A huge, gigantic, enormous, eternal thank you to everyone who has taken time out of their lives to read my fanfic. It basically took over my life for (more than a) month, and I hope that you thoroughly enjoyed it, maybe even laughed or cried (or wished you were Bella in chapter 9 and 10 for that matter) while you read it. This fic started on a few sheets of notebook paper (which I still have) and grew and grew until it became the 22 page monster it is now (lol). I tried to keep everything as canon as possible, aside from Bella and Edward's hanky panky (but hey, if you had been a virgin for a century, I think you'd act the same). I REALLY appreciate all the comments!!!! And thank you if you mentioned on how I kept the characters true to themselves, because tried hard to keep that in mind when I was writing, and if that shows, then cool! It means I did my job! Coming home to your responses really makes all the fighting with my mom about how I need to sleep and do homework SOMETIME worth it :) Oh, just to let you know, after I finish the zillion other things I have to do, I will most likely go back through this whole fic and make some changes, polish it up, etc... nothing major, just making it better.

thanks to treeofknowledge1 for reminding me of this: Bella DOES have a power! If I write a sequel I will talk more about this. Remember in the first book how she could smell blood? Well her power is that she is super-sensitive to blood- like she can smell some little creature from miles and miles away. The reason it isn't discussed in The End of an Era is that she/the cullens haven't yet realized that her sense of smell (for blood) is much stronger than any of theirs, plus she JUST changed, so she doesn't know how to use it yet

I've added a little GAME for you Twilighters! Hidden in this fanfiction are the titles of Stephenie Meyer novels… cookies if you can find them! Oh and I snuck in one tiny little Harry Potter reference too for extra credit!

Even though I don't have an official playlist, here are some songs I imagine playing during certain scenes:
-Bella's change: "The Frail" from Nine Inch Nails (when I first heard this song, my first thought was "Hey, that would be a great song for somebody to turn into a vampire to!... honestly)
-Edward 's escape and return: "Interlude" from My Chemical Romance
-The fight with Jacob and Bella leaving Charlie: "I Know You Are but What Am I?" from Mogwai (it's in Wicker Park)
-The song that they listen to when they're dancing: "Inertia Creeps" from Massive Attack (I don't know about you, but I think this song is SO SEXY!)
-Bella and Edward in the Meadow: unfortunately, I have a lot of songs that ALMOST fit, but none that give the right sentiment… some of them are in Queen of the Damned and Underworld
-"Going Going Gone": to be decided! I'm still wrestling with a few choices
(I'll add more to this list if I find something that works)

Fun Fact: While doing the final edit of Chapter 4, I had an image of Edward rapping "Guess who's back... back again... Bella's back... back again..." so... enjoy that mental image I guess? (Now you know how crazy I am)

Alright, I promised you a preview of the alternate ending, so here it is!

"I stopped short in surprise- the red-haired female was crouched down behind a tree, staring into the clearing ahead. What I saw there was like a punch to the gut. Bella lay atop the other leech, both of them breathing heavily, looks of utmost bliss on both their faces- neither of them saw the red eyes that stared at them from the edge of the meadow, or the red hair to match it. It was now obvious what I had mistaken a yell of distress for."

That's all you're getting! It's from Jacob's POV, and it begins where chapter 10 ends. I haven't made any final decisions yet, but it will most likely be short (only a few chapters) and I want to write the whole thing before I post it, so I don't keep you guys waiting between chapters! Hope you read it!

Sequel Update 5/29: Alright, so I've decided where they're going: Cadiz (pronounced CAHdiz- theres an accent on the A), Spain! I spent a week there with my family and the family of my future husband Cesar who has million dollar villas there... (okay so he doesn't know we're getting married yet, but our dads are going to set us up!) That's another story, but that is where the Cullens will be going and I'll be able to describe it minutely so YAY! This desicion makes me happy... hope it makes you happy too! And also, I'm leaning towards combining the sequel with a smutty one-shot under construction called "Bloody Satisfaction"... we'll see!

Have a good morning/afternoon/night/4-in-the-morning!