A/N: So this series will follow the same rules as Clips…tell a story in 5 sentences or less. Usually character based although some pairings (yaoi and het) will and can occur.

Character: Chouji

No one ever tells Chouji to stop using the red pills anymore. Honestly, he thinks no one cares if Chouji uses the red pills anymore, even if he dies—which he will—and its not because they trust the Hokage, so much as that death is OK in the Leaf Village. Its never stated but understood that the village, and everything it meant, was supposed to be more important than anything else—even friendship, which is why, he supposes…its OK that Sasuke and Naruto really are trying to kill each other. So Chouji uses the red pill again and again and again—and he's growing and shrinking then growing and shrinking and oh so very much dying—but all this doesn't change the size of his heart, which is where Shikamaru will forever remain, and so he does this for him…not for the village but for his true companion. A shinobi might call this being a failure—Chouji calls it being a friend.

-Oh butterfly they like you better framed and dried-

Sentence Count: 5