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Kick Me.

Iggy hadn't known the words were there. How could he? It wasn't like he could look in the mirror and see them if he turned around. He had thought that the kicking was because there were so many kids in the halls.

It was always crowded. Through the jumble of noises Iggy couldn't make out the one sound he was looking for. The dull scrape of Fang's boots over the cold tile floor. He'd stand there like an idiot for a minute or so until Fang came over, brushing against him so he'd know which way to go.

The teachers were too sympathetic. They tried to make things "easier" for him when all they did was make him stand out. The worst part was chemistry, when the teacher looked over and told him that he shouldn't be handling the chemicals. He'd probably mixed more dangerous substances (and had them injected into his body) then anybody else.

The Gasman had met up with him at break. He was the one who told him about the sign on his back and had offered to beat the guys into a pulp. Instead they had let off a stink bomb and were sent to the office.

Even the secretary treated him different. He could tell by the hesitation in her voice and her insistence to lead him to a chair. Iggy could have just followed Gasser.

It wasn't just school either. The gang knew enough to leave him alone or face his wrath but that didn't mean they trusted him. Like when Angel had gone missing. He had been left behind.

He hated not being able to see. It would have been easier if he had been born that way, but he remembered colors. He remembered being able to see his friends, being able to tell the difference between a flight of stairs and a wooden door. Remembered being able to read, for however brief of time he was able to do it.

But he had adjusted. He hadn't let the disability govern his life. He had gotten over it.

Apparently he hadn't. If those two words were able to sum him up like that. If they were able to cut right through whatever barriers he had put up to protect himself from people who didn't understand.

Everybody did it without even realizing. Max when she left him out... Fang when he pushed over a pile of papers before he remembered... Nudge when she was talking about the characteristics of a person or place she'd seen. Teachers... kids... adults.

Kick Me.

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