Title: Contagious

Chapter Forty-one: The Wedding!

Allison stared out the window as they drove back to the hotel to get dressed. She could see the wind blowing through the trees, and was grateful that it was a warmer October day. Closing her eyes she could still see the red and orange leaves flickering along the ground like dancing silhouettes. With a lazy sigh, Allison refrained from letting her head lean against the window and smudge her make-up.

Cuddy looked to her side at the bride, "You look oddly calm." She pointed out, as she turned the car onto the road to the hotel.

"I am oddly calm." Allison laughed. "Just, all those months of stressing over wedding plans and now..." She shrugged, "I'm just not worried about anything, 'cause I've done all I can, and if anything goes wrong, then it goes wrong."

"No pessimism." Lolie scolded jokingly. "Everything's going to be fine!" She gave her sister a shoulder nudge.

"I just wonder what Greg's doing..." Allison sighed once more and caught herself before her forehead pressed to the glass.


House poured six shots off Jack Daniels as he, Wilson, Stephen, Bryce, Mr. Cameron and Morgan waited for their car that would take them to the park.

"To only having to do this once for you, House... I'm glad you found your soul mate, you miserable bastard. To House and Allison! Mazal tov!" Wilson raised the shot glass and all the men laughed before chorusing in with "Mazal tov!" and clinked their glasses before shooting back the fiery liquid.

Giving his hands a nervous ringing, House started fussing over his tie. He didn't wear ties for a good reason, he could never get them to lie straight, but with the help of his soon to be in-laws, the black tie was now wrestled into a level, vertical line.

"You look relatively calm." Mr. Cameron stated, leaning against the kitchen counter. "I just got off the phone with Jennifer, they just finished getting dressed."

"That's the Jack making me calm, but how's Ally doing?" House asked, grabbing the JD and pouring another shot.

"Calm as a cucumber." Matthew took the bottle next.

"Then why the hell am I having a near anxiety attack?" House stole the bottle back after Matthew had poured his glass.

"Take it easy on the Jack, Greg!" Bryce called from the living room.

House rolled his eyes and took the shot anyway.

"You're anxious, because you want it to be perfect." Matthew supplied and smiled at House's grunt. "You've never been married before, have you?"


"Well, let me give you the low down." Matthew put the top back on the bottle. "I'm sure you're just going to let this roll off considering what happened to me and Jennifer."

"Wilson's been divorced three times and I still listen to some things he tells me." House shrugged.

"Please leave me out of this." Wilson yelled from his spot on the couch.

"Jen spent her every waking moment planning our first wedding. The day of it though, she was the one put together and I was the one nervous as hell. It wasn't because I was afraid of marrying her. It was because I knew how much stress she'd built up over it, and I was afraid something would go wrong and ruin it for her." Matthew supplied. "I think that's why you've got the jitters. No cold feet. No second thoughts. Just loving someone so much that the only thing you worry about- is their happiness."

House didn't know if it was Matthew's words, or the Jack Daniels, but he suddenly felt much better. His hands didn't feel like Niagra Falls from their sweating anymore, and his legs didn't seem to vibrate underneath him now. "Thanks."

"Car's here!" Stephen called from his spot near the window.

The men filed towards the door and House took one last deep breath before leaving the apartment.


House tried not to glare at the video camera that Foreman was zooming in on him. He and Chase, along with the two other fellows from Allison's department were seated near the front of the congregation.

Trying not to tap his foot with annoyance, House opted for staring down the "aisle" for Allison's arrival. When Erica and Morgan appeared from behind the partition first and walked down the aisle with large, identical grins, House took a deep breath. Here we go!

Reaching the front, Erica went to her violin case and pulled out the stringed instrument. She gave House a reassuring smile as she set down her bouquet and picked up her bow. Soon the Wedding March began, introducing the procession.

Next to follow was Marah and Stephen, followed by Bryce and Cuddy. House thought it must have felt very strange for Allison's brothers to be walking down the aisle with someone other than their actual spouse. Soon, Lolie and Wilson appeared and took their respective sides. Erica's violin faded out, and then Cannon in D filtered past the strings. House took another deep inhalation before Allison appeared, which was a good call because when she came into view, he suddenly forgot how to breathe.

House understood now why Allison had hidden her dress so well. Although she could have taken his breath away whether he'd seen it or not, he appreciated the heat he felt over just seeing her.

The flowing white of her gown swayed in the October breeze, lace flittering over the thicker material that resided beneath. Though the bottom was wide, a contrast to the slim gowns of late, it came to a cinched waist that blossomed upward and accented what House considered to be the most well formed breasts he'd ever seen. The off the shoulder sleeves blended well into the dress as they flowed downward in a gaping opening, the fabric at the cuffs dipping down past her hips as she held her bouquet at her chest.

She was his beautiful Victorian bride.

As Allison approached, her father's arm laced in hers, House felt himself shift, but remained still instead of following his first instinct to take Allison from her father and run away with her. After today, he would be the only man to escort her anywhere ever again. That thought sent another wave of heat over his body.

When Matthew reached House, he lifted his daughter's veil and gave her cheek a gentle kiss before placing the thin fabric back down and going to his seat. Taking position next to his bride, House felt his hand find hers as they faced Judge Edgars. She gave his hand a hard squeeze.

"Good afternoon." Judge Edgars began. "We are gathered here today to celebrate in the union of Gregory House and Allison Cameron. If anyone has reason that these two should not be wed, please speak now."

"Too many to count." Wilson muttered under his breath, but it didn't stop House from hearing and giving his best man a quick jab with his elbow in the gut. Allison gripped House's hand firmly in warning and he gave it an apologetic shake.

"Was that an objection?" Judge Edgars quirked an eyebrow.

"No." Wilson tried not to double over, though his voice was breathless.

With a nod, Judge Edgars continued. "The oldest brother of the bride will now give the opening reading."

Stephen stepped forward, looking more pale than usual. Clearing his throat, Stephen began nervously,

"I want to capture your face behind my eyelids and stare at you in my dreams- Your eyes, so cold, that they make my heart burst into flames..."

Allison froze as her brother spoke. He had taken that from her book. Looking at House, Allison knew that he had recognized it as well. It hadn't been so much a poem, just a want she'd had. Allison had always dreamed of dreaming of someone.

The proceedings continued as Judge Edgars spoke, "Marriage is not something to be stepped into lightly," he began, and House couldn't resist looking at Wilson with a smirk, "it should be entered into with utmost care, and be shared between two people who love each other deeply."

Allison was now smirking as well, giving Wilson a sideways glance. The oncologist glared at them both, but rolled his eyes anyway.

"Now, Greg and Allison will exchange vows." Judge Edgars gestured to Allison and House.

House began first. This had been the part he'd been dreading all day. "I..." House froze for a second and shook his head, "You know, Ally... I had this whole thing written out. I even had it memorized. But you did to me now, the same thing you did when I first saw you. You took all the thoughts from my brain." House's hand was still holding Allison's, and his thumb grazed over her palm, "You turn me into a fool, but you turn me into a better person too. Even people who thought I was a complete bastard can tolerate me when you're by my side. You gave me love. You gave me family. And all I can give you... Is myself."

Allison trembled, she could feel tears building in her eyes, and she damned the groom for reducing her to a puddle of goo before she was suppose to speak. She wanted to cry. She wanted to hold him. She wanted to kiss him. But she couldn't do any of that until she'd spoken her words.

Swallowing hard, Allison took a rattling breath, "Love is so contagious." She began. "Just like the little bug that brought us together in stages. Love hit me first, and then it went into you. And that is how our love grew. It swarmed inside me and then remained. I thought it would be forever contained. But it escaped and went to your heart. From that moment, we were never apart. You pushed me away like a vaccination. But I'm contagious, and have great preservation. I laid in wait, for your weakest time. And jumped at the moment when I knew you could be mine. And now I'm realizing my life. And how, with you, I'll take it in stride. We'll stand together, contagious forever. Loving forever, contagious together."

House smiled at Allison, giving her hand a light squeeze. It had been a long time since he thought of what had brought them here. Somehow, in their year together, he had completely forgot what it had been like before they had taken care of each other. It was true that they hadn't really been apart from each other since the day he had taken her home. And he was grateful that she had pounced at her opportunity to be with him. He would love her everyday for being braver than he had been.

Judge Edgars cleared his throat, "Now, Bryce Cameron will give a reading." He stated.

Bryce stepped forward, seemingly more confident than his brother had been, "Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart." Bryce inclined his head and returned back to the his place with the wedding party. Allison and House smiled, grateful that her brothers had kept their quotations very short. They must have realized that the couple didn't want the ceremony to drag on.

At that moment, a bark resounded from the end of the aisle. Kane wagged her tail proudly and trotted down the aisle. Everyone laughed as the dog came to the bride and groom and sat down.

"And now, the exchanging of the rings." Judge Edgars laughed as Kane wagged her tail.

House bent over and retrieved the smaller of the two platinum bands from the secured tie on Kane's collar. Straightening up, House placed the ring against Allison's fingers and recited after the judge. "I, Gregory House, give you, Allison Cameron, this ring as an eternal symbol of my love and devotion to you." House slid the ring over Allison's finger, and he could feel her fingers tremble as he did so.

However, before Allison could take the identical, though larger, ring from Kane's collar, the dog was off like a dart. Allison groaned as Kane took chase to a nearby squirrel.

"HEY! WE STILL NEED YOU OVER HERE!" House bellowed. Kane stopped halfway down the aisle and looked at House, irritation all over her doggy face. "Come here." House pointed.

Kane's expression seemed to droop as she cantered back over to the wedding party and sat down, disdain written in her body language.

Shaking her head, Allison leaned over and took the ring on Kane's collar, which had, luckily, not dislodged in the dog's dash.

Placing the ring over House's fourth digit, she made the same declaration before sliding the ring the rest of the way onto his finger.

"By the power vested in me by the state of New Jersey, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." Judge Edgars stated.

Finally to the part that both Allison and House had been anticipating all day; House raised Allison's veil and took in the non-distorted sight of her face. Though her make-up was blotched ever-so-slightly from earlier tears, she looked breathtaking. Inclining his head, House lowered his lips to hers and he felt Allison's arms twine around his neck as their lips met. Pulling away they looked at each other, neither quite believing that they were now married. It had been such an interesting road getting here, and now they had an even greater journey ahead of themselves.

"I now present to you with, Mr. and Mrs. House." Judge Edgars finalized to the congregation.

Everyone stood and clapped as House and Allison went down the aisle together, hands still clasped together tightly.

"How many layers on that dress?" House mumbled to Allison as they went to their limo.

"About four." Allison smirked, knowing where he was getting with that question.

"Any framework?"


"Good girl." House grinned as he opened the door for her and climbed in behind her.


Riding to the hotel that the reception would be taking place at, House played with the new ring on his finger, rubbing his thumb against the smooth surface. He could see Allison twisting her own ring around her finger, and he just smiled at her when she looked at him.

"This feels so weird." She blushed prettily, like they had never been intimate up until this day.

"I was thinking the same thing." House laughed a bit, but he leaned in and kissed her as the limo pulled up to the hotel. "But a good weird." He breathed against her lips.

A bellhop came and took the luggage in the trunk, for the plane taking them away on their honeymoon would not be leaving until the morning. It seemed odd to get a hotel room when their apartment was only a few city blocks away, but they had decided to indulge in all of the perks of honeymooning.

House tipped the bellhop as he finished placing the last of their luggage in the room, "Congratulations." The bellhop grinned as he left.

"Hmm, how much time do you think we have before people will miss us at the reception?" House asked, embracing his new wife around her cinched waist.

"Greg, there's no way we're getting this dress off and then back on." Allison laughed, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"We don't have to take it all the way off." He pressed his tongue against his teeth as he started pushing her backwards towards the bed.

"Aw, but, honey, I had such a nice surprise for you tonight, and you'll ruin it if we consumate the marriage now..." She teased.

House thought for a moment. Firstly, the word consumate coming from her lips was the cutest thing he'd ever heard. Especially with all the... consumating they'd done before getting married. Secondly, the playfulness in her voice lead him to think that maybe it might just be worth waiting for. Giving Allison another peck on the lips, House nodded and the two made their way back downstairs to the ballroom where their bridal party was waiting for them.

"Wow, we didn't expect to see you so soon." Lolie teased, hugging her sister.

"Especially after yesterday's little display before the rehearsal dinner." Bryce clapped his new brother-in-law on the shoulder.

"I think we can control ourselves for a few more hours." House replied, lazily stroking Allison's bare shoulder as his other arm curled around her waist. Allison smiled softly and leaned her head back to rest against his own shoulder. The family smiled warmly at the gentle display.

Soon the guests from the wedding arrived and started getting seated. Foreman and Chase went up to their boss to congratulate the pair. "It took three years, but better than never." Foreman hugged Allison and shook House's hand.

"Wow... I guess we can't call you "Cam" anymore, huh?" Chase laughed somewhat awkwardly while he glanced over Allison's shoulder.

Allison took a glimpse behind her and saw Marah chatting away with her sister. With a slight smirk, Allison nodded, "It's either Allison or Dr. House now." She laughed.

"It would be just too weird calling you Dr. House." Foreman shook his head, recovering from the idea of calling her his boss's name. "Guess it's Allison then."

When everyone had gotten in their congratulations, they sat down for dinner, and much to House's dismay, the toasts began.

Wilson stood first, and House groaned aloud, earning a slap upside the head from Ally.

"Spousal abuse already?" House gawked at her, and the party goers laughed when Allison just shrugged.

"Anyone here who knows House, is also well aware of what a pain in the ass he can be." Wilson began and got a laugh out of the hospital employees. "He's difficult and never does what anyone asks of him."

"Are you trying to get an annulment out of her?" House groaned.

"But," Wilson exaggerated the next opening word, "he has his reasons, though most of us can rarely understand them. That's why I knew from the beginning that Allison was perfect for him. She had the patience to learn to understand him, and she had the love he needed. Ally," Wilson turned to look at the young woman, "if there's anything I've regretted more than three failed marriages, it's what I said to you the day you and House got together. I thought your goal was to coddle him and make him helpless. But instead, you kept him on his toes and, yeah, you made him more dependant in you than anyone would have ever expected House could become, but not in the way I feared. You made him helpless to your gaze, and helpless to your love, and God that must be the most amazing feeling." He raised his champagne glass high. "To Greg and Allison House, may they spend the rest of their lives helpless to each other." He gestured with a smile before everyone toasted as well, taking a long sip.

Lolie stood next after the applause ended, clearing her throat, a nervous smile quivered over her lips. "When I see Greg and Ally together, I see many things. When I look at how his eyes follow her every movement, I know he'll watch over her and care for her. When I see how Ally sets a gentle hand in his, I know that she will always be understanding and patient. And," Lolie choked a bit, "when I see that look in Greg's eye whenever Ally twirls her ring around her finger; a look of possession and devotion all at once, I know that he will never let anything come between them. But I know for sure, every time I see them together, that there's nothing that can't get through with a little humor, a little patience, and a lot of love. Luckily, they have a great abundance of all three. To Greg and Ally House." Lolie raised her glass now and everyone toasted a second time before the party goers broke into applause and then a quick succession of conversation.

Before dinner would be served, Allison noticed a slight tremor beneath House's eye. She knew something was making him nervous. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." House replied stiffly.

"Liar." She glared slightly.

House smiled at her, "Nothing's wrong." He said gently.

Right when Allison was about to interrogate further, the doors to the hall flung open, and one of the reception coordinators came in, pushing a piano. Allison's mouth clamped shut and House stood up. "Greg?" She said breathlessly.

Smiling down at her, he brushed his finger against her jaw before taking her hand and leading her towards the piano. The wedding guests quieted when House and Allison came to the piano and sat down on the bench that an assistant coordinator had provided. There was an abrupt hush when House's fingers rested over the keys and made no sound.

Taking a look at Allison, House leaned over and kissed her cheek before his fingers finally pressed the keys with a firm caress. Allison watched his fingers move as the sound went to her ears. She noticed immediately that it was not a song she knew. Observing further she realized that it was not a song anyone knew but House.

He hadn't lied, he had really composed a song for her. It had almost been a year since he'd stated that he was going to do so, but she had figured it had just been a line to get her to stop asking questions about something...

Closing her eyes, Allison listened to the minor chords that filtered into her ears. The sound was so depressed, like there was something lying across the strings and keeping them from vibrating and releasing the sounds that they should. Soon, a key change occurred, and the tempo picked up slightly. It was at the key change to major that Allison realized that it was a song about himself. With this realization, Allison looked at his concentrating face. The clench in his jaw and the stiffness in his arms told her one thing. This wasn't the song he'd written. He was trying too hard.

Leaning over, Allison leaned her head on his shoulder and murmured, "Perfection isn't what makes a song great." She felt the tension in his shoulders dissipate at the simple phrase, and the slackening made his entire body relax. Now he was playing their song.

When the final chord died away, applause broke out and House tried not to grimace. He knew that no one else would understand the song. He knew that all they would here was a beginning of incoherence, a middle of soft drivel, and an ending of optimism. But no one would know it like Allison did. And that's all that mattered to him. This was the only way he knew he could express just how deeply she lived in his heart to the people who had attended his wedding, and all he cared about was knowing that she appreciated it. And judging by the tears spilling from her eyes and the words she'd spoken; House knew that she appreciated it with all of her heart, and that was enough.


House and Allison leaned against the walls of the elevator. Both had been trying to wait patiently for the reception to conclude, but it seemed to last forever!

Not to say that it hadn't been fun and contributed a few lasting moments into their memories. Like Foreman getting drunk and doing the "lawnmower". Or watching Marah and Chase sneak off to the elevators and hitching a ride to the hotel rooms on the upper flors. In their opinion, the highlight had been catching Cuddy and Wilson making out behind one of the columns in the reception hall.

However, despite the fun their reception had been, both were glad to be going up to their room at last.

Closing the door behind him, House noticed somethings he hadn't in the dim lights of the reception's hall. He had failed to notice how wild Allison's hair had become in comparison to it's tamed appearance at the beginning of the day. He had failed to notice that her immaculate make-up had been sweated away in vigorous dancing. And he had also failed to notice the disheveled order that her dress was in. But something he had noticed the whole night was how beautiful she was from the beginning of the day to end.

Placing his hands on her waist, House trailed his finger tips from the curve of her waist, up the tight frame of her torso and against the swell of the side of her breast. His forehead leaned against hers as he smiled gently. "Can I finally take this off of you?" He asked as he lazily stroked the lacy fabric.

Allison smiled and turned around, letting the tips of his fingers slide across her body. Smiling himself now, House went to work on the laces that ran down the length of the back of the dress. He could feel her shivering as his fingers tingled along her back as they made quick work of the satin chord. When the final string was released, her dress seemed to bloom open like a flower petal as it slid from her body. Watching the descent of the dress to the floor, House admired the garments that resided beneath. A satiny white strapless bra and matching panties that when he ran his fingers over the thong's front, he could feel the smooth fabric glide beneath his fingers like liquid silk.

Pushing him towards the bed, Allison began undoing his tie, and unbuttoning his shirt. Soon he was down to just his boxers and she pushed him onto the bed. "I love you." She murmured as she stepped onto the bed and crawled up the length of his body. House reached up and undid her bra. Th straps slid down her arms and away from her body, causing her to shift slightly and fling it across the room.

"I love you too." House replied softly as he took hold of her hips and slid her panties down before rolling them so that he was on top. Allison smiled up at him from her new position, and raised her legs to hook her pedicured toenails onto the elastic of his boxers and push them down off of his hips.

Their lovemaking was soft and slow to begin, both wanting to savor their first coupling as husband and wife. Soon, however, their needs won out and the tempo accelerated to the point that both were pushing and shoving to regain the top position once more. When they came together, each other's names on their lips, they knew that theirs would be the only ones to ever be called with such passionate love for the rest of their lives. And when they collapsed onto the bed in momentary exhaustion, they knew that these moments would only be shared with each other. And when another hour passed and they repeated their previous act, they knew that a long life of loving each other was just what they wanted... But maybe, a long life of loving each other plus one was in their future too...

-The End

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