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Meadow Maidens Meet Money Making Men

By Sakura-Chan555

Chapter 1


17 year old Sakura Haruno was running outside in a meadow filled with wild flowers wither three best friends, Ino Yamanaka, Hinata Hyuga, and Tenten Kunai. They were laughing and chasing each other. They've lived in the meadow ever since they were born and couldn't think of another place like it! Sakura fell down on a flower bed and started giggling.

"I love it when it's spring!" Sakura exclaimed. Her friends nodded in agreement and looked up at the bright blue sky that was painted with white clouds. They all sighed in unison, but it was a good kind of sigh. The girls have known each other since they were very young. They learned how to do pretty much everything together! They learned how to do flower arrangements, sing, dance, cook, and much more! Sakura sat up and her friends followed suit, only to see four guys coming their way. They were all wearing baggy jeans and polo shirts that weren't tucked. Ino was looking at a guy with murky brown hair that was tied up into a pineapple shaped ponytail and black eyes. He was wearing a grey polo shirt that had some green on it and black jeans. Tenten saw a guy with brown hair that was tied in a loose ponytail and had lavender eyes, like Hinata's. He was wearing a cream polo shirt and brown jeans. Hinata saw him too and thought he looked familiar, but shrugged it off. She was really looking at a guy with blonde spiky hair and cerulean blue eyes. He also had marks on his cheeks that resembled whiskers. He was wearing an orange shirt with some black on the shoulders ad black jeans. Sakura could've sworn that she saw Hinata turn red when she saw him, but she was paying more attention to the guy that had black hair, with a tint of blue, and was in the shape of a chicken and had onyx eyes. He was wearing a blue polo shirt and white jeans. Sakura turned a pale pink and saw, from the corner of her eye, that her friends were all turning different shades of red and pink.

"Who are they?" Hinata asked. Sakura noticed that she wasn't as red as she was a few seconds ago.

"Probably some business people trying to by the land again. What don't they understand about the word 'no'?" Tenten said venomously. Yes, it's true. The land that these girls live on is theirs. They inherited in after their parents died and their siblings left them. They don't know who killed them, how it happened, or why their siblings left them, but all they could do was keep it safe from outsiders willing to buy the land. They wanted to honor the land after them, their family.

"Well if they're gonna try to but our land; they've got another thing coming!" Ino exclaimed, while raising her fist. Her attention went from the boys to her friends.

"Don't worry. They're not in business attire, so they won't hurt us. They probably wanted to get away from where they live, that's all." Sakura assumed, while trying to reason out with her friends. Her friends all sighed.

"You're right, Sakura" Ino said, giving up on her theory. The rest of them nodded in agreement and looked over to Hinata's apple tree.

"LOOK! My apples are ripe!" Hinata exclaimed. She's been waiting for her apples to ripen up since winter.

"Aren't they usually ripe in the fall?" Sakura asked.

"Yes, but they're the kind of fruit that can grow all year round, right?"

"I guess so…"

"Well what are we doing sitting here?! Last one there is a rotten apple!" Ino exclaimed. That's when they all started running towards the apple tree, laughing the whole way there.

18 year old Sasuke Uchiha was walking through a peaceful meadow with his friends, Shikamaru Nara, Naruto Uzumaki, and Neji Hyuga. These boys are from the city and are treated like celebrities. Actually, they are celebrities. They star in movies from different genres and are in a band called 'Kamisori Kaze', which in Japanese means 'Razor Wind'. Why were they here, in a peaceful meadow like this? Because they wanted to get away from the city, in order to stay away from their very crazy fan girls.

"I'm glad we got away from those crazy fang girls." Naruto said. His friends nodded in agreement.

"Who are they?' Neji asked. He pointed to four girls that were under or in an apple tree. They were all wearing blouses, long, flowy skirts, and red Chinese like slippers. Neji and his friends stopped whatever it was they were doing when they laid their eyes upon one out of the four girls. Shikamaru wasn't looking at the clouds like he usually does. He was actually looking at a blonde haired girl, who had her hair tied up in a ponytail and had blue sapphire eyes. She was wearing a purple blouse with a white skirt. She was also holding a basket filled with apples. The one that Neji was looking at had brown hair tied up into two Chinese buns and brown eyes. She was wearing a pink blouse and a blue skirt. She was also carrying a basket full of apples. Naruto was drooling over a girl with midnight blue hair that was a little bit past shoulder length and lavender eyes, like Neji's. She was wearing a cream blouse and a navy blue skirt. She was munching on an apple happily, while talking and giggling with her friends. Then there was the one that caught Sasuke's eye and attention. She had pink hair that was shoulder length and had emerald green eyes. She was wearing a red blouse and a black skirt. She was the one high up in the tree, sitting on the highest branch of the apple tree, looking into the distance as the breeze blew through her hair.

'I wonder why she isn't with the others.' Sasuke thought. And then, he smirked. And when his saw Sasuke give the Uchiha smirk that meant he was interested in one of the girls.

"Come on. Let's go introduce ourselves." Sasuke said.

"Hey girls, look. Those mysterious guys are coming this way." Ino said, looking up from her many baskets of apples. Tenten looked up from the apples too and Hinata stopped eating her apples. Sakura looked away from the direction she was looking at and into the friends were looking at. Sakura shrugged and started picking apples again, because when Sasuke had been staring at her, she was just taking a break. When the guys arrived, Sasuke looked up into the tree and found Sakura picking apples.

"How may we help you?" Tenten asked, trying to sound nice.

"We're here to introduce ourselves, madam." said the guy with similar eyes to Hinata. It looked like he was trying to sweet talk Tenten.

"I'm Neji Hyuga."

"Tenten Kunai."

"Naruto Uzumaki, believe it!"

"H-Hinata H-Hyuga." Neji looked at her and smirked. This made Hinata scared.

"Shikamaru Nara."

"Ino Yamanaka."

"I'm Sasuke Uchiha. And you're pink haired friend is…?" Sasuke asked. When Sakura heard this, she jumped down from the tree and dropped all the apples she had into one of the baskets and glared at the four boys, mainly Sasuke.

"Sakura Haruno. Where are you from?" Sakura asked in a mean tone. She really didn't want her friends to be taking to outsiders. In fact, she forgo all about the theory she made before the raced over to the apple tree.

"We're from the city. But before we continue this discussion, I know you, Hinata." Neji said.

"Y-You do?" Hinata asked. She didn't remember anyone in her family that went by the name 'Neji'. She only remembered her little sister, Hanabi.

"Yes, I do. You were the heiress to the Hyuga money, but your parents decided that you might have a better life outside the city, where nothing would trouble you and you would have all the freedom you would ever want." Neji explained. Sakura took on glance at Hinata and immediately saw the hurt in her eyes just by learning something about the past that neither she nor her friends knew about.

"Shut up, Neji! Hinata has been here ever since she was born and has no idea what you're talking about! Now why don't you and your friends hit the road and leave us alone?!" exclaimed Ino.

"Come on, girls. We don't need to stay here with these outsiders." Sakura said venomously. She gave Hinata a quick hug and helped Tenten and Ino with the apples. After that, they headed back to the cottage they lived in.

"Good job, Neji! You just completely scared them! Now they won't want to talk to us ever again!" Naruto said.

"Well, why don't we follow them and apologize?" Sasuke suggested (A/N: Everyone, the world is going to end. SASUKE'S GOT A SOFT SIDE!).

"Did you hear what I just said, teme?"

"Well then if you're so smart, think of another plan." Naruto fell silent after Sasuke said this.

"Come on. Let's go apologize to them." Neji said. And they all followed the girls in silence.

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