Fragments of Memory

By: MorbidAngelx07 (Krystal)

Sesshoumaru x Kagome

Chapter 13 – Not Goodbye, Just See You Later

Inuyasha sat and watched as Rin started on her fourth bowl of food. He glanced at Kikyou, who was just smiling at the young girl, then looked back at the child. "Jeeze, kid. Think you eat enough?"

Rin paused and looked over at him before slowly placing the bowl down, mumbling a quiet apology.

"Inuyasha!" Kikyou scolded as she glared at the hanyou, but her gaze softened as she glanced back at Rin. "You can continue to eat. As for you, Inuyasha," Kikyou glared, walked over to him and snatched his down, "you can go without your normal servings."

"Hey!" Inuyasha stood you, trying to snatch his bowl of food back. "Kikyou, give it back!"

She just smiled as she gracefully avoided every one of the half demon's attempts to gain his food back.

"Kikyou…!" he growled.

She stopped and handed the bowl back. "She needs the energy just as much as you do if not more, Inuyasha. She's a growling child and she's constantly active."

"Yeah, yeah," he grumbled, then glanced at Rin. "Now what's the matter, brat?" He ignored a glare coming at him from his side.

"I'm hoping Sesshoumaru-sama is all right and that Kagome-neesan was able to help him."

Inuyasha blinked, them muttered as he finished his rice. Placing the bowl down he stood up and rested the palm of his hand on the child's head, looking off into the distance. "My bastard of a brother is just fine; he doesn't die so easily and Kagome is just as stubborn so there isn't anything for you to be concerned about."

Rin's eyes lit up as she looked at Inuyasha. "Do you really think so, Inuyasha-san?"

He pulled his hand off her head and stuck them inside the sleeves of his haori. "I don't think. I know, brat. Both of them are too damn stubborn to give up on something they're pursuing."

Rin smiled as Kikyou watched, wearing her own serene gaze.

Inuyasha just huffed and then walked out the door. "She's not here, you damn wolf!"

Kouga jumped down from a roof, landing in front of the hanyou. "Where is she?"

"Where do you think, dumbass?"


Inuyasha just started. "…."


"Are you that stupid, wolf?"

"Who you calling stupid, mutt!"

"You! You can't even use commonsense to figure out where Kagome is! Are you that dense?"

"How the hell am I suppose to just guess where she is, dog-face!"

"Use the clues around you, dumb shit!"

"What clues?"

"I don't know A little girl, a green toad, and oh! Maybe the damn tow-headed dragon! Maybe! Not too sure if those are good enough clues!"

Aun huffed lightly but laid its two heads back down as the two continued to argue with each other.

Jakken watched as well, sitting beside the dragon, and just shook his head. "What morons. I can't believe I have to deal with this," he sighed, watching the dust cloud that contained the wolf and hanyou in a small battle, and listening as the insults continued to fly.

"I'm glad Kagome-san got her memories back but I hate seeing her so depressed."

"I know what you mean, Sango," the monk sighed, watching from a hill as the hanyou and wolf fought. "At least Inuyasha was kind enough to take her to go and see Sesshoumaru, correct?"

Sango sighed, pulling her gaze from the quarreling demons and locked her brown eyes on the monk beside her. "Yes, I am glad he loves Kagome enough to truly let her go."

Miroku smiled, placing his hand on the small of the exterminator's back. "Yes. He knows to let her go if he wants to be able to keep her close. That and now we have Lady Kikyou to talk him into and out of thinks," the monk laughed.

Sango sighed but smiled none-the-less.

"Ah! There's what I've been questing to get back since all this began!"


"That lovely smile of yours, Sango. It's been missing since all of this has happened."

Sango just blinked, looking slightly confused but soon shook her head. "So, Hoshi-sama, how does it feel to go around knowing you'll never have to worry about that wind tunnel again?"

"Strange, if I am to be honest. Kagome and Sesshoumaru have destroyed Naraku for good. It is a relief to know I will never again have to worry about it but also empty at the same time. I've had it for so long that I had grown accustom to dealing with it and using it in battle to help out and not be a load of dead weight."

Sango nodded, closing her eyes as her head rested upon the monk's shoulder.

"How does it feel for you, my dear Sango, to have your younger brother back for good as well?"

She just smiled. "Wonderful."

"I'm glad for you."

She opened her eyes and looked up at the monk. "Now if you would just stop chasing after other women, everything would be just perfect for us."

Miroku just let out a nervous laugh.

"What could be so important that you would let yourself get harmed in a fight, Sesshoumaru?"

A few more silent moments from the both of them before the demon lord finally spoke up. "You," he answered simply.

Kagome blinked as she listened to the man standing in front of her. She had been the reason he had gotten hurt so badly? She was the reason why this powerful demon lord couldn't think straight enough to keep himself from almost getting killed? Tears stung her eyes and soon fell down her cheeks as she continued to think about what he had just told her. It was great news that he had been thinking about her, but it hurt her to know she was why he had almost gotten himself killed.

Sesshoumaru just blinked as he watched her expressions go from stunned to thoughtful and now she was in tears. Why was she crying? What was going through her mind? This woman confused him so. Shouldn't she be happy that he had been thinking about her at all? But instead she was crying. For what reason? "Why are you in tears this time, miko?" he questioned her finally.


He blinked at this response. This woman could insult him out of nowhere with no back up reason for it and it never upsetted him. It annoyed him to no end, but never irritated him like it did coming from other demons or even from his brother. "Excuse me…?"

"You're an idiot," Kagome spoke up louder, lifting her head up to look him in the eyes, her cheeks stained with the tears that continued to fall from her cheeks. "You're so stupid!"

"Explain to me exactly why you think this," he frowned. He thought it would've made her happy. She was important to him so why wasn't she acting happy like he thought she would. She had seemed so concerned over him he was sure she would've smiled.

"You were stupid to get hurt like this," she muttered, her fingers sliding over the bandages on the demon's chest that covered the gashes in his skin that still allowed blood to flow.

"I already told you-"

"Did you think it would make me happy that you couldn't think straight enough to protect youtself from almost getting killed! How do you think it would've made me feel if you had died? I'm glad to know you were thinking about me, Sesshoumaru. It made me really happy despite it all, but I don't want you to get hurt because you were thinking about me so much you couldn't pay attention."

Kagome took in a slow breath of air, trying to fight back more tears, and then watched Sesshoumaru, waiting to see what his response to all this would be.

He stood there after listening to Kagome's small speech. He had never thought about it that way. He then frowned as his amber eyes locked on her. He brought a hand up, brushing her tears away. "Don't cry," he told her with a soft tone, as his expression became gentle. He didn't know what else to do or say. She wasn't like Rin, so he couldn't easily order her around.

She took in a slow breath of air at the feeling of his cold hand on her warm cheek. "All right," she whispered softly, then smiled kindly up at him as her chocolate colored eyes locked on his amber ones. "I'll forgive you this one time. Make sure you don't do it again, all right?"

He was taken aback at this. "Forgive me?"

"Yes, I forgive you." She continued to smile. She knew he would apologize if he was the type to come out and say it, but he wasn't. He wasn't even use to dealing with others' emotions.

"For what?"

She huffed lightly." For not thinking about more attention to your fight," she answered, paused, and then spoke again, "and for just up and leaving me behind without even asking me what I wanted," she finished.

"It was for your own good, miko."

"Who are you to say what's good for me and what's not? Hm?"

He just stood there, watching her.

"You and Inuyasha are just so alike in so many ways it's unbelievable!" she shouted as she threw her arms up in the air. "Neither of you admit it, but everyone can see it!"

"I am nothing like that idiot of a hanyou, now if you would stop insulting me."

"…You are too just like Inuyasha. Well, I guess it's more of he's like you considering you are the older brother between the two of you. Just because he had a human mother doesn't mean anything. You two still had the same father."

Kagome then let out a small yelp of surprise when Sesshoumaru's arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her close. "What are you-?"

The demon lord ignored her as he watched the direction in which the village was. He used his free hand to pull his sword from his other side while he continued to hold the miko protectively. He positioned his sword in a ready spot to strike quickly if need be.


"Oh boy…" Kagome sighed as the voice called her name once more. Now she understood why Sesshoumaru was holding her so protectively. It seemed like he hated Kouga more than he did Inuyasha. It had gotten worse, she noticed, when Kouga had almost killed her and this whole adventure had started. She also knew that Inuyasha wouldn't be that far behind. Kouga would've checked the village first, they would've had their fight, and then Kouga would've run off, and Inuyasha would try to stop him.


"Damn wolf! Leave 'em alone!"

Kouga and Inuyasha slid to a stop a few feet in front of Kagome and Sesshoumaru.

"Kagome! Are you okay?" Kouga asked, completely ignoring the fact Sesshoumaru was holding her and the fact that the demon lord was holding a sword that was ready to strike.

"I'm fine, Kouga."

Inuyasha watched as Kouga took a couple of steps forward and sighed. He then glanced at Kagome when he felt her eyes on him. She was asking, begging, him to stop Kouga but he just shook his head. He had tried to stop the stupid wolf all the way out here, but it obviously hadn't worked. If the wolf wanted to die, it was his own choice.

"Kouga, you really shouldn't come any close," Kagome tried to warn him as she felt Sesshoumaru's grip around her tighten slightly and felt a small rumble in his chest, like he was holding back a growl. Why they always got so primitive over her she'd never understand.

"Why not, Kagome?" he asked, taking another step forward, and only stopped when the tip of Sesshoumaru's sword was poking into neck. "What the hell?"

"Take another step forward you filth and I will remove your head from the rest of your pathetic body," Sesshoumaru threatened, a slight growl actually escaping from his throat.

"Kagome isn't yours to claim!"

"And that's where you would be wrong, Kouga. If you would kindly look at the side of Kagome's neck you'll see two lovely fangs marks there," Inuyasha explained, hoping this would keep the wolf from trying anything further.

Kouga did as he was suggested to do and his eyes went wide when he spotted the faint marks there. He turned and glared at Inuyasha. "When did this happen? How could you let this bastard touch her like that you mutt?"

Inuyasha sighed, crossing his arms and looking off to the side. "It wasn't my choice. Kagome wanted nothing to do with me at the time and she was comfortable with Sesshoumaru, so I let him look out for her. He was already doing so, so I figured why not? The next time I saw her the marks were there. It was out of my hands."

Kouga growled and glared back at Sesshoumaru.

The demon lord just smiled coldly. "I must thank you though, wolf."

"For what?"

"For giving her to me. If you hadn't been weak enough for Naraku to manipulate you, I never would've gotten her. So you shouldn't be blaming my brother, you should be blaming yourself."

Kagome looked up at Sesshoumaru. "That's enough, Sesshoumaru."

"Bastard!" Kouga shouted, knocking the sword to the side and charged at the demon lord. "I'll kill you!"

"Kouga you dumbass!"

Sesshoumaru narrowed his gaze, shoving Kagome to the side and past Kouga towards Inuyasha and blocked the wolf's kick with his forearm.

"Ack!" Kagome stumbled forward, only to land in Inuyasha's arms. She looked up at him and then glanced back towards where the two full demons were fighting. "Sesshoumaru!" she shouted out, trying to get free from Inuyasha's grasp. "Inuyasha let me go!"

"Are you stupid? Wait, of course you are, you always do this! What good are you going to be without any weapon, Kagome? Kouga is on a rampage and taking his anger out on Sesshoumaru! If you get in the middle you might get killed or Sesshoumaru might get hurt trying to protect you! Did you even think about that!"

Kagome blinked and then looked back at the battle, tears falling down her cheeks. "But… he's already badly injured…" she whispered softly, causing Inuyasha's ears to twitch softly.

Sesshoumaru continued to block the wolf's high speed kicks, then snagged his sword from the ground and swiped it towards the wolf demon, leaving a scratch in his chest as Kouga jumped back to avoid getting cut in half. Sesshoumaru stood up fully, taking in a heavy breath of air, his glared placed darkly on the wolf demon. He knew he still wasn't in top condition to fight, but he even attacked while there had been a chance she could get hurt by his attack. He wasn't going to let that happen.

"Is the big bad demon getting tired!" Kouga shouted, rushing Sesshoumaru once more and slamming his foot into the demon's chest, forcing him back into the tree behind him. "Not so big now, are you? Guess you kicking my ass earlier was just a fluke if I'm beating you so badly right now." He sneered.

Sesshoumaru growled lightly as he stood up and glanced past Kouga to Inuyasha and Kagome, making sure she was being kept out of this. He then set his gaze back on Kouga, watching the wolf demon walk towards him once more. He hadn't had a chance to put his already broken armor back on. The most he had been able to do was fix his kimono so to hide the bandages from sight.

He placed a hand to his chest as the wounds started to throb. He could feel blood flowing freely into the already red bandages. Kouga was opening his wounds and making them worse. He had to protect his chest, and did so as Kouga rushed over, aiming a kick towards his chest. Instead of letting it hit he grabbed the wolf's ankle, his claws glowing green with poison as it melted Kouga's skin.

"Shit!" Kouga quickly placed a hand on the ground, using his other leg to kick Sesshoumaru, watching the demon lord let his wounded leg go so he could block the other. He then jumped back, flinching when he landed on his wounded ankle. "Dammit."

"SIT!" Kagome shouted out, closing her eyes for a moment as Inuyasha slammed face first into the ground, leaving a small crater there from the force of her command. She then rushed from the hanyou and sent the palm of her hand across the wolf demon's face, leaving a rather large red impression of her hand there. She had positioned herself between Sesshoumaru and Kouga, sheer anger in her gaze as she glared at Kouga.

"Don't you ever touch him again, Kouga! If you do I'll never speak with you afterwards!" she threatened the wolf.

Inuyasha pushed himself up, wiping the dirt from his face and then watched while he stood up, cursing the fact he still had the damn rosary around his neck.

Kouga blinked as he placed a hand to his cheek, watching Kagome. "Kagome… why…?"

Tears were welling in her eyes as she watched Kouga. She was so angry that she was starting to cry. "He's injured! Why would attack him? Who I love is my business and the only people who have anything to say about it are those who are involved! You're not involved, Kouga! So stay out of it! The only ones who can say anything about it are Sesshoumaru and myself, so stop sticking your nose into it!" she shouted, tears falling down her face. "Inuyasha has already let me go because he knew it would make me happy to be with Sesshoumaru! So you need to just stay out of it!"

Inuyasha blinked and caught Kagome before she hit her knees to the ground, holding her in a standing position. "Hey, hey, Kagome. Relax. Calm down. Deep breathes. Remember what you and Kikyou went over the first time this happened? Just do what she told you to do, all right?"

Kouga stood there and watched, his hand still placed on his cheek. He was in complete shock from what just happened. Kagome had just yelled at him. She had yelled at him because she was angry with him. She had never done that to him before. Not even he kidnapped her. She slapped, but it hadn't even been as hard as she just did. He didn't know what to say as he watched Kagome break down in tears.

Sesshoumaru ignored the screaming pain in his chest and walked over, placing a hand to the miko's head and running his fingers through her hair.

Kagome took in deep, slow breathes. Inuyasha had been right, she just needed to remember what Kikyou had told her the first time she had broken down like this. Granted, that time it had been from sheer despair and not from anger, but she needed to do the same things to calm down. She finally pushed away from Inuyasha, thanked him and looked at Sesshoumaru, then brushed a hand over his bandaged wounds. "We'll have to re-bandage these later, you idiot…" she whispered. "How could you jump into a fight like that without thinking about your wounds? It could've killed you."

Sesshoumaru sighed and wrapped an arm around her waist, leaning down and whispering something softly into her ear.

Inuyasha's ears twitched as he tried to hear, but his brother had managed to say it quiet enough that his ears wouldn't pick it up. Damn him anyways.

Kagome nodded and then took in another deep breath of air, seeming calmer now. She then blinked and looked at Kouga when he walked over, his head hung.

"I'm sorry Kagome. I lost my temper. You were right, it isn't any of my business," the wolf apologized.

"Just, please don't do it again."

Inuyasha smirked. "Aw, the wolf knows who its master is now."

"What was that you mutt?"

"You've been whipped."

"And you haven't!"

"At least I'm not pathetic like you are!"

"Boys…" Kagome sighed, pushing them apart.

Inuyasha laughed a bit as Kouga growled, then motioned for the wolf to head back to the village. "I know you heard me while I was chasing your ass out here, not get, you wolf."

"Yeah, yeah," Kouga muttered. "See ya around, Kagome." And with that he took off towards the village.

Kagome blinked, watching Kouga leave and then looked up at Inuyasha with a questioning gaze. "What was that about?"

"He's going to tell Rin and Jakken that they come here, since I'm sure you two will be wanting to leave soon."

Kagome smiled softly and wrapped her arms around the hanyou in a hug. "Thank you for everything, Inuyasha."

"It made you happy, Kagome, that's all that matters. I didn't do it for your thanks."

"I know. You've always had a kind heart. Inuyasha. That's why it never mattered to me that you were a hanyou. I prefer you this way and I hope that's how you keep it."

"Yeah, I know. Don't worry."

Kagome continued to smile, tears of joy and sadness slipping down her cheeks as she hugged Inuyasha tighter, and whispered in his ear, "I still love you, Inuyasha, and you're one of my greatest friends but.."

"I know. Just be happy. Come and see is from time to time, because if you don't I know I'm going to get dragged along to hunt you guys down," he explained, hugging her tightly. "You know you always have a home to come back to here in this village," he told her before gently shoving her away in a somewhat playful manner, then turned around and started to walk away.

"Thank you, Inuyasha."

He just waved it off, then glanced back over his shoulder at his brother. "You better keep her safe. I didn't give her up to you just to let you hurt her, got it? If she comes back to us crying because you left her behind I'll hunt you down this time, and kick your ass." Inuyasha merely watched his brother stare at him. He turned back around and took off through the trees.

"Goodbye, Inuyasha!"

"Not goodbye, you idiot! Just see ya later!"

Kagome blinked and nodded, then turned around when she felt Sesshoumaru's hand on the small of her back. She smiled as she gazed up at him and then tugged at his silver hair gently, pulling him down to her level and stole his lips with her own as she slid her arms around his neck.

He pushed back into the kiss, taking in her taste once more and then released her.

"I love you, Sesshoumaru," she whispered to him.

"As well as I, miko."

The End.