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Sing Me Back Home

As I lay here in my bed thinking, I can hear your voice

Singing to me like when I was a little boy

Your voice was like that of an Angel and as I close my eyes

I can hear you sing "Jesus Love The Little Children."

I start to hum the tune right along with you like I used to do

Mommy, it hurts to breathe please sing to make the pain go away

As I listen to your voice I open my eyes and there you stand

Holding out your beautiful hands to me to join you

As I touch your hands the pain goes away and I'm free from the disease that held me here

We float up towards heaven and I see all my family there smiling at us

Soon sis will be joining us because she is fading fast

When it is her time can we go together to bring her home

Home to the loving arms of God.

We laid to rest the bodies of Joseph and Serenity Wheeler the loving children of Hank and Mary Wheeler. They are now in the arms of our loving Lord. Both Joey and Serenity had Cystic Fibrosis inherited from their parents whom also died from the terrible disease.