A/N: This story is completed. I am currently copying it from my notebook to the computer so it will be posted in segments. Btw, I wrote this a while ago, so it's not very good. Thank goodness I improve as I continue writing. My sisters loved it though, so I decided it was worthy enough to be posted. :-P

Disclaimer: I do not own Sharkboy, Lavagirl, or any characters from the movie The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. Tucker, Danny, and others are mine, you will know them, but the rest belong solely to Robert Rodriguez and his son, Racer Max.


Lavagirl picked up her cell phone and dialed Sharkboy's number.

"Yeah?" Sharkboy answered.

Lavagirl smiled at the irritation in her best friend's voice. "I was just wondering how you were doing. Have you found your father yet?"

"What do you think?" Came the annoyed answer.

"I guess not. You haven't called in a while. I was worried."

"Yeah, well, I'm fine."

"What's your readings?"

"About 800 feet deep near Australia."

"Okay, I'll mark that on the map."

"You're marking down where I am?"

"Yeah, what's wrong with that?"

Sharkboy sighed. "Girls. Well, I've got to go."

"I miss you."

"Yeah well, I miss you too. I hope--" He was cut off by a loud tearing and scraping noise.

Lavagirl clutched the phone tightly to her ear. "Sharky?" Her voice shook. "Are you okay? What was that noise?"

"My sub scraped . . . sharp rock." The connection was breaking up.

"Sharky?" Lavagirl's voice went up a notch.

"I'm . . . don't worry . . . everything . . . kay. L.G.? . . . sorry . . . friend." The phone cut off and went dead.