Fallen Angel


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Excuse me if the happenings aren't consistent with the ones in the anime, well, this IS a fanfic…

Pairing: Tezuka – Fuji. Gyaaaaaaah, beautiful people. I'll keep this as mild as possible. And chaste, if I can.

Warning: OOCness… and spoilers. Cliché.

a/n: epilogue!!! Don't expect much from this epilogue since it's just a cute part I wanted to add… crap. Fine. I'm going to publish the sequel on Kaidoh's birthday (May 11th), probably May 10 where you are since I'm near the IDL. By then, I would have been done writing the sequel (and finished settling school stuff), ne? And I have to make my best friend read this so we can brainstorm or something…

oooh, i mentioned something about TezuRyoFuji being a happy family. I suddenly remembered something. After Fuji vs. Kirihara match in the Kantou finals… Fuji refused to go to the hospital and said he had to watch the Ryoma vs. Sanada match. Tachibana said something like: if you miss this, Tezuka won't forgive you. Fuji smiled and nodded. Aw. Then again, maybe that's just me. :3

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"Nya," Eiji said, leaping around to get the streamers properly tied in place. "Where are buchou and Inui? Fujiko-chan is arriving soon…"

"Mn, mada mada dane, Momo-senpai," called Echizen in warning as he set the cake in the table. "You shouldn't sample the food."

"O, Momo, don't touch that – "

"Aaaaaaaaaaaah!" yelled Momoshiro, running around while fanning his mouth to get some water.

Oishi looked suspiciously at the sushi on the table. "What is it, Taka-san?"

The sushi-maker scratched his head. "Wasabi."

"That baka… fushuu," said Kaidoh, ushering the other guests – members of the other tennis clubs – who were kind enough to help with the party.

"Yuuta-kun," called Tachibana Ann as she handed a bouquet of flowers. "You should be the one to open the door and give this to your aniki."

"Me?" asked Yuuta, looking thoroughly annoyed.

The young Fuji got an encouraging pat on the shoulder from his team manager, Mizuki. "He is your brother, after all."

"If you don't want to," piped in Atobe, "Ore-sama can surprise him with his beauty…ne, Kabaji?"


"Don't depend on it," said Saeki with a grin. "Go on, Yuuta, just do it."

Pulling a long face, Yuuta took the flowers and waited by the door.

An engine roared outside and died. "Hoi! Hoi!" exclaimed Eiji. Then, the door clicked.

"Welcome back, aniki," said a sullen Yuuta.

Fuji Syusuke entered his own dwelling, wearing his usual smile. He patted Yuuta in the head and accepted the bouquet that his younger brother was offering.

"Nyaaaaa, Fujiko," said Eiji, bouncing toward the tensai. "Welcome baaaaaaaack!"

Roving his eyes around, Fuji smiled gratefully at the faces around him as he recognized them as the ones he played Bluff with. Only –

"Tezuka!" said Oishi, waving to someone behind Fuji.

The tensai smiled and spun around. He saw Seigaku's buchou standing by the doorway, beside him was Inui. "I never knew that you could be tardy, Tezuka."

Looking quite moody, Tezuka handed at a blue tin container to Fuji. "I had to get Inui's help."

Smiling pleasantly, Fuji opened the container and received the spoon that Inui was handing. "Mmmm… Arigatou, Inui, Tezuka," he said in gratitude.

"Is that ice cream, ne, Fuji-senpai?" asked Momoshiro looking at the container. "Can I have a taste?"

Merely standing and holding the container, Fuji didn't answer. He just smiled as he normally did.

Momoshiro took a huge spoonful and stuffed the serving into his mouth. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!" he yelled, running around again to get some water.

"Nya?" went Eiji, peeking cautiously at the container. "What flavor is it?"

Inui's glasses gleamed deviously. "Wasabi."

Fuji heard a soft laugh and felt a pat on his shoulder.

"Fuji," said Yukimura affably, "do you think you can play after the party?"

"Why?" asked Fuji interestedly.

"Tezuka asked whether we could play doubles," explained Sanada.

Widely smiling, Fuji glanced at Tezuka, who was trying to keep a straight face. The brown-haired buchou felt uncomfortable under the gaze in front of so many people but managed to smile back albeit bleakly. Looking mischievous what with the sharp glint in his eyes, Fuji said, "Ne, Kunimitsu, thank you for the ice cream." He had to keep himself from laughing as the buchou's eyes widened.

"Nya?" went Eiji, peering closely at Fuji. "Did Fujiko-chan say 'Kunimitsu'?"

Fuji shook his head, smiling. "I said 'Tezuka', Eiji. I'm sure I said 'Tezuka.'"

"Unless my data-collecting abilities are flawed," started Inui. "I know you said 'Kunimitsu'."

"No, I did not," said Fuji jovially, straying off to the table. "Taka-san, are these your wasabi sushi? I'll help myself, ok? Itadakimasu!"

Avoiding everyone's suspicious gaze, Tezuka watched from one corner. Fuji never really did change; he still enjoyed teasing. Trying to look as dignified as he normally was Tezuka crossed his arms in front of his chest.

"Ne, Kunimitsu."

"What is it?" asked Tezuka, looking down at the blue-eyed boy.

"Thank you," said Fuji, smiling genuinely.

Tezuka merely nodded. And, at once, he accustomed himself to the tensai's presence. After all, the smaller boy was always there, by his side. Only he took a long time to notice. "Thank you, too," said Tezuka abruptly.

"For what?" asked Fuji without looking up at Tezuka, just like he used to when they were watching those games in the tournament.

Tezuka didn't say a word.

Fuji smiled in understanding. "You're very welcome."




a/n: it's done!!! My first TeFu!!! My first shounen ai fic ever. Woohoo:3 I know, it's not what you expected… well, there's a sequel. Promise.

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The third settlement is gonna be a long one since it's futuristic: One Year in Four (of course you know why). I've started it, just need to fuse the plot with another to make it nicer. OCs are in here, with our Seigaku pairings. Wait, since, next year is a leap year, One Year in Four best be published next year, woohoo! Good for me. But you wouldn't agree, would you? –sniff-

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