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I woke up in my bed. Something was wrong. I realized there was something bouncing around by head.

"Edward?" I asked.

"No, silly! It's Alice!" she said, settling down.

"What's up?" Alice didn't usually wake me up. That was Edward's job.

"It's Halloween!" she said it like it was the best holiday in the world.

"So? I'm way too old to be dressing up and trick-or-treating. And it's morning. Don't people usually save that stuff for nighttime?" I had no doubt that Alice wanted to take this chance to dress me up in some ridiculous outfit.

"I never said you would be trick-or-treating. And yes, they do save it for nighttime. I just wanted to show you what you'll be wearing tonight." I groaned.


"Don't worry, Bella. I picked out a dress that wont trip you every five seconds." She rolled her beautiful topaz eyes.

"Why are you—" I realized something. "Hold on. A dress?"

"Yes. We're going to show you how to really celebrate Halloween. Cullen style."

Just what I needed. Costumes, candy and—in my case—Cullens.

"Hey Bella." Edward said as I stepped out of the car. I'd ridden with Alice this morning since she was bouncing around like a maniac and wouldn't let me out of her sight.

"Hey Edward." I said, going to him. "I missed you this morning."

"I missed you too." He said, taking my hand and kissing my cheek. "Did Alice tell you what's going on tonight?"

"I know that I will be celebrating Halloween 'Cullen style' and that I will be forced to wear the most ridiculous dress in the world, but nothing else."

"Good." He said, putting on that smirk that told me he was keeping something from me.

"This is not fair." I said, tired of being surprised. His grin just widened.

My day passed fairly quickly, until I arrived at lunch.

"Hey Bella!" Mike called me.

"Hi Mike. What's up?" I tried to be polite but he was getting on my nerves and Edward was growling softly at my side.

"Well some of us were talking about having a costume party tonight and we were wondering if you would like to come." He kept shooting glances at Edward. I had a feeling that Edward would not be welcome.

"I'd love to, Mike, but I have plans tonight." His face fell considerably.

"Oh. That's okay." He smiled halfheartedly and walked away.

"That kid gets on my nerves." Edward said, fury showing through in his voice.

"Edward. I don't like him." He sighed.

"I know. I just don't like some of the things he's thinking."

We bought our food and walked over to the table we shared with Alice. She was still bouncing. I wondered idly if she had ever stopped. It was like someone had fed her twenty packs of Pop Rocks or something.

"Bella! Are you ready?"

"For what?" I asked. I knew, but why was she asking now?"

"Didn't Edward tell you? We're skipping the rest of the day."

"We are?" I asked, looking up at him. He nodded, smiling.

"Eat your food, and we'll leave." I sat down, looking up at my surrogate sister.

"I can't wait until tonight! It's going to be so much fun, especially with you there, Bella!" Alice was perpetually bubbly, but I had never seen her so excited. This was going to be interesting.

I finished my food and stood up to throw the plate away. Alice grabbed it from my hands and danced over to do it herself. I let her. She needed something to help burn off all that energy.

"Come on!" she said, grabbing my hand and dragging me out the door. Edward followed us, grinning.

In the parking lot, I got into the car with Alice and Edward took his Volvo. Alice took me to my house and Edward drove off in the direction of his family's beautiful mansion.

"We're going to start here. Or you are anyways." She said, getting out of the car and letting me unlock the door and lead her upstairs into the bathroom I shared with Charlie.

She spent the last three hours of the school day, plus two more, dressing me up and applying makeup to my face. The dress I was wearing was a bright crimson color. It was tight to my upper body, accentuating my slim shape, and flowed out from my hips. Alice curled my hair so that it bounced when I walked and pinned it up so that it wouldn't 'get in my way.'

"You look so great, Bella! Edward is going to love it!"

"So why am I wearing a dress again?"

"It's part of how we celebrate Halloween." The doorbell rang. "Oh! I almost forgot. Did you get candy to hand out?"

"Of course I did, Alice. It's in the kitchen."

I walked downstairs and got the candy out of the cabinet. I put it in a plastic bowl I had bought for the occasion and went to answer the door.

"Trick or Treeeeeat!" I was greeted by a hoard of seven- and eight-year-olds.

"Here you go!" I said, trying to sound kind, even though the screeching had hurt my ears a bit. "Happy Halloween!" I said as they walked down the driveway, comparing candy.

Alice was still bouncing behind me.

"If anyone asks, say you're the wife of a vampire. Oh! I almost forgot—"

"You seem to be doing that a lot lately." I muttered. Alice sighed.

"It's a figure of speech. I didn't actually almost forget. I just didn't tell you yet. I have to paint the bite mark on your neck."

"The what?" I said.

"The bite mark." She said, like it was the most natural thing in the world. "You have to have a bite mark if you're going to be a vampire's wife."

"You don't have one." I muttered again. Alice sighed, exasperated.

"It's a costume Bella. I didn't mean it literally."

"I know. I just hate that I have to wear more makeup. If that's possible."

"It's only a little bit. Trust me." She sat me down in a chair and pulled out a tube of fake blood. She applied it to my neck in two little dots and then some droplets flowing out from them.

"That's not what a real vampire bite looks like, is it?" I asked.

"No, but nobody knows that—except you and us—so it doesn't matter."

The doorbell rang. I walked to answer it and almost tripped over my dress.

"Be careful, Bella." Alice called from the other room.

"I am, Alice. My body just wont cooperate with my brain." I heard her chuckle in the kitchen. I opened the door and gasped.

Instead of a group of screeching children, I found myself faced with the most beautiful creature on earth. Edward in a tux. God, he looked so good in black. Then he smiled his perfect crooked smile. I almost passed out.

"Good job, Alice!" he called over my shoulder. I had to laugh at that.

"Thanks!" she called back.

"You look, uhhh, good." I said. It was a huge understatement. He chuckled and I blushed. Why couldn't I make sense while in his presence?

"So do you." He said, "Can I come in or are you going to keep me here until we leave?"

"Oh." I said, "Yeah, you can come in." I tried not to trip over my dress on the way back to the kitchen, but I didn't have much luck. Edward caught me before I fell flat on my face. My cheeks were flaming. "Thanks." I mumbled.

"No problem."

Alice was sitting in one of the chairs at the kitchen table. She was still bouncing.

"So will you two tell me something about what I am going to be doing tonight?" I really hated surprises.

"Well—" Alice glanced up at Edward and he nodded. "We'll stay here and give out candy until nine o'clock and then leave for our house. That's all I can tell you without giving anything away."

"So what does Charlie think I'm doing?" I winced as I realized he probably knew I had skipped school today. Small town gossips and everything.

"He knows all about it." Alice said, "I told him. He agreed readily enough when I said Edward wasn't going to be there."

"He's not?" I started hyperventilating. Alice rolled her eyes.

"Of course he's going to be there Bella! I had to say something to get Charlie to agree."

"Oh." I said, feeling like an idiot. The doorbell rang again.

"Trick or Treeet!" Here we go again.

After three and a half hours of screaming children amped-up on a night's worth of candy, I was grateful to be climbing into Edward's car. I let out a sigh as I buckled myself in.

"What?' he asked me.

"Those kids are crazy." I said. He laughed and I glared at him. "You didn't have to give them candy." I said, still glaring.

"True." He said smiling at my irritation. "At least you don't have to deal with them all day, every day."

"Oh God." I said. That would be like torture.

He stopped the car and my door opened, almost simultaneously.

"Come on!" He was almost as excited as Alice.

"Please don't start bobbing." I said.

"What?" he looked at me like I was crazy.

"You're acting like Alice. She was bobbing up and down earlier."

"Oh." He said, realizing I didn't have some sort of strange disease. "I promise I wont start bobbing." He grinned.

We walked into his house and I gasped. What was with me and gasping every time a door opened?

The house was completely dark, except for a few candles that were placed on tables. The wall-sized window that looked out on the Cullen's backyard showed me that that was where everyone was. The children were running around—at least that's what I guessed, since I could only see the occasional blur—and Carlisle and Esme were standing near a table set up with Edward's stereo, laughing. There were orange paper lanterns strung from the trees that bordered the yard, illuminating the area enough for a human to be able to see.

"Hey Bella!" Emmett was suddenly right in front of me. I jumped.

"H-hey Emmett." Edward growled at his brother. "Come on Edward. I'm sure he didn't mean it." Edward stopped.

"Come on Bella! We've been waiting for you!" Alice was bouncing around the room again.

We all walked outside, Carlisle and Esme greeted me and told me how glad they were that I could come. Everyone was dressed up. All the men were in tuxes and all the women had on dresses. Alice had on a dark purple gown with pale blue sequins on it. Esme was wearing a dark blue dress that made her look at least ten years younger. Rosalie was wearing a dress in an orange color that a supermodel couldn't have pulled off. She made it look like the most gorgeous color in the world.

"So what's going on?" I asked. I felt like an idiot.

"We're having a party!" Alice said. Duh. Even I had figured that out.

"I figured that out, but what's so special about it?" Alice looked offended. "Not that I don't like it or anything." I said in a rush, "I was just wondering what makes it different from other parties." Her face brightened considerably.

"Well, for one thing, there are actual vampires at this one." We all grinned, "And we get to dance!" she said. Great. Dancing.

"Can I pick the first song? Please, please, please?" Emmett asked. Alice rolled her eyes.

"Sure, Emmett, go ahead."

"Yay!" he ran inside and came out with a CD. "I think this is it." He put the CD in and hidden speakers blasted "Bad To The Bone." We all laughed.

"What?" Emmett said. "I thought it was fitting."

"It is." Esme said, "But it's still funny." She and Carlisle were dancing in a way that didn't fit the song, but they didn't seem to care.

"Do you want to dance, Bella?" Edward asked me.

"No, but you'll probably make me anyways." He grinned and dragged me out onto the "dance floor."

"You said yourself that dancing with me wasn't as bad as dancing with anyone else." He said.

"Yes, but I like doing anything with you. So that's not fair." He sighed, and started dancing. I rested my head on his shoulder and just enjoyed the moment.

The song ended and there was a pause before the next song came on. "High School Never Ends" by Bowling For Soup. This song was ironic. All of the Cullen children had been to high school multiple times. I started giggling and noticed Alice was doing the same thing. Jasper, Edward, Rosalie, Esme and Carlisle were all smiling. Emmett hurried over to the stereo and took the CD out.

"Sorry." He said. "You pick now, Alice."

"Yay! I wont pick any strange or ironic songs, I promise." She said, running into the house and leaving Emmett looking like he wanted to go crawl into a hole and never come out. When Alice returned, she was holding up a CD that looked like it had been shot out of a cannon at one point.

Edward groaned—as did the rest of the family.

"What?" Alice asked, putting the CD into the stereo. "You don't like this song?"

"It's not that we don't like it, dear." Said Esme, "We've just heard it so many times…"

"Then one more wont hurt." Everyone groaned again.

"Why?" Edward said, so only I could hear. The song started. It wasn't bad, I'd heard the song multiple times on the radio, but the entire Cullen family—minus Alice—were covering their ears. Alice was dancing around like a ballerina.

"What's wrong with this song?" I asked Edward. Even though his ears were covered, I think he heard me.

"Alice listened to it almost nonstop a few years ago. Jasper finally persuaded her to stop by hiding the CD. She must have found it." Sure enough, Jasper was standing in the corner of the yard, receiving glares from his family. He looked ready to run away at any moment. Thankfully, the song ended before anything happened.

As everyone released his or her ears, Alice looked like she was truly sad that the song had ended.

"Can we listen to it one more time? Just one, I promise." She pleaded.

"NO!" They all shouted simultaneously. She looked hurt.

"Look, Alice. Why don't you come over one night and we can listen to it as many times as you want to." I sensed that I was going to regret this, but I had to find some way to end this without a fight.

"You mean like a slumber party?" she looked excited.

"I guess so." I said. I had never really had a slumber party before, but there's a first time for everything, right?

"Oh my gosh! It's gonna be so fun!" she said. I guessed she had probably had a vision about it.

"I'm sure it will be." I said to Alice.

"Hey Rose!" she yelled to Rosalie. "It's your turn!"

Rosalie just disappeared into the house and then reappeared. She placed her CD into the stereo without a word and grabbed Emmett's hand. An old song, classical, came on. It was soft, melodic, and graceful. How a song could be graceful, I had no idea, but it was. Edward grabbed my hand.

"You're dancing this time." He said.

"Hey! I danced for the first song even though I didn't want to, but you didn't dance for Alice's song."

"I was too busy saving my ears from the misery."

"That was mean." I said.

"You're still dancing." He said. I gave in. Dancing with him was just too good to give up. He grinned, guessing what I was thinking from the look on my face.

"Fine, but I am not dancing next time Emmett picks a song. Anywhere. Ever." He chuckled.

"I think he was just trying to be funny."

"He's always trying to be funny. That's why I'm never dancing when he picks the song. He might pick something like, " I cringed, "Barbie." I didn't think that needed any more explanation. "Barbie Girl" was quite possibly the most horrific song I had ever heard.

Edward cringed too.

"I guess you have a point."

"So I win?" I grinned. I never won.

"I guess so."

"Yay!" I said.

When Rosalie's song was over, it was Jasper's turn. He picked a song similar to Rosalie's but more—emotional. Well, he was the one who manipulated emotions.

I danced with Edward only because I didn't feel like arguing anymore.

"So, no resistance this time?" he asked. I sighed.

"No." I said, trying to make it simple. I was a little tired.

"I won't argue with that." He said, and I could feel him smiling through my hair.

The next few songs were a blur of semi-silence and dancing. Esme picked a CD Edward had made her of her favorite song. Edward picked "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt. It was slightly cheesy, but I didn't mind. Then it was my turn.

"Come on Bella! You have to pick a song!" Alice was bouncing around me again.

"I didn't bring any CDs." I said.

"So go look through Edward's collection. He's got thousands."


"Go ahead, Bella. You should pick something." I couldn't argue with Edward, so I walked up to his room and looked through his huge collection of CDs. I found the perfect one and waked back downstairs.

"Put this in there." I told Edward. I didn't want to screw up his precious stereo. He chuckled and put in the CD. As the first track started, everyone looked at me curiously. Claire de Lune was the song Edward had been listening to the day he skipped Biology because we were blood typing. Unknowing, I had passed out and had to be taken to the nurse.

The song reminded me of how fragile our relationship had been then. How…fluctuating.

Edward and I danced, never taking our eyes off each other. We reluctantly pulled apart when the song ended.

"It's almost midnight! Carlisle, it's your turn."

He walked into the house at a human pace, something that surprised me. The Cullens never walked when they could run. He came back outside minutes later, carrying an old guitar. Oh God, what has happened to the world. Guitar-playing vampires? Carlisle sat down on the grass and tuned the instrument, strumming a few chords before beginning. I recognized the song, but I couldn't put my finger on the name. That was, until…

Bye, bye Miss American Pie…

What has happened to the world?

The next morning, I vaguely remembered something involving lots of candy and an extremely long song.

"Edward?" I asked.

"Right here." He said, stroking my hair.

"What happened?" I felt like what I imagined a hangover felt like. Edward chuckled.

"You spent Halloween with the Cullens."

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