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Just To See You Smile

Preview of the last chapter:

The nurse nodded slowly as she leaves the room.

Syaoran stared at Sakura's lifeless body.

Why...? Please, I still haven't told you... that I still love you... that those painful words I said to you aren't true...

Please... wake up...

A tear escaped his eye.

Chapter 12

Syaoran stared blankly ahead, not even caring if there were some people that he knows that wonders why he's like that, not even caring if he bumps into anyone.

Then, his feet led him to the school. No classes today. It was a Saturday.

Yeah, it was the school where he met Sakura.

He smiled just thinking of Sakura.

When he passed the tennis courts, he stared at it.

It was where Sakura and he usually go to every after dismissal.

Then, he passed the large sakura tree. It was under that tree where Sakura had asked him if she was just a bet. It was also under that same tree where they had broke up... The painful break up...

For a minute, he wanted to just stand there and stare at the tree.

He wanted to just recall all memories... Everything...

But it hurts... It hurts too much to even think about it... Especially whenever he thinks about how he wasted his time not being with Sakura.

He urged himself to keep on walking.

He kept walking until he reached the door to their classroom.

He entered it but when he was already inside the room, he stopped, no, he froze.

Memories of Sakura flooded his mind again.

He recalled the first day Sakura had entered the room.

He imagined her ice-cold face and how she glares at everyone she passes by.

He shook his head.

Somehow, he managed to walk towards his seat.

He froze again.

He remembered the time when Sakura never pays attention to him. HE recalled the times when Sakura would ignore him or simply glares at him.

He smirked. Even though his heart is already aching, just the thought of Sakura makes him feel everything- from loneliness to happiness.

He walked and walked, out of the classroom, up the stairs, wherever his feet led him.

Then, he reached the rooftop.

The rooftop where most memories are---from the first kisses to the time where they had been together.

He stood there.

He walked to the same spot where they first shared their first kiss.

His heart started to pound loudly and faster as ever as if it would never pound again.

Then, it started to ache too much that he broke down and started to cry.

Tears poured fast from his eyes he grasps his shirt.

As if on cue, the rain started to pour hard, making him remember the time when they broke up.

Then, he realized that no matter how much he run away from his memories with Sakura, he never seemed to get away... because Sakura lives in his mind, in his heart.


The rain is still pouring. Syaoran is again walking towards wherever.

His whole form is soaked with the rain.

Then, he saw the street that leads to Sakura's house.

He took that way.

Then, he stopped in front of Sakura's house.

He hesitated if he should enter or not.

But he entered anyway.

He looked around the dull-looking house.

It seemed to look very dull... well, in Syaoran's opinion anyway.

Actually, since Sakura died, everything seemed to look dull.

Then, his gaze fixed on a teddy bear with a green ribbon.

He narrowed his eyes at it.

Somehow, it looked familiar. Then, realization hit him as his eyes widened.

No way, it's the bear that Sakura gave but I rejected it.

He picked up the doll and stared at it. Then, a crumpled piece of paper fell from the bear.

He picked up the paper and started to straighten it as he sits down the couch.

While reading it, he started to understand everything.

He held the paper with his left hand while the teddy bear is on the other hand.


He stared at the ceiling, not thinking of anything.

He laid there on his bed while the letter that Sakura wrote lay on top of his desk together with the teddy bear.

He closed his eyes.

Then, he felt something soft fall on his face.

He became alert and quickly opened his eyes.

He picked up the soft thing that fell on his face.

He stared at a pink cherry blossom. It looked like it is glowing.

Then, it flew on the desk. Although he felt no wind inside the room, the cherry blossom flew towards the desk and landed just on top of the letter.

Confused, Syaoran went to his desk and surprisingly, the crumpled letter looked like it was never crumpled at all!

Then he saw an added part of the letter.

It says;

P.S. Syaoran, I also understand everything now. But I don't want you to get more depressed. I want you to move on. There must be someone that you'll also love more than I had loved you. But please do not forget me.

He finished reading the added part and his gaze landed on the bear.

It looked good as new.

Though he doesn't know how these things are happening, he decided to accept it and did as Sakura wanted him to do---- to move on.


Syaoran's family moved to Hong Kong.

And for now, it was the beginning of another school year.

He sat on the seat near the window.

Then, the sensei asked someone to go inside.

"Hi everyone, I'm very pleased to meet you. You can just call me Ying Fa."

Syaoran recognized the voice. He had heard that voice before but he can't remember where or when or who it belonged to.

He looked up to see a girl with auburn-colored hair with emerald-colored eyes.

He was dumbstrucked.

He blinked once, then twice. Then stared at the girl again.

The girl finally looked at Syaoran. The girl stared at him for a while then smiled at him.



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