Kay Erik became really sad and angsty when Christine wanted him to kill a spider. How will Leroux Erik react in a similar situation? Just a bit of humor :) Although you'll still understand the story if you haven't read Kay, some of the humor might be lost.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Phantom of the Opera. It belongs to Gaston Leroux. The idea is inspired by Phantom, which belongs to Susan Kay.

Something was touching her face.

At first, Christine thought herself to be imagining the tickling sensation against her cheek. It was rather easy to conjure up horrifying things in the house beside the lake, especially at night. She would sometimes lie awake listening to strange gurgling sounds and bumping noises. Then, there were the shadows that flew across her wall in various shades of grey. Her imagination could drive her insane in such a place!

She waited for the soft brushing against her skin to fade away. When it did not after several minutes, she finally pushed away the covers and jumped up from the bed. Opening the door to her room, she allowed the light from the sitting area to filter inside. Her eyes widened in utter terror. There was a spider on her pillow! A big, black spider! And it had been touching her skin! What horror!

"Erik! Erik!" she shrieked.

"What? What?" He came running out of his room with his arms outstretched, looking prepared to do battle with an entire army. "What is wrong, Christine?"

"There is a spider in my bedroom!" she cried. "It was right beside my face! It was horrible! Please kill it, Erik!"

"A spider?" He slowly entered her room and approached her pillow, before staring down at the hideous creature. His yellow eyes narrowed in distaste behind the black mask, and he bent down toward it in confrontation. "You will not touch what is Erik's," he growled at it. As though mocking him, the spider quickly abandoned the pillow and scuttled across the bed, stopping about a foot closer to where Christine stood.

"You cannot have her!" Erik roared, his fists curling into balls.

The spider took a few more steps in her direction.

Yellow eyes flaring with anger, Erik knocked the spider to the floor with the back of his bony hand. Christine released a high-pitched squeal as it landed right side up and began to crawl toward her, its eight tiny legs practically prancing with glee. Erik rushed over in a whir of blackness, jumped high into the air, and began to stomp on the creature. "She is Erik's!" he hissed, forcefully bringing his shoe down upon it. "Only Erik's!"

Stomp! Squish! Stomp! Squish!

Christine turned her widened eyes away as Erik finally stepped backward, not wanting to see the pile of mush that was left behind. Humming to himself, Erik took a piece of white cloth and quickly cleaned up the goopy mess. "Now it will not bother you," he declared. "Erik has protected you."

Christine sniffled. "Thank you, Erik."

"Hmm." He closely eyed the room.

"What is it?" she fearfully asked.

"It could have a mate in here, too."

"A mate!" she exclaimed, looking around. "Oh no, Erik! You must find that one, too."

"No, my dear," he calmly stated. "The mate will be a female and will not try to get you. You need not worry now."


"Sleep well, my dear. Erik will see you tomorrow." He closed the door.

Hugging her arms against her chest, Christine slowly crawled back into bed. She imagined something to be tickling her cheek for the rest of the night.