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Well now he was really going to notice her, and the more she thought about the more she kept saying to her self this might not be so bad.

" Okay," Naruto said. " Let's get going the sun is still up we can shop for food."

Hinata looked at him and said, " Alright let's get started then."

Now for the long awaited : THE FOX'S TRAP

Hinata walked with Naruto in silence as she was having a mental battle with herself. Hinata get a hold of yourself. Have you forgotten who you are? You are the Hyugga heiress and owner of the Byakugan. Didn't I make a promise to myself to get over my shyness. I have to believe in myself or else I'll stay the mild-mannered, timid Hinata forever. That's it! I have to show the world that I am coming out of my shell. Being Naruto's slave might be a blessing in disguise! I'll show him a side of me that no one even knew existed in me.

With that Hinata gave an outward smirk of approval. She was about to take a walk on the wild side. Naruto looked over his shoulder to see if Hinata was still following him just in time to see her smirk.

"Hey, what's with the face Hinata?" Naruto asked. "You know something I don't know?" He said teasingly. Hinata just turned her head and smiled. "I'm just waiting to start becoming your slave. I can't wait to see what you have in store for me. I've been doing some thinking and decided that this might be accually kind of good for me. I mean just imagine all of the fun we could have together."

Naruto was taken aback by Hinata's questionable words but decided to play along with her. "Ohh you'll just have to wait and see."

Hinata eyed Naruto up and down slowly taking in and imagining that hot body of his again in her head, but now instead of just sleeping he was in many different situations, either in the shower, or all sweaty after a long day of training, or on top of her naked frame getting ready to penetrate her virgin body with his huge...Whoa!!! She couldn't think of such things while she was walking in public. No there was plenty of time for that later, but now they needed food.


Konoha's shopping booths were busy as usual, children running in the streets playing, adults talking on the street corners, and an over excited Kiba running head on at Hinata and Naruto at full speed, wait what!!!

Kiba tackled Naruto into the dirt and following him was an over-grown Akamaru completing the dog pile. Together Naruto, Kiba, and Akamaru wrestled in the dirt kicking up dust and attracting the stares of bystanders. Hinata blushed at the attention that Naruto was drawing to the two of them, but tried to hide her face by staring at the group of fighters.

"Ahh!! Kiba get your gaytarted self off of me you freak!!" Naruto yelled while Kiba had his ass turned up into Naruto's face.

"Hold on," Kiba said. "I just gotta return a little favor." With that Kiba farted in Naruto's face while his mouth was open. "Yes, Naruto Yes! Fear the wrath of my breakfast buritto!!!!"

"Ahhh Hinata help me!"

In spite of herself Hinata couldn't help but laugh at her two friends, but she could see Naruto was being traumatized so decided to end his suffering for now.. " Okay, Kiba, Akamaru get off of Naruto now."

"Sure thing Hinata" Kiba stood and Akamaru walked to his side. Naruto was on the ground moaning in pain or disgust, or both. Kiba turned to Hinata and said, " Hey how's it going?"

Hinata smiled and returned with, "It would be going a lot better if you wouldn't tackle Naruto every time you see him." Kiba rolled his eyes playfully and gave Hinata a toothy grin. "Hey what are you two guys doing out together like this anyway? On a date are ya??

Naruto and Hinata simultaneously blushed at Kiba's outrageous, but slightly true, accusation. Naruto responded with, "Shut up, Kiba that's non of your business." Kiba began to hoop and holler at the two, "Ha! I just knew that you two would get together sooner or later. Way to go Naruto, say if you ever need any pointers.."

"W-we are not going out," Hinata stepped in and said. "Naruto just asked me to help him with some of his shopping and I agreed because it can't be healthy to eat ramen 24/7. I mean think of the salt." Naruto immediately caught on and added, "yea that's right so cool it dog breath."

Kiba shrugged and said, "Whatever, I don't have time to tease you guys anymore anyways. Hey Naruto don't forget that all the male shinobi are having a training class tomorrow at 10:00 ok." Kiba began to walk off with Akamaru right beside him.

"Yea I won't forget you just be on time ok Kiba!" Naruto yelled back at him. Kiba didn't turn around but raised his hand as a sign that he heard Naruto. Hinata waited until Kiba and Akamaru were out of sight, then she exhaled a breath that she didn't even know she was holding in. "Well that was awkward," Hinata mumbled. Naruto overheard her and asked, "What are you talking about? I was only Kiba."

Hinata turned to Naruto and looked into his lovely blue childish eyes and suddenly all of her embarrassment seemed to disappear. Naruto began to continue walking and Hinata followed right along with them. As they walked Naruto turned to Hinata and said, "Ohh, and by the way, nice cover up with the ramen thing, but I was about to tell Kiba that you and I really were on a date."

Hinata turned her head to Naruto and he flashed her a toothy grin with a wink. Hinata shot her head away and she blushed a brilliant shade of pink across her pale skin.

Naruto stared ahead into the crowd of shoppers with a bit of satisfaction in the thought that he could make Hinata blush so much. He did love it when she blushed. The way the colors of pink and white blended together on her face looked so wonderful. Hmmm maybe later I'll make her turn even more shades. He outwardly smiled at the thoughts in his head and that caught Hinata's attention.

"Hey Naruto?," she asked. "What was Kiba talking about when he said that their would be training for all the male shinobi?" Naruto snorted, "It's mandatory for all the shinobi under 21, I'm not sure what exactly it is, but the others say its nothing but the sensei's preaching about combat and enemy tactics or something." Hinata asked, "So why is it boys only?" Naruto shrugged and said, "Search me I don't know."

Hinata took that answer and Naruto and her began to shop. With some persuasion Hinata got Naruto not to get the 24 pack of super-jumbo extra large ramen, but instead get a smaller 12 pack of super-jumbo extra large ramen pack. A small victory on the road to get Naruto off of his ramen addiction. She even got him to grab 3 cans of vegetables.

All in all Hinata took comfort in the fact that she some what added at least 1 more month of life before Naruto died from a lethal dose of saltIt felt good to help out someone in need. After the day was done Hinata and Naruto walked back to Naruto's apartment with their hands full of grocery.

Now since Naruto had moved back to Konoha, he had stepped up from his tiny apartment that he owned as a kid. No he lived in a much larger place now. It had a view of Konoha and had 3 rooms. Hinata found it strange that he had such a large home when he lived alone, but when she asked him he answered saying that he liked the space.

They set the bags down on the counter and Naruto began to leave the kitchen. "I'm going to go take a bath. Will you open up some ramen for me and make it?" Hinata answered, "Sure thing Naruto."

About 10 minutes passed and Hinata had warmed up two cups of ramen, one for naruto and one for herself. She was just sitting down when Naruto turned the corner in nothing but a towel and was soaking wet. Hinata all but spit back out every bit of ramen that she had just put in her mouth at that sight.

"Ohh yes ramen!!!" Naruto exclaimed.

"N-Naruto! What are you doing." Hinata shot out of her chair and backed up against the counter with shock in her pale eyes. Naruto just looked up at her from his cup of ramen and smirked as he slowly walked towards her.

"What are you talking about Hinata?" Naruto said mischievously. "I always eat after a shower and what is the point of getting dressed when I'm just going to go right to bed afterwards?"

By now Naruto had poor Hinata backed up into the counter. Their faces were inches apart and Hinata swore that she could feel something between the towel that wasn't his house keys because he had no pockets. "You should get used to it Hinata, seeing as how your going to cook dinner for me from now on, or have you forgotten that this is one of your slavely duties?"

No Hinata had not forgotten, but it seamed the more she thought about being Naruto's 'slave' the more she was starting to like the sound of it. And that scarred the daylights out of her. "Okay I'll try," Hinata finally answered defeated. She would try to hold back her growing lust for Naruto, but at the same time she was going to make sure that Naruto controlled his lust for her.

"You can get off of me now, Naruto." Hinata mumbled. Naruto prepared to back up but before he did he leaned down to Hinata's neck and began to nibble at it's side. He kissed from the base of her neck to her chin and then slowly ran his tongue from her chin to the base. Hinata looked like she was ready to explode because her face no longer showed a pink blush but a full out fire-engine red.

Before Naruto stopped he finished with sucking on the area between Hinata's shoulder and neck making sure to leave a nice hickey there. He then backed up and examined his work. "Okay you can go home now but I'm going to stop back by your house tomorrow to get you. This house isn't going to clean itself.

He stepped to the side and Hinata took that as her sign to leave. She shot past the toweled man and grabbed her ramen to go. Before she turned the corner to leave the kitchen she called back, "Bye Naruto see you tomorrow."

Naruto wasn't expecting her to say that so he came up with a smart remark and said, "See ya, cutie!'

Hinata meeped at the nickname he gave he and scampered out of the apartment. She shut the door behind her and slumped against the door. "Ohh God what the hell have I gotten myself into." Hinata went to one of the bathrooms in the building to examine herself, she couldn't walk home looking all kinds ways, people would stare. In the mirror she could see the mark that Naruto had given her and she couldn't help but smile.

I'll just have to cover this up with make-up tomorrow to avoid questions from the other girls. Hinata left the bathroom and began her walk home. On the way for some reason she continued reliving the kiss Naruto gave her just minutes ago. Ohh my God why am I getting so excited over a little kiss. Naruto is a pervert for giving me it. But Hinata knew that a little voice inside of her was saying the exact opposite. The voice was saying things like: ohh yes, yes I want to feel like that again with Naruto. Hinata walked in a daze trying to battle between the two voices in her head.

One thing was for sure tomorrow was going to just add more confusion...and wait a second, did Naruto say that she was going to 'clean' the apartment?

(A/N: I just found out recently that the average store ramen has over 1,000 mgs of salt in it.

That is waaay too much for one servings of food so think about that the next time you wan to eat 2 packs of ramen at once.)

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