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Chapter One

Final Battle

Nothing is at it seems…

Under a full sky of a stars and between a thick forest of trees a man lay on his back. His eyes a fierce green flickered. His body began to twitch uncontrollably. The man clenched his jaw as pain, until recently unimaginable, tore through his body. Muscles constricted and knotted. His organs quivered and pulsed. His blood boiled. It finally grew to be too much even for someone as strong willed as he. His mouth opened and he screamed. It wasn't a controlled scream of fear. One that asks permission of your subconscious before loosening itself to scare away the monster in the closet. This was a real scream. One that bodies reserve for the unthinkable. In history there had been three screams that could equal this one. When Eve found her son, murdered by his brother. As God watched his only son crucified. As William Wallace was tortured to death. And now, as Harry Potter was held under the cruciatus curse, was forced to watch the love of his life have hers stolen away.

"HERMIONEEEEE!!! YOU BASTARDS!!!" He fought the pain. Slowly he rolled over onto his stomach. Voldemort's red eyes narrowed and he put more hate and more power into the spell. The women at his side, his last faithful servant, Bellatrix watched in fear. In her right hand she held a dagger. Blood dripped down from its crimson stained tip. In her hand she held Harry's lover's murder weapon. Harry, from his position on his stomach, could look straight into the lifeless, brown eyes of his best friend. An unequaled rage filled his body and he crawled to his knees.

"STAY DOWN!!!" Voldemort shouted in a mixture of fear and hate. Harry had other intentions though. He had come this far. He had destroyed the Horcruxes with his two best friends. He had watched Ron, his first friend, die right in front of his eyes. Now was the final straw. He watched his most hated enemies, the one's responsible for his parents death and his godfather's death, kill his love.

"No." It was a whispered word, but to the two monsters in front of him it was a damnation to hell. His thighs and calves contracted as he shifted his weight and forced himself to stand.

"YOU WILL BEG BEFORE ME!!! BELLA CURSE HIM!!" Bellatrix with a fearful nod raised her wand with her master.

"CRUCIO!" Their spells combined. Blood began to flow from Harry's various wounds in rivers. He took a step. Voldemort's narrow eyes widened in fear. No one had ever with stood a cruciatus, and now this boy, his enemy, began to walk with two. Bella couldn't stand the waiting game. She charged with wand raised and knife poised for the kill. She swung down with the bloody dagger. Faster then she could see, Harry twisted her arm around until it was behind her back. With a sharp twist it snapped and the dagger fell into Harry's waiting hand.

"Aaaaarrrhh!!!" Her scream was enhanced as Harry directed her into the path of her master's curse. Voldemort quickly lifted the curse. Harry let her fall to the ground writhing. Before Voldemort could stop him Harry raised his boot over Bella's throat and slammed down, hard. She stopped writhing. Now he had no supporters.

"Nooo!" Voldemort raised his wand for a final curse. "Avada Kedavra!" The green curse sailed at Harry at untold speeds. Before it reached him he launched the dagger at the cause of all his pain. It landed true. Voldemort gasped as it pierced his black heart before he fell to the floor, dead.

Still his curse sped on. Harry too tired to move was grazed in the side of the head by the curse. He welcomed death…


"Five minutes 'till were out of atmo." Mal clicked the receiver off and continued to set the course thingies for take off.

Inara stepped onto the bridge. "Maybe you should let someone who knows what their doing handle that?" Her voice was warm and rang out gently. Her eyebrow was quirked in a jesting manner as she stared at him through thick eyelashes.

"Hey I'll have you know I am more than qualified." At her dubious look he hastened to explain. "I took a flight simulator class once." She continued to stare. "It was at an arcade. Fine, I'll let it be 'till River gets back." Inara smiled and continued down the stairs towards the kitchen. Mal tweaked a knob. "She can't tell me what to do." He mumbled.

"You like it when she does…" River's soft voice had a far away quality to it yet she always seemed to be so penetrating. Mal never understood how she managed both.

"Coa ma! Don't you knock!?" He asked startled. River smiled as she took the co-pilot chair. After letting his brain catch up with his heart… "So we ready to take off…?" He gestured to the flight controls he had just been tampering with.

"If we wish to crash and burn alive." Mal shook his head in a clear, 'We don't want that expression.' River took that as the affirmative to fix the controls. She looked up after a moment. "We need Kaylee…" River blushed with an odd look on her face. Mal frowned.

"I don't like that look for one second."


"Oooh Simon!" Kaylee panted as Simon let her down from her pin against the wall. Simon's brow was covered with a layer of sweat as he too panted from the exertion.

"Kaylee…" He moaned as he released her slowly to the floor.

Jayne Cobb whistled as he walked to the engine room. On his way he considered why Mal didn't just use the coms to get Kaylee goin' on the gas instead of sending him. He shrugged, Mal usually had a reason.

"Kaylee where the gorram are you girl…? " Jayne stopped at the sight of the couple still in an intimate embrace to the right of the engine.

"Jayne!!" Kaylee's shriek broke him from his trance.

"I'll be in my bunk." His mission had been derailed.

Simon sighed and pressed his forehead against Kaylee's. "Did I mention that I really don't like him." Kaylee giggled.

"Maybe once or twice."

"Kaylee!" They both jumped at the sound of Mal's voice echoing through the room. "This is your captain speaking. Stop giggling and get Serenity going. Simon stop assaulting my mechanic."

Click. The com shut off.

Kaylee and Simone shared one last kiss before getting dressed.

Seven and a half minutes later.

"Aren't we supposed to be outa atmo right now, sir?" Zoe asked as she entered the small cock pit. Mal looked back over his shoulder at Zoe. She still looked strong, but she was always strong.

"I said five minutes." Zoe raised an eyebrow.

"It's been five minutes two and a half ago, sir." Mal shrugged.

"Blame our resident doctor. He's been detaining my mechanic." Zoe nodded in understanding. She paused, but then her voice became more unguarded as she spoke. She sounded like his friend.

"What are we going to do now, Mal." Mal looked into her eyes. Her pain was still freshly displayed in them.

He swallowed the lump in his throat. "What ever we can. The fight ain't over 'less we want it to be. We can go on our merry way; our we can try to see this to the end." Zoe nodded with a gleam in her eye. "This ain't a decision we'll make on our own. The rest of the crew ain't soldiers." He nodded to River who was trying to not impose on their conversation. She tried to distract her mind by reciting the periodic table, but that didn't really work. Zoe followed his glance, and nodded.

"Neither were we once." She said wistfully. Mal smiled softly.

"Once upon a time." Zoe smiled

"Once upon a time, sir."


The room was cold and sterile. In the center of the room a man was strapped to a chair. He had a strange metal device around his head. Monitors beeped erratically startling the watching doctors. They shared a glance before looking back at the screens.

"His pulse is way up." One announced.

"Scary Dream."

Their patient bucked against the restraints holding him to the chair.

"HERMIONEEEEE!!! YOU BASTARDS!!!" He pulled hard against the leather restraints.

"Something's wrong Beth! He shouldn't be aware of his surroundings." The first doctor, a middle aged man with a dark beard yelled out as he continued to look from the monitors to their 'patient.'

"Thomas the restraints!" Beth cried out. With one last tug their experiment broke one arm restraint. Thomas rushed over and injected the man with their strongest sedative.

"Stay down!" He shouted in vain. The drugs kicked in, though and the man slowed but didn't stop.

"No." The man whispered. He continued to break his other restraint.

"Beth bring another sedative!" Thomas shouted panic stricken. Beth rushed over and uncaringly stuck the syringe deep into the muscle of the man's upper arm. Nothing. He kept pulling at his restraints. His eyes were open now and they had a hatred in them so powerful both doctors swallowed in fear. Beth quickly filled the syringe with a lethal dose and lunged down at his chest with it.


The last restraint finally came apart. Before the doctors could even react, the man grabbed Beth's arm and broke it like a twig. He caught the sedative Beth had intended to use on him before it could hit the ground. Thomas lunged at the man with another needle but much to his horror he found himself injecting his fellow doctor with the drug. She fell to the floor unconscious. Though their experiment wasn't done. He raised his bare foot over her wind pipe and slammed down breaking her trachea.

"Noooo!" Thomas screamed. He cursed himself as he turned to grab his taser gun only to turn around to find a needle posed to strike. He fired it off at the man at the very moment the lethal injection of drugs was pumped into his system. Thomas fell to the floor dead. His taser headed straight towards the mans head and latched onto the metal device around his head.

"Aaaaaarch!" The man screamed as he was electrocuted through the device. Slowly his eyes cleared from the thick fog of unnecessary medication. Slowly he pulled the needle, which held the device, from his head. Blood streamed down slightly from where he pulled it out. Once he was relived of the implant he was able to lift off the device from around his head and stop the current of electricity that had been going through his body. He fell on all fours panting from the effort. Looking around at the unfamiliar surroundings he tried to catch his bearings. Was he dead? He looked at the bodies on the floor. Was this hell? He tried to stand but the pain was too much and he collapsed back onto his knees. Calming himself down slowly thoughts and images began to pound their way into his mind.

"No! Take me instead!"

"I'm Hermione Granger and you are?"

"Kill the spare."

"Harry Potter!!!"

With a muffled groan he clamped his hands around his head trying to slow the images. "They are not real." He whispered. "Not real. Not real. Not real." He chanted it trying to stem the flow of memories or whatever they were. All he knew for sure was he didn't want to be in this room any longer. He wished with all his might that he was somewhere else.


He disappeared.

"Stop." The image displayed paused. "Back track." Slowly the images began to go in reverse. The man. His fight with the doctors. Finally he was back in his seat. "Stop." The image of the doctors working in the lab paused. A black man with neatly trimmed hair walked through the image as though it were water. He looked back at the holographic image.

"At least this one takes care of the witnesses himself." He voiced his thoughts out loud as he stared at the man with a lighting bolt scar…


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