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"Shit," Daniel gasped, blue eyes widening in a mix of shock and faint annoyance, stumbling back from the glaive┬║-wielding Jaffa.

It distantly flickered into his mind to wonder what a Jaffa was doing with a glaive instead of a staff weapon anyway, but pain and blood-loss from his quickly failing body overwhelmed deliberation.

A blast of orange thunder-Teal'c's blast-lance-and the enemy Jaffa was thrown back, a smoking hole in his chest.

"Daniel Jackson!"

The former First Prime of Apophis caught the staggering linguist and eased him to the ground, his shout alerting the others to their predicament.

"Daniel!" It was hard to tell who had called first, but Jack was quicker on his feet and made it to them fastest.

"Oh, god, Danny..." blank horror crossed the Colonel's face and Carter stopped dead at the sight.

Daniel's heaving chest was ripped open, a deep gouge all the way through his right lung, blood spurting from a torn artery and making it difficult to see exactly how bad.

Daniel coughed, wet and harsh, closing his eyes as he felt his heartbeat falter.

"Sorry," he managed faintly through the all-too-familiar haze settling across his vision.

And Daniel died.


Glaive┬║-a weapon somewhat similar to a spear, but with a bladed end, like a (single-edge) sword instead of a spearhead.


I'm leaving this chapter more-or-less untouched. Not much I can do to it without changing the entire direction of the story, which is something I have no intention of doing. Tweaking, not rewriting.