My Little Demon

Summary: Sakura is Kisame's beloved daughter with enough bloodlust to make Itachi think twice about picking a fight with her. When she is introduced to the infamous group, Akatsuki, their first qustion is, "Is she spoken for and if so, when can I kill him?" What will her over protective father think of this???

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Chapter 4: First Day Happenings

The month remaining until the academy started went by slowly and without much incident. Kotetsu and Izuma spent as much time as they could with Sakura or Sakumo as they knew her as, training her and teaching her many things, but they also had jobs. Both were ranked chuunin, but special chuunin. They helped with the chuunin exams, gate duty, and ran many important and some not so important errands for the current Hokage. Sakura was sure to stay current with them, making them breakfast and an occasional dinner in they were home, she left them to fend for themselves for lunch, cleaning the house but leaving their rooms alone, telling them her plans, and informing them of her life in general. This was all to elude their suspicions that she might be up to something not so good, which she wasn't of course…..for the most part.

Naruto was a blast and for the life of her she could not figure out why everyone hated him so much. He may have been a tad hyper and a major loudmouth, but other than that, he wasn't half bad. Sakura spent all her free time with him, helping bale him out of his pranks gone wrong and training with him on his ninja skills. She was far more skilled than he, but that was to be expected. The blonde boy's chakra coils and chakra system in general were totally messed up, bad. Every time she thought about the time she had put a little chakra in her eyes to see why the hell he was having such a hard time molding chakra, she gripped the worn hilt of her beloved sword and thanked the heavens that her body had a perfectly built chakra system with plenty of chakra to spare. It honestly looked like a really difficult maze with serious road blocks. The coils were too small in one area and too wide in the next, some even lead to dead ends, and they all seemed to knot tightly together around his naval. Sakura was at a lose on how to fix it, seeing how she had never been taught much of anything remotely close to what would have to be done. Her daddy was always a large scale person, never really caring about fixing something as tedious as this. He was more of a destroy and leave destruction sort of person.

She saw very little of the other children in the village over that first month she was there. She had an idea that it had something to do with Naruto. She had questioned him on it the day before the academy started and had got a very blunt and extremely honest answer.


"Yeah!! I stay away from them and they stay away from me! You're too special to share with other people!!! You might start not liking me so much when you see how much the other kids hate me!!!! I'm keeping you to myself for as long as possible!!!!!" Naruto explained loudly, a very determined look on his face. Sakura could not hold back the grin that spread across her lips, even if he couldn't see through her mask.

"You're a keeper."

"A what? Is that a cuss word?"

End flashback:

Placing three plates on the table, Sakura felt her nose twitch and wrinkle slightly.

"Kotetsu, take a shower. You stink."

The said man coughed on his coffee and glared at her. Izuma just sniggered and replied, "He's right, man."

Kotetsu shot Izuma a glare as well. He grudgingly pulled the pulled the collar of his shirt out and took a whiff. Izuma fell off his chair laughing when Kotetsu gagged and covered his nose with his hands, his face taking on a greenish color.

"The bacon will take awhile, I think. You have time." Sakura suggested as she pulled some bread out to make some toast. She saw him nod and head down the hall. "Oh, and don't you dare put those cloths back on. They probably stink worse than you do!"

A snarl was heard as a response. Sakura just rolled her eyes. Izuma's sharp eyes caught the action and he smiled. Their young charge was getting a better sense of humor. The first week had almost killed him. He had never seen such a serious, unemotional kid. There was no drama or tears. Each day was taken in stride and nothing seemed to faze him. Plus, Sakumo had a very strict code that they, him and Kotetsu, had found very….amusing really, but also very advanced, not to mention morbid, for an eight year old.


Kotetsu stared at Sakumo intently. It had been two weeks since they had taken "the kid", as he had been dubbed, in to their house hold. It was very easily the cleanest it had been in years, especially since Saturday and Wednesday had been proclaimed laundry day. Now even the two bachelors had halfway clean rooms.

Sakumo gazed back calmly, not a thought or show of uneasiness visibly on his blank face.

"Kid," Kotetsu asked slowly, "You ever cry before?"


"Has water ever come out of your eyes while you scream bloody murder?" Kotetsu continued on, now unfazed by the boy's lack of knowledge of common words.

Sakura's brow wrinkled together in confusion. "Why would I ever do that? It sounds stupid, humiliating, and would probably get you killed if the enemy was around."

Kotetsu accepted the answer and charger on. "Do you ever get mad?"

This time, it was not confusion that he saw but just a look of pure evil and a promise for unimaginable pain.

"I don't get mad."

"You don't get mad?"


"Then…if not mad, then what?"

"Easy, I get even; only I go beyond even and keep adding."

"…………You kill them."

"Or maim, which ever I feel like at the time."

There was another lapse of silence during which they both stared at each other while Izuma flipped through a magazine.

"How about honor? Do you have an honor code, or a code of conduct or something?" Kotetsu finally asked.

"I would hardly call it an honor code."

"Then what would you call it."

Sakura blinked in surprise and drummed her fingers on the edge of the coffee table, deep in thought. "I….I would call it the way I do things to survive. A survival code then."

"Please go on." Kotetsu said eagerly, feeling a gold mine of information about to be unearthed.

Sakura shrugged, apparently deciding to wing it. "First, have no mercy when you fight an enemy. Kill him. Second, don't allow anyone to get too close, emotionally and physically. Third, don't allow disloyalty. Kill them. Forth, don't get mad. Fifthstay in control of yourself and your weapon."

It was silent for a moment before the young boy continued. "Break any of those and you are risking getting yourself into some deep shit."

End Flashback:

The seriousness and coldness of the boys voice about the last rule still rung loud and clear in his head when he thought about it.


Kotetsu's face stilled for a second. became harder than either of them had ever seen them, the eyes of a battle, death hardened ninja, not the eyes that should belong to a small, pink haired boy about to enter the academy.

"If lucks on your side, you won't ever find out the answer to that….."

End Flashback:

It made him wonder why that rule held so much importance, but disliked what he came up with so he didn't think about it any more.

The bacon fumes reached his nose and another thought entered his mind. "Bacon? You've never fed us bacon before."

Sakumo simply shrugged and pushed the sizzling bacon around the pan for a second. "The lady that I get my fruits and vegetables from said that she had a good recipe for curing bacon. I killed a wild boar about seven miles west of the west wall awhile ago and brought the carcass to her. I said she could have it if she gave me half the bacon and she agreed. We'll see if it's any good…"

Izuma raised his brow for a second, and then sighed in defeat. "I still don't see what you have against buying meat, not that I'm complaining. It just would be easier…"

Sakumo's eyes curved up in a mischievous way. "Since when have I ever taken the easy road?"

Izuma marveled at how the boy's eyes could express so many feelings and thoughts for a second, before giving up and admitting defeat with a shrug. The first rule that was established by their new charge was that argue as you might, you would never ever win.

Sakumo buttered the toast with practiced ease and put it on a place in the middle of the table. The bacon followed suit, then the eggs. Kotetsu exited the bathroom in nothing but a towel and went into his room to retrieve some cloths. Izuma and Sakumo were already eating when he had dressed.

"Hey!" He shouted in panic and ran to the table, snatching up his plate and forking all the food he could onto it. Finally done, he sat down, shot them another glare, and then dug into his food.

"You smell better…" Sakumo offered calmly.

"Yeah." Izuma put in, not looking up from his food. Kotetsu just growled.

Sakumo ate slowly for awhile, before placing his fork down and leaning back in his chair. Izuma stopped immediately and shot him a questioning look.

Sakumo stared at the air in front of him for a second. He jolted all of a sudden and placed his hand on his stomach. "My stomach does not feel normal." He said as if to himself.

Izuma raised his brow in confusion but before he could ask anything Kotetsu intervened. "Your nervous, just like any other human would be before he or she went to the first day of the academy." He explained, then continued eating as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

Sakumo did not accept that answer. "Nervous………? No, I have thought about the academy adequately and have no reason to doubt my knowledge on it. The Hokage himself approved my right to enter. No one would go against his authority."

"It's called being human. It'll go away after awhile, kid. Just get used to having emotions." Kotetsu sighed and stood up. "Just leave the dishes to me and Izuma."

His words threw Sakumo for a loop, but she did not question him. Walking to the door, she pulled her sandals on and started out toward the academy. She was surprised to see her two guardians following her, and even more surprised to feel the irritating feel in her stomach to lessen some. Stopping, she let them catch up with her before continuing.

The trip was spent in silence. Sakura used the time to think over what Kotetsu had said. Emotions, yes she had them, but they were supposed to be under control. She must be getting soft after spending so much time away from her father, the king of controlling all emotions that were useless. Well she'd fix that for sure. 'Meditation, I hate you but you are useful in some aspects…'

The academy was close by now and Sakura forcibly calmed her nerves with an iron fist, using ever ounce of her fathers teaching to make her rebellious body to bend to her will. 'Freedom,' she finally decided in her mind, 'has made my body run wild, with my emotions and common sense in tow. Remember Sakura, your dragon swords instinct is vital. You mustn't allow your human mind to gain too much control or you will begin to think like you enemy. Bad, very bad.' Her hand slide unnoticed to the hilt that hung harmlessly from her hip. Most would take it for a baton, or a stick. A warm, calming energy flowed from were she touched it and into her body. She had not used it since she had entered the village, and it felt lonely and bored. 'Don't worry my friend. I'll find someway to get you some blood soon.' A pleased purr echoed in her mind.

They all came to a stop in front of the academy still in silent mode. Sakura let out a sigh, calming her mind again, and started forward, stubbornly showing them that she was not "Nervous". Please note the quotation marks. She was on time and only two people were in the court yard, both minding their own business. Up the stairs she marched, opened the door, and disappeared in to the hall inside.

Back with Kotetsu and Izuma:

Izuma sniffled slightly, watching as their young charge began his first day on his journey to becoming a great ninja warrior. "I think I'm going to cry….it's so momentous…."

Kotetsu scowled at him. "He's not even a genin yet! How is this important?!"

Izuma scowled back. "He has to start somewhere doesn't he?!!!"

Let's see how Sakura is…..Now.

"Naruto." Sakura whispered in quiet relief and purposely walked over to him, taking a seat next to his sleeping form. She had been able to move through the hallways unnoticed before they became too crowded and had found her assigned classroom relatively quickly. It was already half filled with students, all intent on their own conversations to notice her. It was all going well.

Observing her snoring friend, she pondered if she should wake him. The teacher would eventually come in and catch him. Besides, watching him sleep was about as fun as eating dirt.

Reaching out, she grasped his hair and pulled his head up, forcing him from a slouched stance into a sitting position. He seemed to chock on his own spit for a sec before coming to and blinking at her sleepily. Sakura sighed in exasperation. She gave his head a good shake to ensure he stayed away before releasing his hair. He gave her a semi glare before rubbing his eyes to remove the sleep.

"Morning Sakumo." Naruto slurred sleepily.

Sakura nodded in greeting and leaned back in her chair, her hand again moving self consciously to her blades hilt, letting her fingers grip it, remembering how powerful it made her feel, both physically and mentally.

The teacher suddenly entered and everyone scrambled for a seat. His name was Iruka, Sakura had been informed, and he would be her, well his, teacher until she reached the level of genin, pretty much as low a rank as the ninja's could come up with.

Iruka walked purposely to his desk and swiveled around on his heels, observing the class for a second, before his eyes landed on Sakumo. He knew very little about the child, but the pink hair certainly was interesting. He pondered making the boy come forward and introduce himself to the class, but decided against it. He would wait. He was training ninja's, they should be able to notice a new face right off the bat.

"Welcome back. You have been in training now for three years, some longer, so I won't start out easy. You should all still be in shape because I'm sure you all exercised during your time off. Let's go. Ten laps around the school grounds. NOW!!"

Everyone jumped to their feet and scampered for the door, not wanting to test his patients on the first day. Many were grumbling in complaint, but no one didn't go. Sakura followed the crowd out and stayed relatively close to Naruto. They had been running around for some time, gaining stamina. Soon they were in the lead, along with a spiky black haired boy with dark eyes and another boy with crazy brown hair, wild yellow eyes, and tattooed cheeks with a little white puppy running at his side. The two new boys immediately glanced at her sharply in question, but Sakura was too smart to let them question her on her presence. No, she made it hard.

Picking up the pace, her and Naruto taking the lead by a yard. The brown haired boy gave a surprised yelp, then an aggressive growl, picking up his pace as well. Not to be out done, the black haired boy speed up and dodged around all three in front of him and speed off at a sprint. Sakura kept pace with him when he passed her and held her place by his side, just a little behind, just to taunt him. He had good stamina, that was for sure.

The four were the first to finish, having lapped the whole group three times in their race off. Iruka whistled in amazement, muttering something about a new record, studying Sakumo a little closer. It was one thing to keep up with Naruto and Kiba, and another to keep up with Sasuke Uchiha. He could see that the young, strangely haired boy would do well, weather he was new or not. He then turned back to the rest of his class, shouting for the stragglers to speed it up.

Sasuke glared at the new boy that had run against him and purposely lost, he was sure. He could have swore that the pink haired boy was taunting him, jeering him to run faster in the hopes of pulling ahead. He may have not liked the boy at the moment, but his mother, bless her soul, had taught him basic manners.

"Sasuke Uchiha." He spat out bluntly.

Not to be out done Sakura smirked back, "Sakumo Haruno."

They glared at each other for a moment before Kiba broke the silence. "Ah, right. Name's Kiba, and this is Akumaru." He gestured to the little white dog that was panting on the ground.

Sakura nodded to Kiba and then turned to Naruto, ignoring Sasuke's furious look at being ignored. Naruto caught the drift and they walked over to where the others were slowly gathering around Iruka after finishing their laps. Sasuke and Kiba followed shortly after, neither looking at each other because they hated each other.

The rest of the day went in the same way. Sakumo was soon noticed by the rest of the class and placed in the physically strongest category with Sasuke, Kiba, Naruto, and Shino. It was only later that they learned that he couldn't read, which made Sasuke carry a triumphant smirk on his face, that is, until he had his ass handed to him in seal writing class.

By the end of the day, Sakura had come to the conclusion that school would be easy, but first, she had to learn to read and write and then think of a way to get rid of the annoying girl's that kept glaring and yelling at her for hurting Sasuke in their close combat class.

"Oh well. There is always tomorrow." With that, she started home, Naruto jabbering some useless nonsense about ramen until they reach the point at which he turned one way and she another.

She had survived her first day…………… Big surprise. Now for supper….

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