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Koji: Whatever. Sylph owns nothing. Including the books Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment and The Golden Compass. They belong to their authors. Not. Her.

Me: I can wish, though.

Chapter 13: The Search Begins and Ends...

"But how? Athena's dead..."

"How could she've possibly come back to life?"

"Either way, we need to keep him away from our kids."

"Well, the manager said he wasn't selling."

"Why, that-! I'm gonna march down there and walk all up and down his ass until he sells!"

"Kyo, calm down. We'll think of a way to get them back."

"In the meantime, don't tell the kids that it was Athena who attacked Nari. Katsuya would flip."

All the words from a previous conversation that he'd listened in on rushed through Katsuya's head. Athena. She used to be the head of the family on the Aurion's side. Not to mention...he'd had a dream about something like that...

---However long ago this dream was...---

Athena snarled, "Destroy him!"

Estelle howled, trying to refuse her commands.

"Leave me alone! I won't...I can't...don't make me do it!"

Her necklace glowed, strengthening Athena's power over her. Estelle leapt up, landing by Athena.

"Athena! Stop this!" called a voice.

Athena looked back at Shun and the other Aurions in the snow. Mawata snapped, "You need to stop this! It was Tohru's decision to recover her memories on her own strength!"

Sasame, who had brown hair and brown eyes, and was the Wild Boar/Pig, hissed, "Just because you don't get your way doesn't mean you can destroy other's happiness!"

"I can if I wish!" Athena barked, "Go back home!"

Kanna, the Chimpanzee, who had golden hair and fierce brown eyes simply stated, "No."

"What did you say?"

Rika, the Field Mouse, who had silver eyes and light brown hair bravely said, "We're not listening to you anymore. You shouldn't tell us how to live or the way we do things."

Mari, who had silver hair and gold eyes stepped forward, and had been the previous whielder of the Spirit Wolf shouted, "Let Estelle go now!"

"That I'm not about to do."

Estelle ran towards the young Yuri, who had brown hair and yellow eyes, and was possessed by the Python. Yuri whimpered, and Shun stepped in front of her, taking the blow, Estelle hanging on to Shun's arm.


" this!" and he threw Estelle off.

"Hey, kid, get back." Sakura snapped, "You hurt your arm."

"I'm not a kid, and I'll be alright."

Estelle looked back at the Koji who'd been looking around for Yuki and Kyo, and took this oppertunity. She jumped, aiming to bite his head, but something else happened instead.

Kyo and Yuki stepped out of the trees, running towards Athena. At once, they grabbed hold of one end of the necklace in her hands, and it snapped.

Estelle still hit on Koji. She bit his head, right before her eyes turned back to their white color. She saw what she was doing, and instantly drew back, licking Koji's wound.

Tohru walked out of the house, tears flying, as she ran and hugged Kyo, "Kyo! I remember! I...I love you so much!"

"I love you, too."

Athena screamed, like a frantic child, "No! No, you have have to love me...fear me...come back to me!!"

"No," they all firmly bit out. "We aren't afraid of you anymore. Be gone. Forever."

"NOO! This can't be...this can't be happening to meee!!!"

"It IS happening, and it's happened now." Takeshi taunted, "You have no power without us."

And Athena's screams echoed into the night until, at last, they faded.


She died. And he knew it. Then, he couldn't stand it anymore. He stood and grabbed a coat, some gloves, and a hat. Tohru inquired, "Where are you going, Katsuya? Sakura, Tomoyo, and Shun are coming over."

"I have to go talk with Nari."

"Be back as soon as you can, okay? We're going to try again with the manager. He'll see us this time."

"Will do."

He walked outside, and made his way over to Nari's house. He knocked, and Haru answered. "Hey, what's up, Katsuya? Want Nari?"

"Yeah, please."

"Come on in. Don't need ya catching a cold out in this weather...freezing."

"Thanks," Katsuya walked inside behind Haru before shutting the door. He shook off the snow on him, and was soon in Nari's room, talking with her. They talked about the dream, until, Katsuya decided it was time. "Hey, Nari?..."

"What is it?" she blinked.

"I know who...attacked you."


"Athena. Athena Aurion."

"Athena? But...she di-"

"Died, I know. But, Mom had this dream last night-"

(Nari muttered under her breath, "what is it about freakin' dreams telling people stuff?")

"-and Athena was talking to her. Mom even felt her."

"Freakish..." Nari muttered.

"Yeah, I know...well, I really just had to come to tell you that. I need to get back to the house."

"Okay...well, be careful on your way home. We don't know where our God is right now. For all we know, He's outside right now."

"Yeah, I will."


"Bye." The two kissed.

Katsuya walked out, saying bye to Shin, Rin, and Haru. He shivered once he was outside, then looked at the sky. The snow had been falling for a long time. It snowed the whole way back to his house, and stopped once he actually arrived. Go figure, he mused. He walked inside after stomping off his boots, and took them off inside. He announced, "I'm home!"

"Welcome back! Did you see Shun and the others on the way back?" Tohru's voice came first.

"Nope! Not yet!" Katsuya hollered back.

He took off his coat, hat, gloves, and scarf, and walked to the kitchen, smelling food. He examined what his mother was cooking (though she wasn't present in the kitchen yet...), then walked to Kyoko's room. He saw her on her bed, looking at a book. "What're you doing?" he inquired.

"Oh, nothing." she sat up and grinned, "Looking at this. It's just a really good book. Goh told me about it, and now I can't put it down. He got it for me for Christmas."

"What book is it?"

(Let's say it was...)

"It's a book from America. It's called Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment. Then, he got me another series called The Golden Compass."

"What're they about?"

"You can guess what Maximum Ride is about. Angels trying to escape from scientist-like people. The Golden Compass is about this girl and a creature called...her daemon...I think it was. It's just a book you'd have to read for yourself, I guess."

Katsuya nodded, "I might look at them."

"Kyoko! Katsuya!" Kyo called, "C'mon! They're here!"

"Who's here?" Kyoko cocked an eyebrow after yelling that they were coming.

"Shun, Sakura, and Tomoyo." Katsuya told her as they walked down the stairs.

"Oh. Mom and Dad didn't tell me."

"It has to do with Estelle, Koji, and the others, so it was kinda last minute stuff, you know?"


Once they entered the den, they greeted their friends. Shun stood and patted Katsuya's head, "You've gotten taller, haven't you? Quit growing on me."

Katsuya grinned, "Yep. Still goin'."

"Still? Gosh." Shun shook his head. Then, he turned to Kyoko, "Well, you're not much better, are ya?"

Kyoko beamed, "Maybe at this rate, I'll be about Katsuya's height!"

"Keep dreamin'." Katsuya chuckled.

"Meanie." Kyoko stuck her tongue out at him.


They talked about how they planned on getting Estelle, Koji, Kai, Toya, Takuto, Rika, and Yuriko out. They eventually called the manager again and he said that they may be able to work out a deal and to stop by later this afternoon. They agreed to meet at about 3:30, and it was now 2:30. They left early, and were walking down the street.

Kyoko kept mouthing words along the lines of, 'please let them be okay.' Everyone was silent. Every time Tohru tried to make conversation, it ended up just being her and Sakura actually talking. Rin, Haru, Nari, and Shin volunteered to come along with them. And when the tension couldn't get any worse...


"Huh?" they all turned and saw a boy that was in about eighth or ninth grade. He had dark purple hair and bright blue eyes. He smiled, "My precious Zodiac. I'm pleased to finally meet you. I'm known as Keiichi. I hope we'll all get along really well." his eyes narrowed on Katsuya, "Especially you, dear Katsuya."

Could things get any worse?

Koji: Well, aside from the fact that we're not in here and that you randomly brought in Keiichi, I still don't see why you're sorry.

Me: (mutters) Finished.

Estelle: What was that?


Koji/Estelle: WWWHHHHAAATTTT?!?!?!?!

Me: I know it was random, but...I thought it would work out...

Koji: I hate you.

Estelle: I hate her more.

Me: Well, I am calling it To Break A Curse, so I hope you'll watch out for it! Sorry for ending it so randomly! BTW: The story will take a little time leap, making them (main characters) in high school. And DON'T WORRY, for there WILL BE a chapter explaining stuff. When it comes out, and you have questions after it starts, review or PM me, and I'll try and answer all of them in the chapter of info!

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