Tucker and Danny's dad, Robert Saunter, gazed outside the airplane window to the immense ocean below. He had gotten a call from his family saying that he should come home quickly and meet a very important person who was dying to see him.

He did not know any important people so he assumed, with great joy and anticipation, that it must be his long lost son. He hopped the first plane to New Zealand and was now waiting impatiently for it to land.

It finally did and he raced down the gangplank to the gate. Standing there to greet him were his wife, Danny, Tucker, some kids he did not recognize, and the boy.

The boy was so tall and much older than he remembered. He was wearing a long, loose, black jacket over a red shirt and black, baggy jeans. His hair was short and spiky, but there was no doubt in this father's heart and mind that this was his son.

"Taylor." He said softly. Then he cried, regardless of the stares, "Taylor! Sharkboy, my son!"

The boy's eyes lit up and he ran to him.

"Dad!" The boy cried.

Max, Lavagirl, and their friends looked on happily as the marine biologist and his "Sharkboy" clasped one another in a tight embrace. Even Tucker found he could smile, he knew his time with his dad would come. And boy, would he have stories to tell him. About how he had met his half-brother and how together they had waited excited to see him again. Sharkboy had started searching for his father and had ended up finding a family. What a great ending to a great adventure.

The End

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