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The limp body was swung over Brent shoulders like he was carrying the flour you get from the supermarket. They walked in the shadows of the night forever cinders in the flames of the damned.

Kurt & Angela had no luck with finding Neil they had drove for hours around the city in search for Neil. They even asked those delusional friends of his and his girlfriend holly last time they checked. Still no sign of him and it has been 1 day already Kurt should have called his father when Neil was still at his house or none of this mess would have happened.

"It's not your fault Kurt, you never knew he would up and run" Angela announced interrupting Kurt's thoughts

"Gee Angela you're a mind reader" Kurt sarcastically remarked

"Thanks Kurt, you're a sweetheart not" Angela replied

They drove past three kids and a kid carrying a boy that resembled Neil they pulled over immediately to confirm there presumption. Mixed emotions swirled around in the concave heads.

The increased heartbeat like drums in an orchestra with a boom; boom in their chest the fast pace of walking shows scraping the asphalt and unknown figures chasing them like a wild bull seeing red. The progression of the chase left the hunter being the hunted. They clearly didn't know where they were going if they had a map in front of their face which now became prey for the once damned now there eyes were wide open to see what was right in front of them. It was a sign. Brent Ashley & Dana took this to their full advantage.

These people needed to be relieved of there money it was clearly burning a hole in there pocket. Brent jumped out of the shadows now in the clear sight of Angela and Kurt they were defenceless well not necessarily Angela always had here sleek black Mac 10. Hidden in the chaffs was Ashley who jumped down on Kurtz back of which he stumbled to the floor. Then from the sewers a hand grabbed Angela's leg it was Dana ready to pull her in like a cat catches a feeble field mouse. Neil's unconscious body laid wake …