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Pairing: Max/Fang

Trouble, and Bakeing

Grounded... That's what they were... That's why they were stuck sitting in the deserted, silent house. Max and Fang where completely grounded from everything... which is also why they are not at the amusment park with Anne, Gazzy, Angel, Nudge and Iggy... Pitty... Because everyone knows how much Fang loves to be surronded by people who are chattering loudly, screaming about not having their candy they wanted and throwing tempertantrums because they had to go home... yep, being grounded was officially the best thing in the world as of this very moment...

Fang loked up from the tv the moment he smelled it... That smell of something that has cooked too long and is on the verge of burning... great he thought what a time for Max to start her Home-ec project... Max had been put in a cooking class when she got her new scheduale, merely for somthing else to do instead of having an empty period to waste away... because Teachers are evil liket hat and couldn't possibly let her have free time during school hours! Getting up to see if he could help save what ever unfortunate dish she had to prepare, Fang walked to the kitchen with his usual Stoic face... Only to be greeted with the most gorgeous scene he had evre laid eyes apon... wow he was really starting to love this kitchen...

There standing near the stove, glaring at what looked to be like an almost burnt cake, was Max... Not only was it Max, but it was Max in shorter shorts than usual, and a tight red tank top... Fang's eyes traveled across the now-exposed skin momentarily forgetting why exactly he had decided to walk into the kitchen from the latest episode of Ceaser Millans: The Dog Whisperer(tm). Unable to help himself he silently walked up to Max, wrapping his arms around her waist, placing a soft kiss on her neck which granted him a shiver in responce.

"What are you burning?" Fang half joked seeing the unfixable burnt cake... thing. Feeling Max tense ready to make an annoyed, snappy comeback he decided to kiss her neck once again, this time leading a small trail up to the sweet spot right behind her ear, and back down to nip her shoulder lightly. Sighing quietly in responce, Max relaxed soon and rubbed her forehead frustrated. "It was supposed to be a cake... I have to bring one in or Mrs.Crakerbaker is gonna fail me!" Nodding in responce fang grimaced mentally. Max deffinately couldn't take that one in, or she would be failed anyway! Honestly, how she managed to only burn the cake and not the house was amazing in itself, the girl could burn water for gods' sake! "I think your just trying to hard... you need to relax..." allowing his voice to gain a slightly seductive pull, Fang hinted at what was on his dirty little mind...

With a smirk Max turned around to look at him, leaning against the stove after turning it off properly. "Really now? And how am I supposed to do that?" She asked feigning innocence. Gasping when Fang starts to nibble on her collar bone, she decided it wasn't the time to ask questions, but instead the time to act. Catching his lips with her own while wrapping her arms around his neck she allowed herself to indulge a little in the taste that was purely Fang, shivering a little, and allowing his tounge entrance to her mouth when she felt the light nibble on her bottom lip.Fangs hands apparently, like his tounge, couldn't keep to themself because as his tounge explored her mouth, and wrestled with her tounge for dominance his hands were traveling up her body setting trails of hot fire over her skin. Up her shirt, over her spine, down her back... His hands seemed to be everywhere, Fang seemed to be everywhere! Touching her, tasteing her holding her up as she turned to pudding in his hands.

Pulling back only slightly, Fang caught Max's eye in silent question, allowing a wicked grin to pass over his features at the affirmative nod he recieved. Next thing either bird teen knew, they were in Fangs room loosing clothes... Fast. If it wasn't for the heat that was seeming to consume her, Max would have found it near amazing how easily Fang unsnaped her bra with one hand while his other was already working on undoing her jeans. But as it were, she was a bit preocupied by what his mouth was doing to the senistive skin on her neck to pay attention. Carefully pushing Max onto the bed Fang allowed his hands to trace over every bit of skin carefully, memorizing every slope, crevice and dip, Smirking when his slow movements seemed to be driving Max crazy. Catching her eye as he undressed himself and joined her on the bed, he kissed her slowly once more giving her reassurance as she suddenly got nervouse realizing what was about to happen... All fears and doubts where soon erased once Fang slipped one finger inside her carefully. Moaning at the intrusion Max unknowingly gave Fang the go-ahead as he added one and then two more fingers stretching her out carefully, and throughly so it would hurtless when he entered her, with something much bigger than fingers.

Max couldn't help the moan of protest when Fang pulled his fingers out of her and turned away, rustling through a drawer beside his bed. Hearing the low chuckle made her glare slightly dispite the shiver it sent through her body. When Fang turned back around her eyes widend slightly in recognition to see him opening a small package. A condom... She was Sooo enterogating him when this was said and done... How long had he had THAT in his drawer, and exactly how long had he been planing this little adventure of theirs?! Of course it would all be for show... She was really greatfull for him to have it... She really didn't want to get pregnant... Seconds later Fang was again teasing her and readying her for his now-gloved member. Murmering a quiet warning and a soft apology he entered her slowly, knowing that it would hurt her if he went to fast... Kisses, nips and small bites were exchanged during the dance of making love as they learned together how to truley give each other true pleasure. Moving together in an age old rythem Max and Fang soon gave into the sensation and each fell over into oblivion, Max calling Fang's name, Fang moaning Max's...

Curling close together, after disposing of the used condom, the two teenagers were completely relaxed. Before getting cleaned up, and dressed again going back downstairs by Max's request. Pulling Fang to the kitchen she opened the microwave and pulled out a box with Max's name on it, upon opening the box Fang revealed a perfectly baked, and iced cake. Surprised he looked up at Max for some kind of explanation. Max just smirked and replied:

"Who ever knew baking a cake could be so fun..."

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