pairing: Zutara
Summary: Zuko tried to get Katara's attention.
A/N: Im supposed to be doing a book report right now...but I would rather do this. I was really distracted while writing this, Robot Chicken was on, sorry if it sucks.

How do girls do this? Zuko thought as he pulled on Katara's spare parka. Zuko had been thinking of ways to get Katara to notice him when he saw Katara laughing at some crazy thing the avatar did. If Katara wanted crazy, she was going to get it. The most absurd thing he could think to do was put on her clothes. It sounded incredibly stupid to him now.

Making his way through the forest, he heard Sokka and Katara arguing about food, or the lack thereof. Crap. It was obvious to Zuko; she wasn't in a good mood. Having second thoughts about his timing he started backing up and into his original hiding place. Unfortunately, that was his first mistake. Zuko gracelessly tripped on a root protruding from the base of a nearby tree. Falling hard, Zuko landed with a loud, dull, thud. The camp suddenly went quiet, and he heard a still angry Katara stomp through the forest.

Zuko quickly looked around him for a place to escape, spotting a tree. Zuko hastily climbed up and sat himself on a safe looking branch. That was his second mistake.

If Zuko learned anything from this whole ordeal, it was number one: don't listen to uncle, and number two: find a better branch.

Just as Katara walked under the tree, Zuko heard a huge cracking noise. He quickly scrambled for a better branch, but it was too late.

As he fell down, Katara's parka started snagging on tree branches. Crap. He landed with a large pile of blue right in front of Katara.

Her look of shock was only temporary and was quickly replaced with rage as she saw the state of her parka.

There were rips and tears everywhere, dirt marks, holes where there shouldn't be, and an abundant supply of twigs sticking out of odd places. Katara was angry, so angry, in fact, that words seemed to come out of her mouth in incoherent jumble of syllables.

Her screams could be heard in camp about a half a mile away.

Zuko learned do mend clothes that day.