Aight, I'm gonna try my hand at one of these Halo/Metroid crossovers. It's obvious that master chief and Samus have many similarities, and are both the big gunners for their respective universes. I'm figuring that this actually takes place between halo 1 and 2, since we have no idea what's happening between 2 and 3, and the master chief was still frozen before halo 1. I know, it's not quite cannon with First strike as I was recently informed. Bear with me'll be explained in the end. In terms of the Metroid timeline….I'm figuring after prime 2.

Oh, and I don't own the characters created by Nintendo and Bungie respectively.

The soldier stood at the edge of the observation deck of the warship, looking out at the vastness of space. In reality, he was lucky to be standing there. While destroying the massive warship on the ring world had been his only choice, he would have preferred to have just a little more room for error. True, it had worked. But if he'd been there just a few seconds longer….he shook his head. Best not to think about that. The point was, it was over. Well, mostly. He'd drifted in space for several weeks before finally being found by a UNSC scout ship. If it had been from the covenant, who knows what would have happened. Granted if they boarded the ship instead of just vaporizing the small fighter he was stranded in, he probably could have done something.


The initial rush of Grunts would be easy to take down, he'd take a plasma pistol from one of them to cut down the shielded elites, and once he'd obtained one of the superior weapons they carried then he'd fight his way to the….

"You're doing it again"

The voice in his head stopped his mental scenario. Behind the opaque visor of his helmet he smirked slightly. "Never hurts to be prepared, Cortana"

"Master Chief, it's over. For now anyways. Why don't you rest? Ever since we were picked up you've been so restless."

"I had plenty of time to in the two weeks we were drifting." He flexed a gauntleted fist. "The covenant is still out there. I should still be fighting instead of standing around here"

The entity known as Cortana would have been shaking her head if she'd had a form right then. Every now and then she almost forgot he was an organic being. Sometimes he acted just like the rest of them, but at other times, he acted just like one of her kind. Always driven towards a purpose, never going past what they were designed for.

"Well. You'll get your chance. The ship is going to start its return pattern in a week. After that it'll take another week to reach Earth. With the war still in full swing, I'm sure they'll find a use for your skills.

A large cruiser sped through space, firing weapons wildly into its rear arc. Behind it, a small yellow ship dodged the hailstorm of energy bolts.

At the controls a large figure wearing power armor sat, deftly maneuvering the ship. Among other things, her armor allowed her to directly interface with the ship, allowing her to move it as if it was part of her own body, and react much faster than any other pilot. Her visor displayed a stream of tactical information and gun trajectories, allowing her to dodge each shot before it was even fired.

Samus gritted her teeth. While her Hunter-class gunship was more than adequate under normal circumstances, and ideal places where stealth was preferred, at times like this she wished she had a bigger ship. Under these circumstances, the two opposing forces were at a stalemate. If the larger ship ceased movement, she'd easily be able to dodge the fire from the stationary target and board it. Thus it kept moving, restricting her approach, and with the vastly superior firepower it possessed, it kept her at bay.

It seemed that just when she thought things were over, the space pirates always proved her wrong. Fate always seemed to provide them with a means to disrupt the peace of the galaxy. First it was the Metroids. She thought she put an end to that one when Zebes was destroyed.

Then it was Tallon IV, where somehow the space pirates managed to get a few living metroids off of Zebes and breed them. This of course was complicated by the discovery of phazon. Again, she went in, and after the destruction of metroid prime and the impact crater, she thought it was over.

But then there was Aether. The world was split in two by more phazon, and was now the source of her problems. Even though she seemed to have succeeded in the destruction of the Ing and her dark clone, things still weren't as they should be. Apparently the pirates had managed to salvage some of the portal equipment used to travel between the light and dark side of Aether. Granted, while dark Aether no longer exists, she was pretty sure they'd find some way to abuse the technology for the worse of society.

This of course, was the reason she was speeding after the cruiser. Her ship's advanced sensors had picked up unusual readings from its cargo hold, similar to the ones she'd taken in the portal rooms on Aether. And from what she could tell, this was also the reason it hadn't tried to jump to hyperspace. Readings suggested the portal was interfering with the fabric of space, meaning a jump to faster-than-light speed would be risky at best. In fact it was probably a good thing they hadn't tried…

She frowned, and then cursed. It was if they had read her mind. Scanners showed massive power diverting to the ships hyperdrive. Her eyes widened as she realized that she was way too close. A massive distortion field appeared around the ship. And then something went wrong. The field expanded, collapsed, and then sent out a massive shockwave. It seemed as if a tear had appeared in space, from which blindingly bright light poured out. Samus barely had any time to react as a sudden force slammed into her ship, dragging her along with the pirate vessel into the rift.

Red lights flashed on the bridge as the suspicions of the crewman at the sensors were confirmed. A covenant ship had been detected nearby. The bridge doors slid open and the Spartan walked in. He towered over almost all present by a good head and shoulders. The green power armor he wore only added to the effect. He walked up to the con where the captain stood, reading all the sensors. He stopped and saluted "Reporting for duty sir."

The captain turned to the super-soldier at his side. "Master chief…looks like we might need your help here.

"What's the situation" he replied, his voice as calm and business like as ever.

"We've spotted a covenant warship on sensors. Only one. It's about the same size and class as us, but knowing the superior design of covenant warships, we might have a problem. The only question is whether or not they know we're here."

"Hey" the voice in his head said. "Let me have a look…it's getting kind of cramped in here anyways"

The Master chief reached up to a port on the back of his helmet and ejected a small cartridge. He placed it into the appropriate slot in the console next to him. A small purple hologram of a young woman appeared above the console.

"Much better." She said, looking around.

The captain glanced at the console. "I've heard of those A.I's, but I've never seen one before. Interesting."

Cortana rolled her eyes and said "Yeah, nice to meet you too. Any ways. Yes, they know we're here. I've seen covenant ships detect a fighter at twice this distance."

The captain nodded. "Allright. So what do we do?"

Cortana shrugged. "They're faster than we are. If we jump, they'll follow and be waiting for us right as we re-enter. We're going to enter into conflict with them no matter what we do. We might as well do it on our terms."

"Allright" The captain turned to a crewman at his side. "Sound battle stations. We're going to see if we can damage them as much as possible on the first volley to lessen their retaliation. Focus on their gun batteries, we want to weaken them as much as possible. Cortana" he turned to the Hologram. "Figgure out the best approach angle for a ship of that class. Do anything else you think…"

Suddenly another alarm went off. The captain looked up from Cortana. "What now?"

"Captain!" it was the crewman at sensors. "You might want to look at this"

The captain walked over and peered at the sensors readings. "Sir" the crewman stuttered "there's some kind of…rift forming near the covenant ship"

"I could have told him that…" muttered Cortana.

"Is it some kind of new covenant weapon or tactic?" the captain asked.

"Not that I can tell" Cortana spoke up again. "I didn't get any kind of readings from the covenant ship. As a matter of fact…" she frowned. "Captain. Something just came out of the rift. Something big."

"Can you tell what it is, Cortana?" he asked.

"It seems to be some kind of ship. Design unknown. And….it's opened fire."

"The covenant ship? Or the unknown?" the captain was still looking at the sensors

"Both now. I don't recognize the energy signatures of the weapons being used by the unknown." She raised her eyebrows. "Odd."

"What" both the captain and the Master chief asked.

"It seems to have severely damaged the covenant ship…but it's leaving. It also doesn't seem to have noticed us. It's traveling in the opposite direction, but it's not jumping." She looked up at the two. "What do you think?"

The captain thought for a moment, and then said "How badly damaged is the covenant ship. Can they retaliate?"

Cortana shook her head. "No. The unknown ship essentially did exactly what we would have done. By now it's flown out of our sensor range, I can't tell if it sustained damage itself."

The captain nodded, and then turned to the chief. "I think we should investigate. Even if there's nothing unusual, we should raid the ship for supplies. We might even be able to find something for the boys at the R&D department to play with. And regardless of what happens, I think that one less ship for the covenant is a good thing. Based on your report about your actions on halo, I think that destroying a single covenant ship isn't beyond your skills."

The master chief nodded. "One thing though."

"Yes?" the captain asked.

"I need a weapon."