-A Clan's Pride -

Summary: "Naruto! I'm serious! This is dangerous, it could and most likely will kill you!" When you love someone, you often forget yourself and remember them.

Warnings: Yaoi; Mpreg; Angst; Language; Sexual Situations;

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Pairing: SasuNaru, one-sided ItaNaru other minor Yaoi, Het pairings

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I. Gifts and Glares

Naruto hummed to himself as he bounced around the kitchen, miso soup cooking in one pan, rice in another. It was a typical morning and a typical breakfast in the Uchiha compound. Outside the sky was azure blue, cloudless and clear as the sun beat down on Konoha. The familiar scene always made the blonde man smile, but as he surveyed the emptiness of the compound, the lack of noise other than that which he created, the smile became a bit smaller. Not sad as such, but wistful, and a little longing. It would have been nice to fill the empty space of the compound, to hear shouts and laughter echo through the vacant streets.

But Naruto was happy, happier than he had ever been. He had a top class job and brilliant friends, and more important that that, he had Sasuke. The insufferable, annoying, arrogant Uchiha, that he adored more than anything else in the world, including ramen. He had known for far longer than he would admit that if he had Sasuke, he didn't want, or need, anything else. And it had taken Naruto more than a while, stubborn and defensive as he was, to accept that the dark haired man felt the same way. Yet sometimes he couldn't help but wonder, though he knew Sasuke loved him, if the man wanted something more, something Naruto couldn't give him.

"Such a good little housewife," a voice mocked from the doorway. Naruto turned to glare at the smirking Sasuke, cheeks tinted red. He resisted the urge to melt into a puddle of loving goo as the smirk morphed into a familiar, breathtaking smile, and instead stirred the soup.

"Stupid Sasuke-teme," He mumbled under his breath, before raising his voice. "Just 'cause you can't even cook ramen."

Whilst it was a bit of an exaggeration, any idiot could cook ramen, Sasuke couldn't deny that his culinary skills were sincerely lacking, something which Naruto never failed to point out ('ha! Not perfect at everything then teme?'). Unable to deny the taunt, Sasuke merely 'hn'ed, moving to wrap his arms around Naruto's waist and placing a kiss on the tan neck.

"Half an hour 'till breakfast?" Sasuke murmured into the ear of the blonde jinchuuriki. It was a pointless question really, since the answer was always the same, but every morning Sasuke would ask it at 7:30, and every morning Naruto would answer with a nod and a kiss and a sad smile.

Capturing tempting lips in a slow, languid kiss, Sasuke ran a hand through soft, golden hair, before walking out of the door.

The Uchiha clan had been the largest clan in Konoha, rivaled only by the Hyuuga clan in power, number and importance. Now, all that was left of the once proud clan was memories, the compound and two blood brothers bonded by hate and sin.

It was a bitter truth that Sasuke faced whenever he visited the section in the cemetery reserved for the Uchiha clan. As he walked through the field of tombs, his right hand holding a bouquet of red roses while the other held a variety of flowers, his eyes reading the names of his ancestors until he reached the most resent part of the cemetery, the names no longer memorized but familiar. He came to a stop at two small familiar tombs.

He kneeled in front of the two graves, placed the red roses down besides him before carefully laying the bouquet between the two tombs. "If I remember correctly okaasan, these were your favorite…"

There was an awkward silence and Sasuke looked around, his hands unusually fidgety. "I- I won't be coming here anymore. Not like usual anyways. Even though Naruto doesn't say it, I know he feels guilty. I don't want him thinking about it…"

A sigh passed his lips, "I'm sorry…I know I've asked for your forgiveness many times but… I'm sorry I'm selfish. I'm sorry I'd rather stay here in this village with Naruto then search for Itachi." It was true, Sasuke mused ironically; he would rather stay there, in Konoha village then go in search of his brother. That didn't mean he would hesitate, however, to kill Itachi if he were to ever appear in Konoha again or anywhere near him. "I know it is my duty to restore my clan, otousan but I will not be with anyone else but Naruto. Have I disappointed you…?" the wind blew harshly against his cheek and it felt as if he was slapped.

"I cannot, will not leave Naruto. Screw the Uchiha clan, screw Itachi! I left him once, I'm not about to do it again…I no longer care about pleasing you…" he grabbed the roses, stood and bowed deeply to the two tombs. "I'm sorry to be such a disappointment."

Naruto served the food with practiced ease, his almost nimble fingers putting the plates, bowls and utensils on the table with enough noise to echo within the large mansion.

"Must you make such a racket?" he turned around with a small huff and a glare, "Shut up teme. I should let you starve."

"Is that anyway to treat the man that brings you roses?" Sasuke asked with a smug smirk as he pulled the hand from behind his back, to show Naruto a bouquet of red blooming roses.

Naruto stared at the bouquet with surprised eyes, his mouth opening slightly before he reached towards them, his hands grasping the roses from his lover's grip. He nuzzled his face gently against the roses, his sensitive nose picking up the fragrance. He looked up at Sasuke and grinned, "You can be so sweet sometimes, Sasuke-teme." He walked out of the dinning room in search for a vase, leaving Sasuke to finish setting the table.

Thin arms wrapped around his waist just as he finished placing the last bowl on the table. "Thanks," was mumbled against his shoulder. Naruto stood on his tiptoes ("I shouldn't have to reach up to kiss you! You should bend down to kiss me, teme!"), and placed a chaste kiss on his neck.

Sasuke turned him around and smirked, "Care to try that again?" Naruto rolled his eyes, but complied. He titled his head slightly, stood on his tiptoes and brushed his lips against Sasuke's. A pale hand brushed against a scarred cheek lovingly, before it traveled down to his neck and disappeared into sun-kissed hair. The other arm wrapped around Naruto's waist, pulling him closer. The kiss turned heated, their tongues battling for dominance, and their wanting bodies pressed together. Naruto pulled away, slightly reluctantly, "Breakfast," he mumbled and Sasuke grunted in annoyance but released the blonde and sat down for breakfast.

"When's your meeting with the Hokage?" Naruto asked, not really eating, not really hungry.

"In about two hours." Sasuke answered as he brought his chopstick to his open mouth.

"Oh…you'll be back when?"

"Four days. Don't you have a mission today as well?"

"Yeah but that's only for a day an' half, two at most. I'll be back before you, teme."


The silence that fell upon them was not awkward but not necessarily comfortable. There wasn't much to talk about in the mornings for nothing generally happens at 8:00am. The mansion was naturally quiet without Naruto's loud voice or Sasuke's taunts.

Sasuke stood up, his plate and bowl almost clean of all food. He'd never admit it but he loved Naruto's cooking, maybe more than he used to love his mother's.

"Going to get ready," he said towards Naruto as he stopped next to him, bent low and kissed him on the forehead.

"Don't let yourself die, teme," Naruto whispered affectionately and Sasuke smirked, "Same thing with you…"

It was a tradition, a private ritual between them since before Naruto started living with him. He was an ANBU, a captain in fact and thus, his missions usually lead him and his team somewhere out of Fire Country. Their missions varied in length and in degrees of difficulty but these details were irreverent when concerning their little custom.

Sasuke would always bring him something, anything (usually something that was something). He never failed. His first gift which had started the tradition had been a silver anklet. It had been thin with small carvings on the long links and curvy little hearts on every other link, the hearts almost small enough to be missed.

"You are aware that I'm not a girl, right Sasuke-teme? There's no way I'm wearing this!" Naruto's comment as he examined the jewelry with a critical eye hadn't stop Sasuke and by the end of the night, the thin jewelry was around Naruto's left ankle, his naked body snuggled against Sasuke's equally exposed body. He never took it off.

The second present had been a male kimono the cost more than what Sasuke had on him but he had used his name as credit and told the merchant where to find him. Naruto nearly had a heart attack when the merchant appeared at their door demanding the little fortune.

He had brought him weapons, books, scrolls, jewelry, pictures, hell he once brought back a rock he found on their way back.



"We should start heading back. We already retrieved the…" the man's voices trailed off until it was barely above a whisper, "the scroll. We should leave before anyone notices our presences."

Sasuke rolled his eyes, "Are you questioning my abilities, Kimo?" The man shifted behind him, his eyes fidgeting around him. Kimo gave his fellow teammates Kikyo and Hitori a look asking for support but received blank looks, You're on your own, they read.

"It's not that Captain. Just-" Kimo cleared his thought in hesitation. For the love of gods, he was almost twice this boy's age, he reasoned, he shouldn't be afraid of the boy, screw the fact that he was an Uchiha.

Summoning up his courage he spoke, "Wanting to buy Naruto-kun a present is no reason to put our mission in danger!"

Kimo heard Hitori and Kikyo gasp followed by the sound of shuffled steps as they created as much distance between them. His Captain stood rigid, his back facing him, no longer walking towards the merchant.

"Kimo-san…can you tell me how we entered this village?" he asked, his voice colder than Kimo had ever heard it, well at least directed towards him.

"Through the front entrance."

"Exactly. Do you know why?" Honestly, he didn't and it seemed as if Sasuke knew of his ignorance for he answered a second after he asked, "This village is known for its wall security. The Hokage made it clear we were not to be caught for then security would become even more impossible to breach, which is the reason why we came through the front entrance disguised as merchants. Although it has not been announced, by now they should have realized the scroll is missing," Sasuke drawled softly, his voice still cold and filled with disdain, "They have us checked in. It will be rather suspicious if we were to not check out."

"Then let's check out," Kimo said through gritted teeth.

Sasuke appeared only a foot away from Kimo, his Sharingan activated and spinning wildly. "Shut up," he hissed and Kikyo let out a sound similar to a yelp at the anger that radiated off of their captain.

"We are disguised as merchants you idiot. They are most likely checking the belongings of those who are checking out. If we leave with the image of having not bought anything, they will become suspicious. We need to buy something. So shut up before someone hears you speaking about our mission and stop thinking you know more than I because frankly you don't. Do as your ordered, you pathetic imbecile." He gave him one final glare before he began walking once more to the merchant, his somewhat good mood ruined.

Kikyo sighed behind Kimo, "I'd advise you never to question the Captain unless you are absolutely sure you're right, the exception being when you're talking about Naruto-san; never argue about Naruto-san with the Captain."

Hitori nodded in agreement, "The subject of Naruto-san is a big no-no. Trust us, we've been his subordinate since he became Captain and it's easier just to either agree with him or keep quiet. Never failed before."

Kimo frowned deeply, "He's nineteen! He's almost half your age, Kikyo, I'm more than twice his age!"

"Ssh! You want him to hear!" Kikyo hissed with a glare and a worried glance towards where their Captain stood, "Shut up you idiot. You keep up this attitude and he's going to punch your skull in."

"Look, we understand how you feel, I mean do you honestly think we were happy when we found out we were going to be taken orders from a teenager?" Hitomi whispered.

"But he's a good captain and an elite shinobi. You'll be glad soon enough that he is our captain."

"Kikyo!" Their gazes shifted towards where their Captain stood, his back still towards them, "Come here." Kikyo sauntered towards him, "Yes?"

"Is this the type of cloak that family wanted? I can't remember," Sasuke said indifferently as he pointed towards a few cloaks towards the left of the merchant.

Kikyo caught on quickly enough as she always did and answered, "Yes…they said they'd appreciate it more if we got them in black."

"Hm. You heard the woman, five of those cloaks in black if you have them."

"Yes, I believe I do in the back." The merchant disappeared behind the small market and Kikyo turned towards her Captain with a raised eyebrow, "Care to explain, Uchiha-san?"

"We'll wrap the scroll with one of the cloaks before we head towards the front entrance and keep it in your sack underneath whatever you have inside there, and then put two cloaks above your belongings. The rest, you will hold visibly," he smirked, "I've come to realize that most people overlook you for some reason."

Kikyo grinned at her Captain, "Most likely because I'm a woman."

"No, it's because you tend to smile an idiotic grin, just like Naruto," the last part was merely a mumble but Kikyo heard it and her heart clenched almost painfully at the comparison.

"Should I take that as a compliment?" she asked cheekily. Sasuke gave her a look with a raised eyebrow before continuing his search for whatever he was still searching for in the small market completely missing (or maybe ignoring) the blush that spread upon her fine cheeks.

The merchant returned with the cloaks in hand and Sasuke pointed to a necklace that had caught his eyes only a moment ago. "What? That old thing?"

"Yes, how much?" he asked as he handed the cloaks to Kikyo.

The merchant snorted, "You can take it. It's just some silly rubbish, has no value whatsoever."

"Silly rubbish?" Sasuke repeated slowly as the merchant handed him the pelt necklace with an obsidian pendent hanging by a thin clip.

"Some old woman gave it to me, something about it protecting love ones." The merchant snorted again as he began to count the money given to him by Sasuke, "Rubbish, I tell you."

"Indeed," Sasuke agreed but he knew Naruto and thus knew about his naïve belief in these kinds of rubbish.

He turned to face Kikyo, "Have everything set?" he asked with a certain look towards her sack and a raised eyebrow.

"Of course. What do I look like, an idiot? I know how to put some cloaks in my sack!" she huffed annoyed as she made her way to her other teammates.

The merchant grinned toothly, "Girl trouble huh?"

Sasuke, not for the first time, was mildly impressed with Kikyo's acting and her uncanny ability of knowing what his causal messages meant.

He could hear the soft creak of the ancient compound, the sound of the wind hitting the house, the whisper of ghost. He shivered as a sudden coldness entered him.

His pace quickened, wanting to get away from the cold. His hands fidgeted nervously and his body shuddered as if the freezing air was wrapping its tentacles around him, seizing him, trapping him. He sprinted towards the door almost desperately now yet refused to run; he still had some pride. He reached out towards the knob, his hands trembling and just as quickly he was inside, the door shut quickly and harshly as if to slam the door in the cold's nonexistent face.

He would never tell anyone, especially Sasuke but when he was alone in the Uchiha compound, feelings of resentment and despair would engulf him to the point were breathing was no longer an option. He could practically feel eyes filled with hatred and umbrage drilling holes on the back of his head. Those eyes, there were times when they disappeared, usually when he was with Sasuke or when someone come to visit but since recently, the eyes had become almost unbearable.

He picked up the lamp lying innocently enough on the table near the door. He blew into the lamp and a flame ignited (a trick he learned from Sasuke) and he walked towards the left corner where a desk rested against a wall. If anything, the Uchiha had too many libraries. The main complex had two libraries, one of them on the second floor while the other not so much a library but a study that was located near the kitchen.

The library on the second floor was of enormous size, shelves against the walls were filled with ancient and modern scrolls and tomes reaching from the ground to the ceiling. The library had only two tables, one on the left and another almost near the center. He reached the desk at the left corner, reached into his pocket for the small key and unlocked the drawer of the desk. He took out a scroll, his movement careful and slightly hesitant.

With a look over his shoulder ('paranoia is Sasuke-teme's thing not mine!'), he sat down and opened the first scroll.

He had found the scroll in Tsunade-baa-chan's office and had nicked it during her absence, and seeing as he had yet to be thrown through a wall, he guessed she had not noticed its absence. Why would she anyways, he mused, it was at the back of that shelf. He wouldn't have noticed himself if it wasn't for the fact that he had originally been looking for something and had noticed the sealed scroll and, letting his natural curiosity get the better of him (as he usually did), he took it, promising to return it. That was three month ago.

It had taken three month for him to finish the scroll. Not that it was long (ok, it was long but not that long) nor was it really difficult. He just simply didn't have a lot of time. Sasuke was too observant for his own good and the last thing Naruto needed was him finding out about the scroll.

He bit his lip hard enough to draw blood but he paid no mind to the pain, his mind going over all the possibilities. He wanted to do this, gods did he want to…but…

He shook his head as if to force the thoughts out of his mind. He stood abruptly, the chair tipping over by the sudden movement. His gaze wondered around the library as if in a daze but then they landed on the Uchiha symbol engraved on a wall free of shelves and his breath hitched. "You hate me I bet…" he mumbled, his eyes staring at the symbol as if it was a terrifying sight, "You hate me for killing your clan. I know it, because of me Sasuke-" he stopped his rant, his eyes watering and in a desperate move, he wiped his eyes angrily, his lips twisting into a frown, "No, no. Do you hear me you damn bastard, no. I'm not going to be the murderer of this clan, do you fucking hear me!" He spun around so fast he heard his back crack but he ignored it as he grabbed the scroll carelessly and sprinted out of the library, his mind set up and final.

Tsunade knew the moment she woke up that today was not going to be a good day, not necessarily a bad day but certainly a little below average. The moment Naruto barged into her office, the guards trailing after him, she knew her day was just about to reach the level of "bad day".

"Baa-chan! Tell them to lay off will ya?" Naruto whined as one of the guards grabbed him by the arm while the other grabbed his shoulder.

"We're sorry, Hokage-sama, we'll escort him-"

"Baa-chan! I really need to talk to you! Come on!" Naruto wrestled out of their grip and walked towards Tsunade whose expression started to twist with anger.

"Shut up you little brat!"

"Tsunade-baa-chan…" Naruto whined, "I really do need to talk to you, seriously!"

The Hokage sighed and with a roll of her eyes waved dismissively towards the guards. They nodded and left without a glance towards the blonde.

"What is it Naruto. I'm busy and not in the best of moods," she said as she looked down at the papers in front of her, her brows wrinkling in concentration, but something hit her desk and she blinked in surprise at the scroll.

She looked up at Naruto with a blank look. Naruto grinned almost sheepishly, "I kinda took that about three months ago…"


Naruto cleared his throat nervously, Tsunade's gaze unnerving, "Tsunade-sama…I- we need to talk."

Tsunade's gaze did not change nor shift, "I believe we do Naruto."

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