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Fruits Basket: Transforming Families

Chapter 1: The Simple Beginning...

"Kyo, are you ready for dinner?" Tohru Sohma called to her husband.

"Yeah, I'll be right there!" Kyo Sohma took a towel, and wiped away the sweat from his head that came from his workout.

"Katsuya! Time for dinner! C'mon." Tohru walked into the living room to see her six year old son on the floor, coloring on a piece of paper. He had Kyo's ornage hair and Tohru's gentle blue eyes. "Okay, Mama!" he grinned, getting up to follow her in the kitchen.

Kyo had finally opened up and told Tohru everything. From what he remembered about Tohru's mother, Kyoko to what he knew about her father's name. And so, they named their only son Katsuya. They sat down and ate Tohru's homemade riceballs, octopus, and ramen. Yuki and Chihiro had finally moved out and got a place of their own that wasn't too far away. The friends hadn't heard from Estelle and Koji for about six years - the last they saw of the two was when Katsuya was born. No contacts since.

Kyo and Tohru were doing dishes after putting the kid to sleep. Kyo silently passed her dishes to dry until he asked, "Tohru?"

"Yes, Kyo?" Tohru smiled.

"Don't you...want Katsuya to have a younger sibling?"

Tohru nearly dropped the plate she was drying. "Are...are you sure? Is that what you want?"

Kyo came closer to her face, "Do you want it?"

"Well...I wouldn't want him to be all alone. So...I guess...I wouldn't mind..." Tohru answered, flushly tremendously.

The doorbell rang and Tohru quickly answered it so it wouldn't wake Katsuya. "Hello? Oh! Arisa, Kureno!"

Arisa Sohma and Kureno Sohma appeared at the door, now a new couple. "Yo! Hey Tohru, Orangy." Arisa grinned.

Tohru ignored Kyo's remark of "You tryin' to start somthin', Yankee?!" and invited them in, "It's been a while."

"Yes, it has." Kureno agreed.

Arisa reported, "We've brought news."

"What news?" Kyo asked.

"Of Estelle and Koji. They're in the area." Kureno nodded.

"Really?! Oh, it'd be so nice to see them again!" Tohru's eyes went wide.

"Only one problem." Arisa pointed out, "They're not human anymore. They somehow got stuck in their wolf forms."

Katsuya then came downstairs, wondering what all the news was. "Uncle Kureno! Auntie Arisa!" he grinned, running down to them.

"Hey! How ya doin', squirt?" Arisa rubbed his head, setting him on her lap.

"I'm nadda squirt! I'm six now!" Katsuya pouted, holding up six fingers.

"Is that so? Wow, you're getting to be a man." Arisa nodded.


Kureno chuckled and patted him on the head, "How are you?"

"I hit Daddy while trainin' wit him yesterday!" Katsuya bounced up and down, showing his excitment.

"Is that so? I think Daddy is softened." Arisa glared at him playfully.

"I'm about to show you soft." Kyo cracked his knuckles violently.

Tohru shook her head, and walked Katsuya back upstairs. "Say goodnight to your Aunt and Uncle, Katsuya."

"Aww...night Auntie Arisa, Uncle Kureno!" Katsuya waved from the stairs.

"Night, kid." Arisa waved back.

A couple minutes later, Tohru reappered. "I just sent him back to bed."

"Oh, did we wake him?" Kureno inquired.

"No. He's been hyper all day." Kyo sighed.


Tohru offered, "Your house is still a little ways off, isn't it? Why don't you stay the night with us?"

"If you wouldn't mind." Arisa grinned.

"Not at all!"

Estelle Shiina stood above the hill from Tohru's house. Koji Shiina stood beside her, "How long's it been?"

"Six years." the white Wolf replied. "I wonder how their kid's doin'."

"I'm sure he's fine." the Spirit Wolf assured.

"I'm still getting used to this. We've been wolves for three years and we can't change back."

"We may as well get used to it."

"Yeah, but I''m still unfortable. Like if our kids got hunted while we were gone somewhere..."

"It's not even hunting season yet."

"But's getting closer. Every day. We only have a month, ya know."

"Yes, I know..."

The wolves licked each other, and five pups came bounding up, playing, "Mommy!" one blinked, "Why do we keep moving around?"

"...Are you getting tired?" Estelle asked one of her three sons.

"...A little." he responded.

"I'm sorry. We may stay here for a little while."

"Okay!" and he went back to play with his brothers and two sisters.

Koji and Estelle threw up their heads and sang a song to the moon.

"Hey, do you hear that?" Kyo asked Tohru while they were in know...

"Yes, I do..." Tohru looked at her bracelet that Estelle gave to her a long time ago. It was a unicorn that made of jade and had a curved horn. It seemed to glow in the darkness. Tohru quickly changed and looked out their window. In the distance above, she saw a glowing white wolf and golden wolf. "It's Estelle and Koji!" she happily informed.

"Really?" Kyo sleepily blinked.

"Yes. They're on the hill. I wonder if they're staying for a while."


A weak, quiet voice came from the doorway, "M...Mommy?"

Tohru looked back at Katsuya. "What is it, sweetie?"

"I had a bad dream. I can't sleep now." Katsuya whimpered.

"Come here." Tohru patted the bed, sitting down. Kyo sat up, turning on a dim light. Tohru said, "It's good to talk about your scary dreams, honey. What is it?"

Katsuya hesitated and told them about his dream.


Athena had gone on a rampage, destroying everything once news came in that Tohru had recovered her memory. She'd almost taken her anger out on one of the smaller teens, namely: Yoko, whom was the Hen, with dark brown hair and golden eyes. Yoko had been sent to the hospital, and the older members had calmed her down.

Later in the day, Sakura sat with Shun, sighing, "Dang. Why did Estelle have to go and do that? Now we're all in trouble. Athena's gonna get a stroke, or something."

Shun frowned, "I'm sure she did it because she's sad for Tohru."

"Sad for her?...Whadda you mean?"

"We didn't have any love from our parents, or 'normal' friends, but Tohru had that. So, she didn't want Tohru to forget her real memories. Because of that, she help to give them back."

"Oh. Well, Estelle has always been soft for things like that."

Shun chuckled at the Hare, and he stood up to walk outside in the snow.

The teen looked at the white and gray sky, "It'll be alright, Estelle...won't it, big sis? Tohru will be alright while you're there? Koji's with you now."

Sakura came outside to join the Panther. "It sure is quiet out, isn't it?" the Hare commented, "And peaceful."

"It's the quiet before the storm." Shun frowned, "We need to help my sister. And my mother. She has a big problem about this. Estelle can only half see, remember? She may have a disadvantage if Mom goes after her."

"You're weird. You can be so serious and get so soft." Sakura chuckled.

"Whatever." Shun wrapped an arm around her.

"What is this?" The two turned and saw Athena.

Blood filled the eyesight.

---End Dream...---

"Oh, saw the past." Tohru held her breath.

Kyo cursed quietly, "When Athena came after us."

"Was that a bad person, Daddy?" Katsuya inquired.

"Yes, she was." Kyo nodded, wiping away some of his son's sweat.

"It'll be alright. Come on. I'll leave on a light so you can sleep with my light watching you."

"Does that really work?"

"Yes. Let's go."

"Goodnight, Daddy." and Katsuya walked off with Tohru.

Kyo looked out the window from the bed. "Dammit. What's gonna happen now?"

Koji: What is gonna happen?

Estelle: We're stuck as wolves?

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