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Without further ado, Moon-chan gives you the epilogue.

The Epilogue

The decision to kiss for the first time is very crucial in any love story. It changes the relationship of two people much more strongly than even the final surrender. There is no need for utterances of words such as 'I-love-you' or 'I-need-you'; no more crying on ones shoulder or giving herself to him; no swearing or promising because this mere first kiss already has within it that surrender. And there is nothing more to be said.

How long has it been since Yuya Shiina and Demon Eyes Kyo been married? It was not a year ago because Yuya's first anniversary present was bearing Kyo's children. It was definitely not five years for the house they stayed in now was bought five years after they got married. It wasn't even a decade because the last year, Yuya and Kyo celebrated their twins' ninth birthday. Has it been eleven years since then?

Days had become boring but peaceful. Long the time has passed when fighting was a part of daily living. The existence of the thousand man slayer has been eroded away from the Japan's history and has become but a legend. No longer was he fearsome Demon Eyes Kyo but the father of Kenkoei and Yakusoku. He bore no more the name of Onime no Kyo. Though life was boring, he was contented.

Demon Eyes Kyo and his wife settled in a small village far away from Edo. There, he and his family lived on selling medicine and fresh fish from the lake behind their house. It was a life Kyo never realized we wanted. It was peaceful…for him.

"Kenkoei!" Yuya screamed at her nine-year-old boy. "What did I tell you about throwing food at the dinner table?"

"Demo Oka-san," the boy pleaded. "Yakusoku started it."

"Did not." The young girl seated opposite the boy rolled her eyes.

"Did too." The boy replied.

The shouting repeated of did too's and did not's for many times.

"Kyo-kun!" the jaded-eyed mother stomped her foot and crossed her arms. "Do something about them!"

Demon Eyes Kyo banged the sake cup he was holding on the table. He red eyes stared sharply at his children who were silenced and taken aback by their father's disciplinary actions. The children blinked their deep green eyes. They gulped as their father stood up and sighed as their father went out the door.

"Now," their mother said as she patted her kids' reddish-black hair. "Go take a wash and go to sleep, okay?"

"Hai!" the twins' nodded in unison. They ran off.

As soon as Yuya washed the dishes and put the children to sleep, she went to her husband standing near the bank of the lake watching the reflection of the moon. Yes, Kyo did love looking at the moon for some weird reason. She smiled and stood a meter behind him. Her dreams from eleven years ago had become reality. She couldn't ask for more.

"Woman," Demon Eyes Kyo never gets tired of calling her that. He looked over his shoulder. He no longer wore the heavy armor or any protective gear. He just wore a simple black robe. His hair was no longer waist length but barely neck length. He was no longer a warrior. He was a husband and a father.

"The moon is beautiful, ne?" Yuya replied, taking her step closer to her husband.

Demon Eyes Kyo reverted his attention to the sky while taking stolen glances at his woman. They said no words after.

Happily ever after does not end with a prince caring his princess on his steed, or a knight embracing his lady as they disappear into the night. The fall of the evil witch or the death of a rival does not indicate a happily ever after. It is not the accomplishment of things nor is it a destiny fulfilled. Happily ever after is not an end but a beginning. And this happily ever after begins with love's first and gentle kiss.