My Little Demon

Summary: Sakura is Kisame's beloved daughter with enough bloodlust to make Itachi think twice about picking a fight with her. When she is introduced to the infamous group, Akatsuki, their first qustion is, "Is she spoken for and if so, when can I kill him?" What will her over protective father think of that?
Pairing: Akatsuki(minus Kisame of course)/Sakura/ maybe Sasuke/Sakura/Naruto Too, not sure yet
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.
"Normal voice"


'inner voice thoughts'

Chapter 1- Freedom

He had stayed in the Hidden Village of Mist for as short a time as necessary. It had been difficult to play the roll of an honest, law abiding ninja for the last five years, but it was well worth. As a prize to all his hard work he had received the ultimate prize, for in his eyes there was nothing so beautiful. Other people, normal people as you would call them, would have found his prize terrifying, awful, down right inhuman, but to him, the four year old girl in his arms was the most beautiful thing in the world. She did not hold his terrifying looks, but had more than enough of his bloodlust and even showed enormous amount of violence at her young age. He had spent a long time searching for the perfect sword for his unborn child, but in the end, it was a dream come true. His little pink haired demon had bonded perfectly with the dragon sword demon of flaming water.

Sakura, his four year old daughter, was still unable to lift the massive sword properly, but that was to be expected for even he, Kisame Hoshigaki, was not able to wield his sword, Samehada, until he was of the age of twelve years.

An animal like snarl met his ears as he slammed to a stop next to a potential campsite. The girl in his arms snapped her green eyes open to glare at him in annoyance, but the glare quickly shifted to a look of happiness.

"Daddy!" She shouted as she threw her arms around his neck.

"Sakura!" Kisame playfully mimicked. The pink haired girl pulled back from her hug and gave him a grin that could have sent any brave man scurrying for his mommy. It gave Kisame a burst of pride, which he showed by giving her a feral grin of his own. She didn't show any fear in the slightest and just turned her head to take in her surroundings.

Kisame watched in mild amusement as his daughters' brow furrowed in confusion. Turning to him she questioned, "Daddy? Where is we?"

Kisame shrugged, but then answered, "Home… for now."

Sakura nodded and jumped down from his arms with more grace and balance than any four year old should have.

"Good." She replied and sprang easily to the next tree limb, the large hilt of her sword that was slung on her back not hindering her in the slightest. Kisame watched in hidden amazement as she sprinted with perfect control down the tree she was on and landed without a sound at its base. Grabbing the bladeless hilt from the sling on her back, she weighed it in her small, calloused hands for a second, before allowing her chakra to wrap around the worn handle. It instantly began to glow with power and a flaming blade shot from one side. An eager grin grew on Kisame's face as Sakura easily swung it over her head, taking out a tree or two in the process. The grin, however, disappeared in slight disappointment when the second blade appeared. Sakura was still having troubling wielding it when the other blade appeared. It, apparently, became much heavier and rather unstable.

After several minutes of struggling to gain control of her weapon, Sakura was forced to cut off her chakra flow and the blades disappeared in a mist of chakra. Putting the hilt back in its sling, she glanced up at her father and shrugged. Then, as though nothing had happened, she flipped over and began to walk, rather clumsily, on her hands.

Kisame snorted at her childish actions, but then remembered she was a child. Shaking his head in sleepiness, he jumped down from the tree and made his way toward the small clearing he was planning on making camp in. He roughly tipped Sakura over from her unstable position in an affectionate way as he walked by. He grinned down at her as she glared at him in annoyance, but she quickly lost interest in their stand off and attempted to walk on her hands again while her father made camp.

Kisame quickly pitched their tent and then sent Sakura to collect fire wood. When she returned, he struggled to show her how to make a fire the civilian way. She, like him, was a never ending well of chakra and had yet to come to a situation where she was running even close to low on it. This was good in battle, but bad because she wanted to use it to make a fire. Kisame was just now learning that teaching a four year old something other than molding charka and fighting positions was not his thing. As it became dark and Sakura finally managed to grasp his reasoning to making fire by hitting to rocks together, she had a fire going with in two minutes. However, she still thought it was stupid.

Kisame quickly cooked the fish he had caught earlier that day and gave one to Sakura, who devoured it in about five minutes. Impressive, considering that the fish was about one fifth her weight. Yawning, Sakura tossed the fish bones into the fire and made her way to the tent. Through the yawn she managed to mutter, "Night, Daddy…" She knew that she would be asleep by the time he entered the tent to sleep so she had learned to say her good nights before she entered the tent.

Kisame just grunted in reply, now on his third fish. He paused for a second when she entered the tent, but then sighed and tossed the meatless bones of his fish into the fires flames. A small irritating voice entered his mind as he stood to go on sentry duty.

'You're going to have to find some one to teach her to read and write you know….'

'I'll do it.'

'Pfh! Not likely! I've seen you writing! You can't even read it! Take my advice and make someone else do it if you don't want to scar her for life.'

'She's my daughter! My only living kin! I'm not going to set her teaching in the hands of someone else!!'

'But you will drag her out onto a battle field and pit her against another person wanting to kill her!'

'Of course! It's our way! The ninja way! It's how we make a living. Plus, you've seen her! She won't be truly happy until she is out fighting. I know how it feels to have a tight bit in you mouth, made to stand back while another talks his mouth off. I won't have that for her! She'll be free to do as she likes, kill as she likes, fight as she likes, and live as she likes with absolutely no boundaries.'

'She shows signs of looking like her mother! She's only four and she already shows signs of beauty. What are you going to do with the boys?!'

'Simple. I'll kill them.'

'Right genius and she won't notice that all the males in her general vicinity are getting killed off like flies. Who will she marry?'

'I'll find her a husband.'

'You're hopeless! Females don't work that way! She won't accept your choose. She'll want to pick him herself!'

'How the hell did we get on the subject of husbands?! She's four for lords' sake!'

'Sigh…. I guess you're right, but don't get cocky. I'll be back…bastard.'

Kisame sighed in relief when the voice in his head vanished. After a while he grudgingly admitted that he probably would have to find someone to teach her reading and writing, but only when she reached the age of seven. That should be old enough for her to pick it up pretty quick.

As for a job, he had been considering entering a terrorist group known as Akatsuki. He would have to leave Sakura alone for awhile, but they had said that he could work solo for the time being, or until they got a new member, so Sakura could accompany him on his missions.

Finally happy that the area was clear of any threats, Kisame entered the tent and settled for sleep.

Four years later…..

Kisame could feel her hard green eyes boring a hole into his back. He had been ignoring the feeling for ten minutes now, despising himself for putting this off for so long. When he couldn't stand the silence any longer he said firmly, "You're going. I'm not changing my mind."

Sakura's glare intensified and an angry growl fought its way up her throat and through her lips. Kisame finally turned to look at her with raised eyebrows and asked, "Are you going to disrespect your own father? Sakura, I put it off as long as I could. Akatsuki got another member so I can't bring you on my missions any more. Besides," Kisame continued, "I intend to get you some teaching while you're there."

Sakura huffed and turned her back to him, sulking. When her father just went back to cleaning his sword, she decided to try a different approach. "But daddy!! Why can't you teach me?! It'll just be boring there. I'll have nothing to do!!"

Kisame kept cleaning his sword for a while before replying.

"You'll have plenty to do. I'll try and see you at least once a year and when you're old enough, you can come back to live with me, but for the time, you'll learn to read and write and tune up on your spying and people skills."

"So I'm going to be stuck in the same village for the next who know how many years! This suxs!!" Sakura shouted and dropped down to her knees, no liking the situation one bit.

She perked up a little when her father gave a snort of laughter. Turning to him she threw him a questioning look. He caught it and just shrugged. Just as she was starting to think he was mocking her, said something that changed her mind.

"Same village? As if! I want you to learn to read, not wipe out an entire village."

Waving his hand in annoyance, he gestured for her to leave. "Don't worry about it. You'll move around quite a bit. Now leave and let me have some peace and quiet."

Sakura reluctantly got up and disappeared in a gust of wind. Kisame paused for a second and tried to detect what direction she was heading, but got nothing. If he hadn't known better, he would have thought he was all alone. She was an expert in stealth and used it to advantage. She had hide from him on more than one occasion.

Kisame smirked slightly and shook his head. She would make a fine ninja one day, but in order to do that, she had to leave her comfort zone for awhile. It would be sad, having her gone for so long a time, but it was for the best. She would learn more about the world than she ever could with him watching over her every move.

Placing his sword to the side, Kisame grabbed his knapsack and sorted through it. Finally finding what he was looking for, he pulled it out and examined it more closely. The little voice in his head had been nagging at him for the last few days so in the end, he had finally complied.

It was a black cloth mask. Fingering the soft fabric, the said voice made it's big, fat ugly head appear.

'I heard that! I'M NOT UGLY OR FAT!!!!...bitch.'

'Moody today aren't we ?'

'Shut up. You're sad too.'

'I never said I wasn't. I just implied that I wasn't acting like a PMS'ing psychopath.'

'Just drop it. We have important things to talk about than my sanity and menstrual period.'

'Such as?'

'Are you crazy, or just plain stupid? Our daughter! That mask had better work at keeping other males at a distance or your entire life long "Control my daughters love life" plan is going straight down the drain and even you won't be able to fish it out, shark boy.'

'I'm fully aware of that. It's going to work.'

'I should hope so. You put enough jutsu hocus pocus on the stupid little thing. What will it do any way?'

'Make them all think she's a boy.'


'Are you deaf?'

'No. I just thought you said it would make people think she was a boy.'

'I did.'


'It'll only work when she's wearing it.'

'And what about her hair?'

'I'm going to make her cut it.'

'……but it's so cute.'

'That's the point. She will be much more inconspicuous with it gone. It will take a lot of attention off of her.'

'You're mean….and evil.'

'Don't forget damn proud of it too!'

The voice started shouting insults at him as it faded off into the distance.

Kisame grinned in triumph as the unexpected victory over his inner voice. It was rare to ever to get the best of it. Putting the mask in his pocket, he finished cleaning his sword before summoning Sakura again with a little green crystal chakra whistle he had a specialist make for her. It was tuned into her chakra signal and only she could hear it. It worked in a radius of about fifty miles. Pretty nifty little object that came in handy with his wide roaming daughter.

She appeared in front of him little more than five minutes later, slightly covered in debris with a her sword hilt smoking from having large amounts of sheer power shoved into it to produce a double blade. She was now a master at controlling her blade. It came almost second nature after long weeks of practice. He had watched from afar so he could avoid the large explosions that resulted of her lack of concentration or misjudgment of the amount of power she put into it. It was truly amazing to watch her show off her control over it, which happened only when she was feeling a little obnoxious and defiant.

Looking at her in open curiosity, he asked, "What were you doing for the last half hour?" He reached out and brushed some dirt and splintered wood off of her shoulder.

"Muffling the sound of explosions." She answered with a shrug. "Daddy….is it okay if I go by myself? It's not that far. Just a two day trip…"

Kisame looked at her in slight surprise, then pride. "Oh course. But first, we have to make a few appearance adjustments." He pulled out an evil looking pair of scissor and gave Sakura a grin. "Let's start with you hair."

He pounced at her and caught her off guard. Doing a body bind jutsu he quickly clipped her hair like he had been practicing to for the last few months. She just stood there glaring at him, knowing it was necessary but still not liking it. When he was done, he tucked the two foot long clippings of her hair into his pocket and pulled the mask out. Undoing the jutsu, he handed it to her along with a medium sized sack containing money and passports.

"See, quick and painless." Kisame commented with a grin in an attempt to be considerate. It didn't work though. Sakura just snorted in contempt at his bad acting skills and sorted through the sack, ignoring him. Kisame gently patted her on the head and started to explain his plan. "You'll go by Sakumo, this mask has all the illusion spells I know in it, wear it when ever you can, that means always accept for bathing, got it?"

Sakura grumbled an understanding and pulled the mask over her now short hair and into place on her face. The justu started working immediately and Kisame couldn't help but gaze at her in pride. Before him stood a perfect image of his little Sakura, only as a boy. Sharp, slanted green eyes, good posture, nice built, angular face, all boy looking, accept for the hair of course, but that could hardly be helped. He had attempted to dye it a different color once but it had simply turned back to its original color with in the hour. It was at times like that that he cursed her mother for her strange blood line and even odder hair features. His wife, Ruri Haruno, had been a very powerful person in the Hidden Village in the Mist and that was one of the reasons her had married her, but also for her excellent ninja skills and bloodline ability. Sakura had not shown signs of it yet but Kisame was certain it would come; it was only a matter of time. Kisame was not good with bloodline limits, since personally he didn't have one, but he had heard that it sometimes took many years for it to develop. According to his wife, or ex-wife since he had not seen her in around 8 years, she had not got her first activation until she was 13, which was considered early to normal in her clan.

Reaching out Kisame gently ruffled his daughters' hair and grinned at her look of curiosity, before sweeping her into a giant bear hug. As she snuggled into his embrace, Kisame stroked her back with the love that only a father or mother could possess.

"Until next time, my little demon."

"Bye Daddy. Love you."

Sakura hugged her father tightly, knowing very well it would be a long time before she saw him again. After a second, she released her hug on him and sprang away, snatching up her traveling pack and quickly heading to the west toward the nearest village.

She could feel his eyes watching her, and it was then that she decided. She would be strong, and then she could come back sooner and be with her dad. But first, she had to become strong, no, powerful so her Dad would never doubt her ability again. Nodding to herself, Sakura felt an odd excitement fill her veins, making her quiver with a need for something, something new, something good, but she couldn't put her finger on what it was. Speeding up she desperately began searching herself for a release that this new desperate desire. It was strange, unique, addicting.

Then, it was clear. What this new feeling was, what it meant. It was freedom, the need to protect herself, the need to fend for herself, the need to kill and dominate. It was running rampant through her veins; source less so it was impossible to stop the flood of power and bloodlust from filling her to the brim. Her dad was no longer here, keeping her from killing pointlessly and turning into the instinctive, savage animal she really was.

A feral look filled her sharp jade eyes as the thoughts of what she was now capable of filled her mind. Her steps were now filled with new vigor and her swinging, graceful gate looked and felt more fluent, more natural, more deadly. It was time, time to take a new step forward, away from her father, but still beside him.

"Hidden Village of the Leaf." She heard herself say, her voice now slightly deeper from the mask that made her appear and apparently sound like a boy. "Prepare yourself, because Sakumo Haruno will be entering your protective walls soon, and it will take all you have to keep them from folding in on themselves when I get there."

Sooooo…………..I finally got it done!! Yeah, pretty pathetic, I know, but I kinda got a writers block. Hope you like it, it can't be that bad…
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