropping from her hands as the arms soon enwrapped her, pulling her close to a firm body. Her gaze widened at the sudden movements, causing the heat to surge through her cheeks, giving them a rosy tint.


"Miroku! Damn, you idiot! You knew those damn Saimyoushou were there! They always are you fool!" barked Inuyasha, his sword drawn and held readily in front of himself, though his amber gaze was sharply placed on Miroku. "I'd cut you down you idiot of a monk if I weren't too busy already!"

Miroku laughed lightly, leaning his back against a tree. "Yes, well, I would hate for you to tire yourself out on such vermin, Inuyasha." He tried to force himself to continue to stand, but failed, falling to the ground, his knees under him for a moment as he took in a couple breaths of air, his left hand clenching the wrist of his right.

"Hoshi-sama!" The exterminator rushed to his side, Hiraikotsu sliding through the bodies of demons that encircled the weakened monk. She caught the massive weapon by the strap, shifting it so it guarded her back, her feet carrying her quickly to the monk. Dropping to her knees, she allowed for the weapon to lay limp against the ground, her hands now checking on Miroku's life signs. She gently placed her ear to his chest, letting out a gentle, relieved, sigh at hearing his heart still beating strongly.

Her cheeks quickly flushed, her hand leaving a rather large red mark upon the monk's face. Her relief had quickly turned to anger at the feeling of his hand on her rear. "Hoshi-sama you're unbelievable sometimes!"

"Sango! Look out!"

Her gaze darted up; it had been Inuyasha's yelling out towards her. In her reflexes she grabbed the large boomerang that was lying upon the ground and brought it up, in a defensive manner, just in time for the wind blades to slam into the thick demon done. She opened her eyes once the force of the blow had passed, then blinked, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment as she took note of her position. She had been throw back from the unexpected force, her back now against the monk's back, and one arm around her abdomen while the other was helping her to hold the large weapon in place.


Miroku just smiled, releasing the woman from his hold, though he was reluctant to do so. It was in battle the most he got to hold her in that way; there was no other time she'd allow him close enough. He knew it was partly his fault for the way he acted towards her, always feeling her rear up when he was given the chance, but he never minded when she'd hit him for it and yell.

"Kagura!" Inuyasha shouted out, his gaze narrowed, obviously pissed off by now. Death was powerful in the amber eyes he used to glare upon the wind demon. "Leave them alone! You're battle's with me, you bitch!"

"If you wish it to be so, Inuyasha." A sickening smirk slipped across the woman's face, her crimson eyes flashing with malice. "I'll just allow Kohaku-kun to finish them off."

Sango's eyes widened upon hearing her younger brother's name mentioned, her attention quickly turning back to the battle and falling upon Kagura.

"Kaze no Kizu!"

A stream of yellow energy erupted, ripping the ground apart violently as it raced towards Kagura. He smirked when he noticed the energy about to slam into her, but took a step back in surprise when the wind fluctuated, causing the attack to miss her.

Damn, I was hoping she would lose her cool when that attack headed for her. Inuyasha raised the blade of his Tetsusaiga once more, his gaze narrowing. The fang pulsated with power as he glared at Kagura, noticing the small figure behind her. "I'll be damned…" Inuyasha didn't bother to finish as he noticed the smaller figure starting to move. "Damn!"

He swiped the fang at the figure and Kagura as well. "Bakuryuuha!"


Kagome took in a small gasp of air as the figure pulled her closer, her cheeks burning with embarrassment by now.

"Ko-Kouga…" Her voice was whispered and soft. She placed her hands gently to the wolf demon's chest, trying to push him away with care. She knew Inuyasha wouldn't be happy to see them in such a position if he were to happen by. The last thing she wanted was to get into an argument with the hanyou over something as stupid as this.


Her voice was cut off as lips brushed against hers before stealing them in a kiss. Her body was pulled closer to the Kouga's, unable to do anything about his hold, due to the fact he was stronger, and a demon. She kept her hands against his chest, there was no tension in them now to try and force him away, they just rested there.

Her heart slammed against her ribcage as Kouga pressed the kiss further, her mouth being coaxed open by his tongue. She shiver slipped down her spine when she felt his fangs brushed over her lips gently, then managed to take note of how his tongue invaded her mouth. She was unsure of how to react in this situation; Kouga had never made a move to pull such a stunt.

Kagome gasped for air the moment Kouga's lips left her own, but her eyes fell closed upon feeling his hot, moist breath against the nape of her neck. Her body, against her will, pushed more against Kouga's, her hands continued to be pinned to the demon's chest as he continued to brush his lips across her neck, forcing more shivers to run through her spine.

"Ko-Kouga…" she tried helplessly to get the wolf demon's attention back, her body betraying her every wish to stop leading him on.

The wolf just closed his eyes, keeping his lips brushing over the woman's neck, keeping the warmth of her body to his, not willing to release her. His hand slide down her side, slipping back up, his fingers forcing the bottom of her shirt to slip out of place from her skirt. He forced her body closer to his once more as he heard her breathless voice speak his name once more, it just urging him to continue.

He slid his fingers under the garment first before his hand soon followed, slowly brushing against her skin. He enjoyed the feeling of her stomach muscles rippling beneath his touch and took in the feeling of her silky smooth skin. Her fingers slipped under her bra, not considering it an annoyance at the moment. He gave out a deep growl when she let out a pleased sound, his fingers kneading the breast, and then his hand groping it, squeezing it against his palm.

"Kouga… please…" she whispered softly, her fingers grasping at his chest now, trying to use her sheer will to shove him away. "St-Stop!" she finally managed to shout out, her forearms resting against Kouga's chest, trying to shove him away. Her chest rose and fell heavily as she tried to catch her breath, her small hands starting to grasp his upper arms as he tried to continue. She shouted at him again, tears starting to slip down her cheeks.

A pink aura appeared from her hands, it hashing out against Kouga, causing him to release Kagome quickly, letting her drop to the ground as he glanced over the burns on his upper arms.

She sat there, trying heavily to catch her breath and find her strength once more to get away. Her eyes snapped up when she heard a deep growl from him, and saw the lust in his eyes. This time it wasn't lust for her body before, as it had been, it was lust for her blood. She knew that look far too well. It was look in Inuyasha's eyes every time his demon took control.

The demon straightened up a bit and walked over, grabbing Kagome's shoulders roughly and slamming her back against a tree nearby, pinning her there. She let out a sharp cry of pain, tears slipping further down her cheeks as her brown gaze watched the wolf demon in front of her.

"K-Kouga, what's wrong with you?" she whispered, pleading he would come to his senses.


He paused, amber eyes slowly gazing over the tree line near him. A cry he heard, but the scent of wolf was everywhere, it would seem. It was just a pitiful animal that was ensnared. He shook it off, continuing to walk upon his way, only to pause once more when his nose caught the scene of a holy aura.

Golden eyes narrowed dangerously as the scent of wolf had grown stronger. Bloodlust filled the air he knew that. A faint cry drew his attention away from his current train of thought. Once again, the same cry, only he understood it this time. His name was being called. He shifted his footing and slipped into a dash. Rin. The child was in danger.


"Lord Sesshoumaru!" she called out once more, tears filling her dark gaze as they stained her dirtied cheeks. She stumbled, hitting the ground, and then pushed herself back up, refusing to give up. It was too familiar to her, the idea of running from wolves. She had done this before, but would her lord be able to save her in time this round?

"Lord Sesshoumaru!"

Her eyes went wide when she slammed into the ground once more, the wind being knocked from her. Rin shifted her gaze over her shoulder, eyes full of fear as the wolves drew closer. As they leapt for her like they had done before. She shut her eyes tightly, her small fingers clenching the ground, waiting for the impact of teeth, for the pain of her flesh being torn apart.

It never came. The only thing that did come was the cool, silky soft feeling of cloth and a powerful arm surrounding her body, holding her close. Her eyes opened, blinking a few times. She glanced up, then back, watching as the last wolf fell to the ground, dead, and Tokijin was dropped to her lord's side.

"Lord… Sesshoumaru…!"

He glanced down at the small child held in his arm, his other hand squeezing the hilt of the Tokijin tightly, before placing it back to his side. Kneeling down he placed the girl upon her feet, and then rose.

Amber eyes once more feel to the dead wolves that lay before them. Were these the wolves he had smelled? Was it their blood lust? No. The blood lust was potent in the air still, swirling around him. His amber orbs narrowed slightly, only to shift back to their normal gaze when he felt a few small tugs of his kimono. Sesshoumaru looked down upon the young child as she tugged, begging to gain his attention.

"Lord Sesshoumaru, Kagome is being attacked! She's being attack by a demon, Lord Sesshoumaru," she quickly informed him. "He's hurting her, my lord, please, do something," she begged, her eyes pleading.


"Only have eyes for that mutt, I see," Kouga growled, his fangs visible for her to see. She was supposed to see them, see the rage that filled him.

"Kouga, snap out of it. This isn't you, please, stop, you're hurting me."

He growled, dragging his claws down along her bare arms. "Hurting you? You've no idea the pain I can cause." He pushed her head to the side, sinking his fangs deep into her neck, causing her to scream out from pain. She closed her eyes, feeling the warmth of her blood as it ran down from her neck, over her shoulder and down her chest. It stained her clothing.

It seemed like years before he pulled his teeth out, tossing her to the ground. He knew she was too weak to do anything now, and that was fine with him. He wanted to toy with her a bit, have his fun before he killed her. A dark smirk slipped across his lips, lapping the blood up from his fingers.

"Fine, you won't be mine, I'll see to it that mutt can't treat you wrong again," he informed her, walking towards her limp body.

She opened her eyes, looking up at the wolf demon. Her gaze was fuzzy, she couldn't see well. He's being controlled… by a tainted shard… how could I not notice before? She gave a scream of pain as she felt his claws dig into her sides, the unforgettable warmth of the blood as it spilled down her sides, once more staining her shirt. Inuyasha. Where was he? Couldn't he hear her? Couldn't he smell the blood? Couldn't he pick up Kouga's scent?

She was going to die; she knew it as she felt his claws dig into her skin once more. It was a shame, she knew, that she never got to tell Inuyasha how much she loved him. How much she enjoyed being near him, held in his arms, arguing with him, and all those other small details of the relationship they shared. And what would Sango do without her? And poor Shippou as well; she was leaving them alone.

She forced her eyes to open up, watching Kouga as he licked the blood from his fingers. A saddened smile took her features as she watched the wolf demon, catching his attention. He was watching her as though she had lost her mind, and with some confusion as well.

"I'm… I'm so sorry," she whispered. "I couldn't… didn't noticed the… the tainted shard."

He growled. He hated the look of pity she was giving him. It was as though he was about to die and not her. Apologizing? For what? What tainted shard? He was confused, and it was fueling his rage even more. He walked closer to her dying form, squatting beside her and just watching. "It really is a pity, Kagome," he said, running his fingers through her hair. "You truly were a beauty, I just wish you would've chosen me instead of mutt-face then it wouldn't have had to end this way."


"How dare you beg Lord Sesshoumaru to save her life! She's nothing but a follower to that pain of a hanyou, you silly child!" Jakken scolded her, gaining the small girl's attention for a moment.


"He's not near her," Sesshoumaru spoke coolly, his gaze in the direction of where Rin had been running from. The smell of blood was filling his senses, sending them into a frenzy. "Strange that he would leave her so utterly vulnerable. Shows how incompetent he truly is."

Jakken blinked, watching his lord with sheer surprise. Then blinked as he lord walked past him, heading in the direction Rin had come from. "M-My Lord! Where are you going?!"

"To dispose of a wolf that has left the safety of his pack, Jakken. The scent is the same as before. He's the leader of those from before. I trust you to take better care of Rin this time around Jakken." He brushed a hand through his hair, silvery strands straggling behind between his fingers. His amber orbs shifted, looking at the small toad. "As I've said before, should you fail, Jakken, you shall die." He then continued on, not once looking back at the two.

Jakken just blinked, standing there with terror filling his eyes. He then looked at Rin, shaking his staff towards her. "You troublesome brat! Quit running off or you'll get me killed!"

Rin blinked, looking at Jakken once Sesshoumaru was out of her sights. "I apologize, Master Jakken. I didn't mean to get you in trouble."

Jakken watched the girl and then sighed, throwing his hand sup in defeat. When it came to her, no matter how hard he tried, he could never win. Frustrating. That's what this child was. She was also a menace to his health.


Kagome closed her eyes, the blood loose causing her to lose and consciousness she had been fighting to keep. Tears dripped down her cheeks, hitting the ground below her form as it soaked them up with hunger, soaking in her blood with greed as well.

Kouga stayed like he was for a moment longer, watching the woman as she slowly died. His tongue licked blood form his fingers once more. "Time to finish this," he stated emotionlessly, about to stab his claw through her chest.

"I fear you will not be finishing anything, wolf," he spoke coldly, sun fire orbs locking on the demon. "Nor shall you live to see another day after this one."

Kouga's gaze snapped to Sesshoumaru, growling in anger as he realized the dog had snuck up on him without his knowledge. He stood up suddenly. "You think you can beat me, mutt?"

Sesshoumaru blinked once. Mutt? How was he the mutt? "I believe you're speaking to the wrong one if you are referring me to a mutt, mongrel. That would be Inuyasha," he corrected. "And a mutt he may be, but I'm sure he will be none to thrilled to see you having, so far, nearly taken the life of someone he holds so dear."

"What do you care?"

"I don't. He won't have a time to revenge her either. Little to his knowledge, as of right now, I'll waste a bit of my time to get rid of trash like you." Sesshoumaru placed his right hand to the hilt of his Tokijin, pulling the blade from his side, and before Kouga could move, he was within distance, swiping the blade across in front of the wolf.

Kouga barely managed to dodge the attack, slipping back with a growl.



The small tornado of wind slammed back towards Kagura, causing the demon to retreat a fair distance away. She smirked, closing her eyes as she brushed her feather over her lush lips. Crimson eyes gently opened halfway, gazing upon the hanyou in front of her. "Too bad, Inuyasha, that your priestess, Kagome, wasn't here to be apart of this battle, don't you think?"

"Shut up you bitch!" Inuyasha shouted out, swiping his sword towards the wind demon, only to growl when she appeared behind him, her back to his. "A real shame you had to lose her, but it leaves you free to be with Kikyou now, doesn't it? Well, I suppose that is if Naraku allows it," she taunted, smirking deviously.

"What are you talking about?!" Miroku shouted out, standing up, with his staff and Sango to lend him support.

"Can't you smell it Inuyasha? Can't you smell the scent of blood in the air?"

Inuyasha turned around, growling with his gaze narrowed. "What are you getting at Kagura? All I smell is demon blood, from the demons we've killed, and I'm going to enjoy smelling your blood when I kill you too!"

Kagura laughed lightly, seeming thoroughly amused with at the whole situation.

"You amuse me with how much of a fool you can be, Inuyasha."

Kagura stepped back into the shadows, allowing the white baboon to step forward.


"A puppet, Inuyasha," Sango informed him. "It seems Naraku is still to fearful to come see us himself."

"Naraku has better things to deal with than to play with all of you all the time," Kagura answered from the shadows.

The puppet chuckled lightly. "Yes, indeed. You're too fun to manipulate though, Inuyasha, I must admit. Do you honestly think I wouldn't have some more fun with you? Have some more fun in causing you such misery? I want to see you're face once more when you can't save the woman you love. But then again, she is just the reincarnation, she can't possibly mean all that much to you, now can she?"

Inuyasha's eyes widen a moment. The smell of blood, he could almost taste it in his mouth. The demon blood was settling, it was the smell of another familiar scent that pushed through now. "Ka-Kagome…"

The puppet chuckled, then made a move to attack Inuyasha, only for the puppet's body to blow into pieces, the wooden figure at the heart breaking.

"Kagome!?" Inuyasha shouted, glancing back as the fang hit the ground. His amber eyes locked with dark brown ones, knowing that just from the cold look in them they were not the eyes that belonged to Kagome. "Ki-Kikyou…"

Her presence caught all of their attention. She merely watched as Kagura escaped, then placed her gaze back to Inuyasha. "You're a fool to no end, Inuyasha," she spoke softly, but harshly. "You claim to care for her, as you dared to do with me, but yet you still allow such a foolish thing to happen?"

Inuyasha shoved Tetsusaiga away, running away from the scene and towards the bone eater's well. That's right, Kagome was supposed to come back today. How could he have forgotten? She had haunted his mind since she vanished from his sights down that damn well, how could she so have easily slipped from his mind, even during a battle?


Kagura muttered soft curses as her bare feet gently hit against the wooden floor beams of the castle. She pushed her kimono from her shoulder softly, looking at the cut marks there. "Too close…" she muttered, wiping away the blood.

She returned her kimono to the rightful position before pushing aside the door to enter Naraku's chambers. "Why have me retreat, Naraku?"

Naraku's violet gaze slid over to the demon, along with the dull, lifeless, white eyes of her elder sister, Kanna. "It seems we managed to run into a bit of trouble, like always," he frowned, motioning for Kanna to show Kagura the sight.

Kagura blinked, placing her ruby eyes upon the mirror. She showed no emotion to the sight, but fumed within herself. There was Sesshoumaru, fighting against the wolf, Kouga. For what reason she didn't understand. She knew Sesshoumaru was not one to take pity on those whom he did not deem in the least bit worthy. So why save this pathetic mortal of a girl?

"Sesshoumaru has managed to get in the way, as you have noted. Kikyou's disturbance in the plan didn't help in our favor this time, I'm afraid." He smirked, his evil gaze watching Kagura. "I would hate to have to lose you, Kagura."

She forced back a shudder as she watched Naraku, then merely nodded, bowed, and took her leave, shutting the door behind her. She snapped her fan shut angrily, clenching her fist tightly. Damn him.


Kouga's eyes widened as he was sent back by the mere pressure coming from the blade, Tokijin. His eyes snapped shut just as soon when he was forced back into a rock. He didn't move after that, his head hung down slightly, his breathing slowed and a small, tainted shard slipped from his chest, dropping to the ground.

Sesshoumaru straightened, placing one fang back to his side. Golden orbs slid over to the form lying upon the ground a mere few feet from him. Blood. She was covered in her own blood. Her heartbeat was faint, and getting worse as her breath slowed.

"Bothersome," he stated as he walked over, brushing back strands of the girl's raven locks from her face, his other hand slipping down her side and then under her back, pulling her body against his own. He then scooped her up fully when he stood. Rin would worry about the girl, and persist him nonstop if she were to die here.

He let out a sigh, heading back towards where he left Rin and Jakken. It would seem he was getting soft, taking in small strays all the time, all those on the brink of death it would seem as well, or having already died.

Tenseiga pulsed softly, catching Sesshoumaru's attention. He frowned, glancing at the girl. Tenseiga? You plan on spearing this woman's life as well? I suppose, you truly are my father's fang.

He pushed aside the feel of Tenseiga pulsating. He continued to carry the nearly dead woman in his arms, even as he got close to Rin and Jakken.

"Lord Sesshoumaru!" Jakken shouted out, running towards his lord.

"Kagome! She's not—"

"She's quite alive, Rin," Sesshoumaru finished before the child finished, his pace steady, but seeming suddenly fast to the child and toad she they followed after him. Her spirit is refusing to let her die. If he was going to care for her wounds, he needed to get her away from this place. The scent of blood, demons, and wolves was too potent for his liking. It disgusted him.