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Chapter 8

This time, when Greg woke up, he found a tray of food laying in front of him. It wasn't much, just a sandwich and a bottle of water, but it was better than nothing. Greedily, he took the sandwich from the plate and stuffed it in his mouth. The savory ham and mayonnaise may not have been his ideal sandwich, but it tasted so good. Once the sandwich was done, he took a swig from his water bottle and felt relieved as the H2O went down his throat. Although he craved more, Greg hid the water bottle under the chair so that he could have some later. Who knew how much longer the next he would be fed would be. With his stomach full and his thirst quenched for the moment, Greg finally got a chance to take in his surroundings. The lights were off, leaving the only source of light coming from the bottom of the door in front of him. As he stood up, he could feel his legs wobble beneath him. Not wanting to fall, he steadied himself before deciding to wander around the room to find something…anything. His hands were held out in front of him to stop him from running head first into a wall. After a few steps, his hands brushed against the wall. Greg took a moment to feel around and felt relief when he felt the familiar light switch. All it took was one light switch to illuminate the room.

It was a vastly different room than the one he remembered being in. How long had he exactly been knocked out for? The floor beneath him was wood and in the middle of the large room was a white rug. On top the rug sat a pristine oak coffee table and a tan couch facing an opposing wall with a fireplace that wasn't lit. There sat three bookcases on the other wall, the glass doors closed and extra clean. Behind the couch against the wall was an old bed with a gold frame and a complete set of sheets. Beside the bed sat a chute, much like those at a bank when depositing money in the drive thru. Greg gaze a quizzical glance as he turned to the door, only to see it reinforced with steel bolts and no handle. "So much for kicking down the door," he muttered as he walked away from the door and into the center of the room.

Once in the middle, Greg did a full 360, scanning the roof and walls for any possible means of escape. It was then that he noticed five different cameras that sat in the corners and right above him on the roof. The killer was watching him. Looking directly at one, he shouted, "HEY! CAN YOU HEAR ME?"

The red blinking light was the only sign of the camera actually working. "HEY! LET ME OUT OF HERE!"

It was a long shot, but he thought maybe he could appeal the killer's better nature…right, like the Miniature Killer had a better nature. "Freaky pyscopath," he muttered beneath his breath as he turned to the couch.

Meanwhile, the killer sat remodeling her miniature, the footage of Greg playing on five different TVs behind her. She seemed unfazed at her victim's pleas as she began to paint the bits of furniture that were to decorate her miniature. This time…it would be perfect.


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