11 : 1

By: One Lazy Author

Disclaimer: I don't own Gakuen Alice, although I'd love to own Hotaru, so she could invent whatever I want. Muwahahahahaha

Summary: Mikan is room mating with 11 male students, due to unfortunate circumstances, in one big four-storey high house. How will she survive? Scpecially when some of the guys are so damn hot!

A/N: I know! You're thinking, what on earth is on with the title? I don't know! I just felt naming it with like this, weird huh? 11 (boys) : 1 (girl). Sorry guys but I am still on writer block and this story is to distract you a little (that's if it worked!) Hmm, enjoy the story.

Mikan stood in front of the four-storey house. That's the place where she'll live starting from today. She gulped slightly and couldn't move a muscle. Sure the house is one hell of a big house…let's say, maybe a mansion look-alike.

Let's put the house on the side, what bugged Mikan is that she's going to be living with eleven guys in one house. ELEVEN! All boys!

"Miss Sakura, is it?" asked a teacher named Misaki, while reading the application of a young brunette.

"Yes," said a small voice, which belonged to Mikan.

"So you're a transfer from Baker Alice academy?"

"Yes," said Mikan again, looking at her shoes.

Misaki looked at her, "So, what's your Alice?"


"Hmm….that's good. However, we're really sorry, but the academy is fully occupied at the moment, especially the girls' branch. I am really sorry, but there's nothing I could do."

Misaki looked at Mikan with sad expression.

Mikan's stomach lurched. She really wanted to stay in this academy, or anyone. All she wanted was to settle down. For the last three months she's been looking for an Alice academy to accept her; they're either full or she didn't meet their criteria.

Mikan was on the verge of crying when suddenly a blond man appeared out of nowhere beside Misaki-sensei wearing a warm smile on his face. Mikan didn't know why, but she felt comfortable with this man, though he's a stranger

"Narumi-sensei, what brought you here?" asked Misaki.

"I came to-" he paused when he noticed Mikan standing there, her eyes glittering. "New student?" he asked Misaki.

"Not exactly, there's no spare rooms in the girls' branch."

"Hm." Narumi thought for a second and took one good look at Mikan, which smiled at him genuinely. Narumi smiled and whispered in Misaki's ear. Misaki's eyes widened and looked at Narumi as if he was crazy, and then he pulled Narumi in to one side.

Mikan watched as the two grown ups whispered to each other. Her hope of being accepted in this school was zilch. Finally they finished murmuring; Narumi had a satisfied grin on his face while Misaki had the opposite.

"Right then, Mikan, is it?" asked Narumi.


"Welcome to the Alice academy."

"Really?!" exclaimed Mikan.

Narumi laughed, "Yes, starting from today you're a student in this academy."

From Narumi's information, the students stayed in a four-storey house, each house is occupied by twelve students. They have a room each, with a built bathroom inside. They share living room, kitchen, dining rooms and other stuff. Narumi advised Mikan to explore the house by herself.

Narumi nearly failed to inform her that because the girl's campus is full, luckily a group of boys' campus had a free room, so she's going to roommate with eleven boys. Mikan was utterly shocked and she forgot to ask who are the boys or how are they like.

And here she was, standing in front of the house alone; her packages and belongings were already delivered to her room. Narumi left her to face her male roommates alone, not having the slight idea how their reaction is going to be or their manners. Maybe they're nice, thought Mikan hopefully, you'll never know.

Mikan walked slowly towards the house. It was very huge and was surrounded by numerous of different gardens decorated with beautiful colourful flowers door and noticed a sign on it. It said, "Beware of the 'Onze Gatos Pretos' you better not cross the line."

Mikan blinked twice, weird, she thought.

She took a deep breath, pushed open the door and went in.

A flying plate crushed on the wall right an inch next to her face.

Mikan froze. Plates crushed and smashed everywhere and around her, male voices rang through the house; shouting and roaring. Mikan watched as a couple of boys chased each other throwing plates and food at each other. Some where slugging off on the couch and some were munching on what's left of the food.

Suddenly everything went dead silence.

Ten pairs of eyes were attached on the brunette.

Finally, the boys noticed the petite figure glued on the door with an astonished expression on her face.

After what seemed like hours, Mikan finally spoke. "Um…hi." No one spoke, so she continued, "My name is Sakura Mikan and I'm your new roommate, nice to meet you…all." Mikan looked around her. They just stared at her as she had two heads.

Mikan's stomach lurched and thought, this is going to be bad…real bad.


Very very very short chapter (Cringes) Sorry! This chapter was only the prologue and an introduction to the story. Some of the boys are OC, but the majority are from the characters in the Anime/Manga.

I hope you enjoyed it.

Bless you all.