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Someday You Will Love

"Your words are poison." She spun away in contempt and stalked from the room. He stared at his hand, that had touched her face only seconds ago. But she had pulled away from his touch, from his love. So often he had hinted at it, but this was the first time he had shown her anything of the depth of his infatuation. And she had scorned him. He had only done what he had to; he had brought Rohan and its king under the sway of Saruman, and had requested her as his only reward. Nothing else mattered, but her, his love.

Grima hastened out of the door. "My Lady Eowyn-" She whirled at the corner, her face still streaming with tears full of hate, loss and sorrow.

"I told you to leave me alone, you horrible snake!" she told him fiercely. "Never touch me again!" Her voice broke and she turned away, burying her face in her arm against the wall. "Go. Just go," she whispered with a sob.

"Hush, Eowyn," he whispered, putting one arm around her shoulders and twining the other about her waist.

"Get away from me!" She spun and tried to lash out with her fists, but he pinned her arms against his chest, pulling her close. Her body was tense against him as he pressed her form against the wall with his. Her parted lips trembling as she fought, tears filling her beautiful eyes. "Let go, witch!" she pleaded fiercely.

"Eowyn, look at me." The tone of his soft voice stilled her suddenly as he cupped her cheek and chin with one hand, still holding her tightly with the other, and he brought her startled face up. Never had he spoken that way to her, nor touched any she knew of with such gentle tenderness. She stared up at him, so helpless and frightened. Now... or never.

Eowyn only had time to gasp once before he pressed his lips to hers, firmly, but gently in a long, passionate kiss. Then he slowly pulled away. The woman only trembled as he slid his mouth from hers, cringing from his touch. "Someday, I hope," Grima whispered. "Someday, you will forgive me... for loving you."

Then he released her and was gone, and Eowyn slid to the floor to weep silently as he paused to catch his breath around the corner, and listened to her quiet sounds. "Someday, I wish that you will love me," he whispered as tears slid down his own cheeks.