Because you asked for it, here is the sequel to Questions. I'm not sure if I want to keep this one a one shot too, or to have a few chapters. However, I am leaning towards haveing more chapters for this.


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"How could I be tired of the one I love?" Aang asked, smiling.

Thoughts swarmed in every direction through Katara's mind. She wasn't sure what to think first. Aang just stared at her, waiting for a reply. Katara wasn't sure of what she should do.

"I wasn't that oblivious, was I?" Katara asked herself.

"She wasn't that oblivious, was she?" Aang asked himself, looking at Katara with a bout of confusion. "No, she couldn't have been. Why else would she suggest we kissed when we were in the cave?"

Katara wasn't sure of what she should do. She didn't know why, but she just could say anything. This, however, was making Aang panic even more. He was afraid that he shouldn't have told Katara. He didn't want to ruin their friendship. Aang also didn't want to lie to Katara, either. But, he felt that this was important, and that Katara should know. If anything were to happen to either if them- Aang shuddered at the thought.

For now, time stood still. Almost as if the spirits were anticipating on Aang telling Katara, and stopped time just for them. It was a bit odd, actually. What felt like ten minutes was barely even five.

Katara didn't know why she couldn't say any thing. She tried to say something, but for some reason she couldn't muster up any thing. Then it hit her, but as if somebody were feeding her the thought. Katara was emotionless, however, as she got closer to Aang. Close enough, in fact, that Katara was just in the right spot for giving the young Avatar a kiss in the cheek; which is exactly what she did.

Aang wasn't expecting that at all. He blushed faintly, and slowly turned his head to look back at Katara. But, she had already gotten up.

Aang sighed, his cheek still warm from where Katara's lips had touched it, as Momo ran up to him and jumped on his shoulder.


Katara was confused. She had no clue what came over her. Now, it's not like she just out of the blue made out with Aang. It was only a simple kiss on the cheek. But, it was as if someone else had told her, made her kiss Aang. However, it's not that she didn't enjoy it. Katara would just much rather have done it herself.

"Wait a minute," Katara contemplated, "then that means. . ." Her thoughts trailed off, as she was filling up her water pouch.

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