Disclaimer: I don't own Fatal Frame/Project Zero. I'm just borrowing the characters for a little while.

This is just a little drabble as I wait for a USB pen to come for me so I can get chapter two of The Eternal Sealing from my laptop so I can post it.

Just a 300 word drabble told from Miku's point of view at the end of Fatal Frame One.


Miku's Heart

The Holy Mirror shines, and behind me Kirie becomes the woman I saw in my vision. Behind her is Mafuyu, I am so glad that he is safe, and alive. I run to him all I want to do is hold onto him and not let him go. I watch as the young Kirie that has helped tells the older one not to forget her duty as a Shrine Maiden. I wish that Kirie could be free to choose her own path. I watch as Kirie closes the gate and then binds herself to it, locking the malice behind it.

Mafuyu tells me he wishes to stay, I know that if I asked he would come home with me, and I wish he would I do not want to be alone as he is all I have, but he will make his own decision. A part of me wishes to stay as well to keep them both company when they need it. Mafuyu would not let me I already know that. So I smile at my brother and nod my head telling him it is fine if he stays with Kirie and to give her hope during the darker times.

I watch as the Hell Gate slams into her over and over again, causing her so much pain. I look at my brother once more, he is already looking at Kirie. I know he made the right decision to stay with her. The ground rumbles beneath me and I become unsteady on my feet, I'm frightened, as I begin to run. I know I will be left alone, but I will be fine in the end as I will always remember that my brother is doming something important, he is giving hope and love to the Last Rope Shrine Maiden.

Well I hope you all enjoyed it, please tell me what you think. And be a little gentle, though if you see any mistakes please inform me so I can rectify them.