Title: Stalker

Author: GregSanders

Summary: One man goes and watches six different people, all whom work at the Las Vegas Crime Lab. After watching them all carefully, he makes a choice and begins to send threatening letters to them. But when an attempt to catch him goes very wrong, can the team solve the case when the victim is one of their own and the suspect is a well known serial killer?

Spoilers: Lab Rats

Disclaimer: I do not own CSI, not even the bad guy in this story. It is all owned by CBS.

Chapter 1

She was so beautiful…so delicate…so right, but when he watched her more carefully, he knew right away that there would be too many mistakes. This woman would have fought back…and fought back hard. In fact, she was so unpredictable that he could never plan what she would do in the next ten seconds. Too much evidence, not well planned, she was not ripe for the picking.

He was so smart…so intellectual…so peace-loving. Could this man be his next victim? He was well organized, but way too careful…it would never work. Also, if this man was so smart, he was definitely a worthy opponent. Killing him just wouldn't seem right. Too intellectual, too good-natured, this grape was not ready to be picked off the vine.
She had a nice body…beautiful smile…so active! He could barely keep track of her. How could he plan if he could never find her? It was near impossible. But what put the icing on the cake was the teenage girl that ran into the room and gave her a loving hug. She never knew her real mother, so why break them up? A mother always active…it just didn't seem right.
He was bold…he was brave…he was muscular. What a perfect specimen…save for one thing; no routine. Everyday he did something different. One day he would wake up at seven in the morning, the next he would wake up at two in the morning. It was practically impossible to calculate his next move. This star would still burn bright for a little longer.
He was bright…he was muscular and…he was married? This little test subject of hers had found true love and was now bonded for life to one woman. How could she decide this one man's fate when he was in love? Sure, the couple had their occasional fights, but who didn't? If she ended their happiness, she would lose the reason why she began in the first place. This one man was not right.
He was so young…so energetic…so crazy. But in between his wacky self, the young man had a well planned routine. Everyday, he would get up, make some coffee, take a shower, get dressed, have some breakfast, read the paper, and go to work. And when he came home, he changed into his pajamas and went to sleep. It was perfect. The miniature killer had chosen her prey.
"Hey Greg, I've been looking all over for you. Where have you been?" asked Gil Grissom as he approached Greg Sanders, who was resting his head on the table.

"Sorry, I haven't slept for a couple of days now. What's up?"

"You've got a 419 on the strip."

"Please tell me there is no dumpster diving involved."

Grissom couldn't help but smile at this remark. A couple days earlier, he had given Greg a 419 in a dumpster. When he came back to the lab, Greg was not in a very happy mood with Grissom. "So far, no dumpster diving involved. I would lend you Nick or Sara, but they have cases of their own, so you're working solo tonight."

As Grissom walked away, Greg smiled. Even though he loved to work with his friends, Greg loved to work solo on a case. I t made him fell important. As Greg walked down the hall, he spotted Nick Stokes walking out of the DNA lab. "Hey Nick, how's your case coming?"

"Well, a dead body of a girl was found in an abandoned shack where there were thousands of bullet casings. Bobby's running ballistics now and Wendy just identified the body as Kim Jason. I definitely could use some help."

"I'd love to, but I have a DB of my own. Catch you later?"

Nick nodded and walked off to ballistics while Greg walked into the garage. As Greg walked through the door, Warrick Brown walked in and headed directly to the Trace lab where he me the residential lab rat, David Hodges. "You paged me?"

"Yes. The little clear fragment you gave me that looked like glass was in fact glass."

From day one, everyone knew that Hodges was a sarcastic suck up to Grissom and Ecklie. Even though he gave shit to everyone, he gave it the most to Greg. Everyone thought it was because Greg use to work in the lab and now that he was in the field, Hodges believed he was a traitor. "Can you tell me what it came from?"

"A window. A car window to be exact. Didn't you find broken glass on the victim?"

"Yeah. If I brought in a sample, could you tell me if that came from the same car?"

"Of course."

Warrick thanked Hodges and began to walk to the evidence log. As he rounded the corner, he ran into Catherine Willows. "Oh, hey Catherine."

"Hey Warrick. Heading to the evidence log?"

"Yeah. I'll catch up with you later."

Catherine smiled as she walked into the print lab where she saw Jacqui Franco hover over the computer. "You paged?"

"Yeah, the prints on your murder weapon belong to a David Harness. Prior convictions include grand larceny, assault, and grand theft auto."

"Got an address?"

"Just printed it out for you."

Jacqui handed the paper over as Catherin thanked her. As Catherine headed to the garage, she passed the A/V lab where Sara Sidle sat with Archie Johnson. "There, did you see that?" asked Archie.

"Yeah, can you enhance that?"

After a few keystrokes, a man appeared on the screen. "Isn't that your suspect?"

"Yeah, I'm gonna go have a chat with him. I'll see you later," said Sara as she ran out of the A/V lab. While everyone was busy running around the place, a young man walked in holding an envelope. He walked up to the front desk and said, "Excuse me, but could you give this to Mr. Gil Grissom whenev3er he is the least busy?"

The receptionist, Judy, smiled warmly and watched as the man walked out the door. What Judy didn't know was that inside that envelope was a message that would change the Graveyard Shift's life forever.


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