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Jack slowly opened is eyes when he heard a faint sound near him. Groggily raising hi head from his pillow and looking around his room, he saw that it was his phone. He slowly reached over and grabbed it, putting it up to his ear as he laid his head against his pillow. "Hello?" he said, his voice heavy with sleep.


Hearing the voice on the other end of the line made Jack open his eyes again. "Bobby, what the hell are you thinking?" he asked, looking over at his clock and squinting to see the time. "It's one in the morning!"

Bobby sighed. "Not here it ain't, Jackie, and I'm sorry if I woke you from your beauty sleep!" he answered cockily. Then, his tone suddenly changed to a more serious one. "Jack, there's something wrong with Ma."

"What?" Jack said, quickly sitting up as he turned on the lamp near his bed. "How do you know?"

"I don't know, Jackie. I just do." Bobby told him quietly. "I guess I picked up on her intuition. I just got off the phone with her, and I'm having a feeling that something's just… wrong."

Jack didn't know what to say. He had begun to feel anxious ever since he heard Bobby's serious tone. He climbed out of bed and wandered over to the window, leaning against the wall next to it.

"Jack, are you still there?" Bobby said.

"Yeah. I'm still here." Jack replied hollowly. "I'm just…" The youngest Mercer couldn't find a way to finish his thought, so he sighed and leaned his forehead against the cool windowpane. His head felt hot, so the coolness felt good. "What do you suggest we do?" he asked in nearly a whisper, unexplainable tears forming in his eyes. His biggest fear was losing Evelyn, the only woman who ever cared about him…

Bobby sighed. He could sense his brother's fear. "I suggest we get our asses over there sooner than we planned." he said, the feeling that he was about to cry rising up in his chest. "I'm planning on leaving tomorrow night since that's the soonest I can leave because of work. I would leave tonight, but I can't since there hasn't been a death in the family. How soon can you leave?"

"Well, I have a major rehearsal tomorrow, so I might have to leave on the twenty-second." Jack told him. "That is if I can get a flight that day. I'll go on-line when we're done on the phone and try to get a ticket."

"Good plan, Jackie." Bobby assured him. "I have a cell phone now, too, so you can always reach me on that if you had too." There was a silence between the two brothers for a moment. Then… "Are you okay, man?" he asked.

"I'm fine." Jack answered, nodding just to prove the point to himself. He hoped that his voice wasn't giving away the fact that he was close to crying. He hoped that Bobby couldn't hear it… "Do Angel and Jerry know?"

"No." Bobby said with a sigh. "I'll probably call them before work tomorrow. My worry might just be irrational, ya' know? I don't want to worry them yet…"

Jack took a deep breath, hoping to keep his tears from falling. "Yeah. Let's hope it's irrational." he agreed.

"Jack, listen to me." Bobby told him. "I'm not going to be getting any sleep tonight, and I'll be home. If you need to talk, I want you to call me. All right?"

"Yeah." Jack replied, knowing that he wasn't going to be getting any more sleep either. "Thanks, Bobby."

There was another silence. Jack didn't want to say anything for the fear that he would break down if he said a word. But he was surprised by the next words he heard from his brother…

"I love you, Jack." Bobby suddenly muttered.

Jack smiled slightly, the tears beginning to fall from his eyes. "I love you too, Bobby." he said shakily.

Bobby sighed sadly when he heard his youngest brother. He was showing the emotions that he felt like he couldn't show. "Look, Jackie. Hurry and get your airline ticket and then call me back, okay?" he told him.

There was a silence on the other line for a moment. "All right." Jack whispered. "I will. Bye."

"Bye." Bobby muttered to himself, hanging up the phone after his brother. He slowly got to his feet and walked over to the dresser. He reached forward and picked up the framed picture that was sitting on top of it. Tears formed in his eyes as he looked down on the frozen memory.

It was a picture of him, Evelyn, and his three other brothers after one of his hockey games. He smiled slightly when he saw that Jack wasn't at his smiling stage yet…

Soon, his feeling of dread overpowered the happy memory, and he set the picture down before sitting on the bed. As tears formed in his eyes, Bobby hoped that the fear he was having was irrational.

Suddenly, he looked out the window.


After changing his pants to jeans and pulling a t-shirt over his head, Jack sat down in front of his computer. Tears fell freely from his eyes as he looked over airline schedules, seeing when he could get a flight to Detroit on the twenty-second. He wished he could leave at that very second, to go to Detroit and remain close to Evelyn so that nothing could happen to her. But that was impossible, so he would have to settle for the twenty-second like he had told Bobby. He found one available for two in the afternoon, and he quickly registered so he could buy his ticket on-line. Once his ticket was purchased, Jack leaned back in his chair and reached for the phone.

But before he reached it, his eyes landed on a photograph that he always kept near him.

It was a picture of him, Evelyn, and his older brothers after his first concert. He remembered that Bobby had had a cold the day before, but he had still gone to the concert anyway. Jack sighed, more tears forming in his eyes. That was one of the best memories he had with Evelyn, and he had dedicated every concert after that to her. He sighed. Now, the memory seemed painful.

Then, remembering his promise to call Bobby back, Jack picked up the phone. He began to dial his brother's number, but stopped before he finished when his attention was suddenly switched to the window.


Evelyn sighed as she switched off the television. She had never really liked it much, but her sons had. That was really the only reason she kept the darn thing…

She then got to her feet and slowly walked upstairs to her room. She sat on her bed, careful to avoid sitting on the paper that bore her oldest son's name. She slowly reached her hand toward her desk and picked up the framed picture so that she could look at it again.

She had a hard time believing that it had only been taken the previous year. She pictured her four sons looking differently now; Angel having more tattoos… Bobby sporting a different hairstyle… Jerry having a bigger beard… Jack having a piercing somewhere…

Evelyn sighed, setting the picture back down. At least she had been able to tell them that she loved them one last time…

Suddenly, she got to her feet and walked over to the window. What she saw amazed her.

A streak shot quickly through the star-filled sky. Even though it had all happened in a mere second, Evelyn felt content as she thought about the shooting star she had just seen. She felt all right about everything now…

As she continued to look out at the night sky, she suddenly had the feeling that two of her sons, Bobby and Jack, were looking out their windows at the sky with as much amazement as she was. For they had seen it too, and were filled with the same child-like wonder. Hotheaded Bobby and her little Jackie… she was a little worried that they were up so late.

For a moment, Evelyn wondered if it was unnatural to see the same shooting star in three different places at once. But that didn't matter to her. She now had a connection two of her sons that would remain with them forever.

The End

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