Disclaimer: I don't own Fatal Frame/Project Zero. I'm just borrowing the characters for a little while.

This is just a little drabble as I wait for a USB pen to come for me so I can get chapter two of The Eternal Sealing from my laptop so I can post it.

Just a 300 word drabble told from Mafuyu's Point of view at the end of Fatal Frame One.


Mafuyu's Wish

I open my eyes and see Miku, I have been held captive, in a way by Kirie. She could not kill me like the others as she felt connected as I look like the man see fell in love with. I feel her pain, at not being able to live her life. I watch as a young Kirie reminds the older about her duty, I feel a sadness of them both but a determination to do their duty as a Rope Shrine Maiden. I see the Hell Gate slam into her fragile body, I see the pain it causes her.

I look to Miku who I standing by me and tell her that I wish to remain by her side, to stay and give her hope through the rest of time. She has to protect this place, but who is to protect her, and give her the love she needs the company that all people need in life. I see that Miku wishes me to go with her, but she will let me decided what I will do. My sister smiles at me and nods her head. I smile back and look to Kirie as the ground rumbles beneath us.

Miku runs as she gives me one last smile. A boulder drops between us, but I am not afraid. I watch as Miku runs out of sight, glad that she will be safe soon. I turn to Kirie who looks at me with a sad smile. I smile back, but mine is not sad. While held captive I fell in love, she appreciates everything she experienced before the ritual, which is why I fell in love with her. I will stand by her side for eternity and will help her cope with her duty as the last Rope Shrine Maiden.

Well I hope you all enjoyed it, please tell me what you think. And be a little gentle, though if you see any mistakes please inform me so I can rectify them.