Disclaimer: I don't own Fatal Frame/Project Zero. I'm just borrowing the characters for a little while.

This is just a little drabble as I wait for a USB pen to come for me so I can get chapter two of The Eternal Sealing from my laptop so I can post it.

Just a 300 word drabble told from Kirie's point of view at the end of Fatal Frame One.


Kirie's Hope

I hold my arms out and cal the ropes to attach themselves. They do so and I am pulled up and across the Hell Gate. The gate slams into my back as the Malice of the Underworld tries to break out once again. I failed in my duty, I will not do so again. I watch as Miku and Mafuyu talk, I cannot hear the words they speak. He looks so much like the one I loved so long ago, I wonder briefly if he is the reincarnation of my Love. I see Miku smile at him sadly and nod.

Mafuyu walks closer to where I am strung up. He is going to stay here with me, so I will not be alone anymore. A part of me is so happy about that, that I will have someone with me. But another part is sad, I do not want him to have to give up his life just to remain here. I can see that Miku needs him. She is special. I want to tell him to go, and I do, but he does not listen to me. The ground rumbles beneath me and things begin to fall from above.

The Hell Gate is sealing itself with my help. But it is doing it permanently. This is where I shall remain for eternity. Miku runs away down the path and out of sight. I see Mafuyu smile sadly as she leaves. He looks at me and smiles, I am no longer alone. But this is my fate, one chosen by the Himuro family master when I was a very young child. I have prepared for this for so long, but I thought I would be doing it alone. I am the last Rope Shrine Maiden, he has become my hope.

Well I hope you all enjoyed it, please tell me what you think. And be a little gentle, though if you see any mistakes please inform me so I can rectify them.