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Harry Potter and the Halfa of Amity

"Oooh, look, Danny! It's Big Ben°! I heard it's haunted!"

Danny groaned at his dad's comment. Jack Fenton was absolutely crazy about ghosts--or, more particularly, hunting them. That's why Danny sometimes found it difficult to be his father's son.

Jack gave the impression of being Amity Park's most idiotic and amiable citizen. While this was not necessarily a bad thing, his idiocy did not extend to his design specs and most of his ghost-hunting inventions actually worked, provided there was a ghost within range.

In Danny's case, that was a very, very bad thing. Neither of his parents had caught on yet, but he wasn't entirely human... almost all of his parents' inventions had a tendency to go off when Danny was around.

And two plus two is...? Of course, Jack and Maddie Fenton both believed (with good reason) that it was physically impossible to be both alive and dead at the same time. Ghosts are, by definition, dead. People, likewise by definition, are alive.

One cannot be both.

Maddie even addressed the issue of 'undead', such as vampires and zombies, but Haiti's zombie legends were based on several different drugs, one of which simulated death and another of which repressed 'free will'. Therefore, they weren't ever dead to begin with. As for vampires... Danny stopped trying to remember once it got into detailed medical history.

Danny thought over his mom's explanations for various 'horror story monsters' and privately wondered how two people who hunted ghosts for a living could not believe in undead.

Then again, he wondered how they could not notice that their son was caught somewhere between dead and alive as what a ghost named 'Pointdexter' called a Halfa.

He shook off the random thoughts and forced his attention back to his father, "Dad, it's a clock tower. A cool, old, famous clock tower, but still a clock tower. You can't go hunting ghosts in there." Danny yawned, still a little tired from the time-change, "Besides, you'd probably have more luck in one of the old church graveyards, anyway."

Blue eyes widened in horror when the boy realized what he'd said. Stupid, stupid, stupid, he thought, whacking himself in the forehead. Now Jack would want to go stake out some walled-in city graveyard just to see if a ghost would show up...


True to form, Jack had Danny, Jazz, and Maddie in a small, fenced-in graveyard outside the city that night, waiting for ghosts. Danny was not impressed by the use of his vacation-time, but was better off than his sister.

Jazz, while she had 'helped' Danny a few times, was not accustomed to stake-outs or long periods of time without sleep.

Maddie was humoring her husband and pulled out the Fenton Finder, which, as she was facing her son when she turned it on, announced "You would have to be some kind of moron not to notice the ghost directly ahead."

She looked up, saw Danny, and sighed. The Finder was still keyed in to her son for some reason... no sign of any actual ghosts. Maddie found herself wondering if the way the ghost hunting gadgets went off near Danny had something to do with the accident with the Portal the year before. Maybe he had picked up some kind of residual ectoplasm...?

Her thoughts were rudely interrupted by angry shouting--the man who maintained the graveyard had found someone in it who didn't belong.

"'Ey! W'at're ye doin' 'ere, ye vagrants!?"


Old Ruben°, as the children affectionately called him, was generally considered a kind and easygoing man. The only exception to that was anyone daring to trespass in the cemetery after hours.

He'd been sitting by the fire in his little house when he noticed the lights bobbing around in the older section of the cemetery. The area's children no longer intruded that far into the hallowed ground--kind old Ruben was scary when crossed--and he was immediately angered by the notion that someone could be desecrating the resting places of those who no longer had family left to mourn them.

He put on his coat and boots and stalked out into the night, not bothering with a torch° or lantern.

He felt the faint beginnings of fear when he saw the shapes standing in a circle, disregarding all graves and talking in low voices. All of them were wearing black robes with masks.

The only thing Ruben thought was that this was some kind of occult meeting, one which he might be better off ignoring. The lights they carried varied slightly in color, bobbing at the end of sticks in their hands, certainly not something you could buy at most stores.

But he had been entrusted with the safety of the cemetery, and steeled himself to act. He burst out of the bushes, yelling, hoping to frighten them off. If it was just a bunch of teenagers in a cult, it might have worked.

"'Ey! W'at're ye doin' 'ere, ye vagrants!?"

Almost as one, the circle turned to face him, sticks pointing at him like weapons. One of the robed people spoke, and a green light flashed from the end of his stick.

That green light was the last thing a mortal Ruben ever saw.


Jazz immediately wanted to leave when the shout was heard--apparently visitors weren't welcome after hours--and Danny was inclined to agree. He hadn't kept his secret as long as he had just to blow it in some graveyard in Great Britain when one of his Dad's inventions auto-targeted him.

A flash of green light caught the Fenton family's attention.

It looked a lot like the green of Danny Phantom's ecto-blasts.

Jack immediately wanted to go up there and find the ghost and Maddie wasn't far behind. Danny and Jazz exchanged glances and followed.

Danny, being half ghost, could see much better than any of the other members of his family in the dark. He spotted the robed figures and the body long before his parents did and got an instant 'bad feeling' about the entire situation.

He darted forward and deliberately tripped himself, falling and rolling strait into his father's legs, sending the huge man sprawling just as another jet of the green light passed through where Jack's chest had been.

Danny phased out from beneath his dad--there was no time for subtleties--and shouted, "Mom! Dad! Run!"

Maddie didn't question--these weren't ghosts, whatever they were, and they were dangerous. She hauled Jack back to his feet and bolted, attempting to herd her children in front of her.

Jazz was perfectly willing to lead the retreat, but Maddie lost sight of Danny and couldn't spot him.

There was another flare of green light to the rear, this one not predecessed by a shout, and there was a pained yell from the behind.

Maddie shoved Jazz and Jack in front of her, intending to go back for Danny, but there was a popping sound and suddenly one of the robed figures was blocking the way back to their rental.

"Danny! Front!" Jazz screamed, startling both her parents.

"On it!"

Green light shot over Maddie's shoulder and hit the figure in the chest, destroying the odd stick-like weapon it held and throwing it back.

Maddie spun, thinking that more of the people/things were behind them, but only saw Danny, a faint glow dying from somewhere near his hand.

"Danny?" she asked.

"Later, Mom--Jazz! Get Mom and Dad back to the car; I'll hold them off!"

"Daniel Fenton!" Maddie half-shouted, "You'll do no such thing! You're no match for them!"

Danny wasn't in the mood to debate, and he got a strange almost-itch on the edge of his senses, like but not like his ghost sense going off.

Suddenly the Fentons were surrounded by black-robed figures with raised 'sticks'.

Several of the figures shouted, multi-colored blasts of light issuing from their weapons, and Danny spun, focusing hard.

He slammed up his ecto-shield, as strong as he could manage in human form, and the blasts rebounded at odd angles, some hitting the robed figures. One crackling red beam even refracted all the way around to hit one of those on the other side.

"What the hell?" one of the robes--now proven to be human with British accent--yelped.

Jack and Maddie were equally confused. "Danny?"

"Oh, crap," he gasped, surprised at how much strength it took to maintain the shield from multi-directional attacks. It was hard enough just to make a dome shield... "I can't hold it like this!"

"Danny?" Jazz said warily, "Uh, probably not a good time to point this out, but... we're kind of surrounded."

"I noticed that, Jazz! I'm gonna blast a way clear and cover our backs--just concentrate on getting back to the car! Going Ghost!" He turned, transforming in a brief blaze of light, throwing a half-dozen ecto-blasts past his family towards the waiting circle, then dropped the shield on that side.


Jazz latched on to her parents' arms and dragged for all she was worth, pulling them both into stumbling runs. They could see fairly well with the glow from Danny's ghost form, not to mention the blasts of green light.

"Reductio!" one of the robed (people?) figures cried from behind, and Danny jumped in to take the blow just as his mother looked back.

He was slammed up against a gravestone, which shattered, and a ring of light appeared around his waist.

It split and ran up and down his body, leaving him human and battered against the rubble.

The robes were now focused solely on Danny, ignoring the others as insignificant, and several jets of light shot at her boy.


None of them hit.

The robes were looking around, confused, when several balls of glowing energy erupted from the air, smashing their weapons and throwing them back, then Danny was urging his family forward, holding on to all three--well, his parents. Jazz kept a hand on his arm on her own--and making them invisible.

They were halfway back to the car when Danny stumbled, "I can't hold it anymore," he whispered. "Keep going and be as quiet as you can..."

They managed to make it to the car, Jack getting into the driver's seat and Maddie and Jazz scrambling in almost as fast. Danny, tired as he was, was slower.

Movement from behind, a sense of danger--

"Avada Kedavra!"


Big Ben--anyone who doesn't know, a famous clock in London.

Ruben is mine. I haven't given him much of a character, although I did make up a background and personality for him just in hopes of making him seem more 'solid'. He doesn't need much character to be immediately killed.

'torch' refers to an electric torch, or 'flashlight' as they are generally known in the U.S. I am an American, maintain that I am an Alaskan, but I'm trying to keep the dialects true to individual form. Corrections welcome.


Yes, I left it at a cliffie. I'm mean. However, I do try to have my first chapters be left as such, just to catch people's interest... you tell me if it works.

Also tell me if I'm going OOC, as I haven't seen Danny Phantom in ages, since my house... essentially, gets no TV. I used to watch it with a friend of mine... about a year ago... and, even then, didn't get to see much of it.